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Renting a boat can be a wonderful way to explore Lake Geneva.  Below are the boat rental companies that we know of on this lake.
After the Civil War, Geneva Lake became a popular place to vacation, and this trend has never stopped. It’s not surprising that Geneva Lake is a fantastic place for fishing, especially with those warm, clear waters.
Those lazy, hazy days of summer make Lake Geneva visitors and residents head straight for the shore. The best beach towns are known for their resort accommodations, and Lake Geneva is no exception. We are a full service boat rental and waverunner rental business located in downtown Lake Geneva. This southern Wisconsin town is located along the shores of the state’s second largest lake—the lake is properly called Geneva Lake while the town is called Lake Geneva. Since those early days, a trip aboard a boat has been standard vacation fare for Lake Geneva WI visitors. Anglers have caught plentiful hauls of northern pike and trout, along with small an largemouth bass.

Thankfully, Geneva Lake has a long, sandy shoreline, so you have plenty of space to stretch out and find your place in the sun. If you’re looking for luxury Lake Genva hotels or budget accommodation, you can find it in Lake Geneva, WI.
Our friendly and personable staff is dedicated to provide the most pleasurable vacation experience possible.
At nine miles long and three miles long, the lake has plenty of room for fun both on and off the shore.
Today, Lake Geneva Cruise Line specializes in bringing people out on the lake with a full schedule of sightseeing cruises. Nestled next to the Riviera Pier, Lake Geneva Beach offers a wide stretch of sand along with a bathhouse and lifeguards.
All of the accommodations are open in summertime, Lake Geneva’s high season, and many of the Lake Geneva hotels are open year-round. The town offers a long list of delights to enjoy, including grand resorts, charming boutiques, and rolling fairways among them. From April through November, the company offers boat tours with full narration, along with ice cream social tours, brunch cruises and luncheon sails.

Guides can take you out on the water or you could grab a pole and head out to the lake yourself. Some types of lodging are perfect for families and others are well-suited for honeymoons and romantic getaways. One package combines a cruise with a tour of Black Point Estate, an elegant home built in 1888. Other local outfitters have plenty of boats available if you’d prefer to rent and captain your own tours. Besides swimming, the beach is open to kayaking and canoeing, as well as fishing and other fun things to do.

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