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Almost the smallest possible inboard powerboat with real capability, Jigger was designed as tender to a 38’ liveaboard ketch. I knew the voice on the phone, Twenty-five years ago that voice had tried to convince me that A+B=C!
Now here was Bill Lomas, the maths teacher of my delinquent youth asking me for a tender behind! No longer young, and bothered by severe arthritis in his knees Bill also needed a boat unusually stable for something so small. Bill's invariable good humour and enthusiasm for life made visiting the Lomas home an occasion to look forward to, but sadly he did not live to see T.B.
In trials we found that she rowed well for something so short, carried eight people for a few strokes of the oars without swamping and has stability that has to be experienced to be believed. She sails really well, in fact the wife of one owner tells me that once their forty footer is secure in its anchorage the main debate is who is first to sail the tender and for how long!
For good measure, let's throw in the new mega yacht tender POSH based on the original, offered by Retromoderne Yacht Design and built at Brooklin Boat Yard.

Or Guy Lombardo's TEMPO, a 1936 Hacker Huskins Commuter that's now a restored trailer show boat.
The first boat built has towed far larger vessels, played tender to motherships on the Shipyard Raid, and salvaged logs in the Flattop Islands. Douglas Fir keel and laminated stem.  This ship was designed for a Turkish yacht club interested in group training. And not only that, but he'd also informed me that if I were to flick another rubber band in class he'd give me a tender behind!
After explaining the reason for my merriment and sharing a good laugh, we got down to business. Bill worked away steadily at the new boat, thoroughly enjoying the building and seeing T.B.
This is one of the few small boats in which one can safely stand up and heave a carton of stores over the rail of the mothership.
She tows straight and very dry, motors safely with my 2hp Honda outboard and is still light enough to be easily roof racked on our little car.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. They will help you decide whether or not you can build the boat but do not provide sufficient information to actually do so. I visited regularly, at first to keep tabs on the new design as it went together, then to visit the man who was rapidly becoming a friend. I found out that he was in fact a qualified Naval Architect, a fact that he had been loth to mention before as few people appreciate that the design of small craft is not something that a man taught to calculate the internal structure of ships is familiar with.

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