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Provided listing information is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any other purpose other than to identify prospective properties that consumers may be interested in purchasing. Green Lake provides exceptional water sports & leisure activities every season of the year. The Green Lake area offers three major golf courses providing 81 holes of golf that will test golfers from novice to professional. We have Tri-cycles, Cruisers or a Tandem to rent for a leisurely cruise around town or along the new bike path to the Green Lake Conference Center! New Boats to Compliment my Vintage Spin-cast Reels - The Golden Age of Spin Casting Fishing Reels--and Green, Red, Silver, and Brass. There has been a  explosion in the varieties of kayaks available today--from the more conventionally shaped sit-inside plasic craft to the sit-on-top plastic variety which lends greater stability and accessibility for big (fat) guys like me.
The bow of a Jon-boat is slightly up-swept along about the last quarter of the length with make forward navigation easier. Canoes were originally developed and used by Native Americans--also known as Indians by some of us.
White European fur-traders and frontiersmen immediately saw the utility of canoes and adopted them for fur-trading. I dreamed and visualized enjoying such activities so much during this time when there was no opportunity or even possibility of actually doing them that when I was finally able to get into a canoe--with the exception of briefly having to learn the trick of keeping ones weight centered and evenly distributed--that I took to using a canoe like an old timer.
The Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers are too big and treacherous to be used with canoes except by the very experienced and daring. I remember when the Heber Springs Dam in Arkansas that harnessed the flow of the Little Red River near where some of my uncles lived was visited by then President John F. Cow Shoals, not far below the Greer's Ferry Lake Dam was created by the release of waters from the bottom of the lake when electricity is being generated. A similar story can be told regarding sections of the White River that artificially  forms a number of lakes in Arkansas including Beaver Lake and lake Norfork.
The following is a link to the Annual White River Canoe Race I participated in as a scout during its beginning, and later as an adult scout leader. Some of our scouts from our regular Boy Scout Troop, had never even been in a canoe, but we all had heart. Years later, my wife and I later served as the adult scouters supporting our participating Varsity Scout Group, bringing our little children along for the experience.
Further down the river, where my oldest brother lived in Truman, the Whiter River flattens out and becomes much broader and deeper. This vintage cast aluminum rod handle and rod seat came with this vintage Johnson 710 spin-cast reel. Jon-boats have been in use in the South for fishing and duck hunting small bodies of water ever since Europeans first settled here.
See the Green Lake Chamber Of Commerce events calendar for the dates of these events during this year.
My age and health may hinder my mobility walking and even being able to stand from the flat sitting position required by the sit-on-top model, but with a little ingenuity it does not have to prevent me from fishing from this more stable and portable platform.
A fisherman can sit in the bow of the boat and reach forward with a short sculling paddle and propel a boat slowly but precisely into very small nooks and crannies to tie up and fish or check trot-lines and whatnot.
Though recognized widely as unique North American boats and used regionally, they did not catch on much elsewhere. Fiberglass and plastic canoes draw more water than do aluminum, or canvas canoes (Canvas canoes can draw lots of water as well, depending upon the weight of the frame).
I have often thought of this unintentional use of visualization as an example of how skills can be learned, perfected, and practiced completely within ones imagination, in preparation for the real activity.
As a Boy Scout lving nearby, I was a participant in the first annual White River Invitational Canoe Race. I will never forget waking up the morning after the first fifty miles where we over-nighted in Batesville before the second leg.

I had a vintage, but newer fiberglass casting rod made of composite that broke while casting. In the big lakes that lie above or between these rivers, the same spin-cast reels will easily cast a full-sized plug or bait live or artificial and easily retrieve a big walleye, bass, carp, or catfish. This one seem to be the most well-known are is recommended by those who whould be in the know. Using my bean-bag style kayak Ass-Set portable seat and flotation device, if I can get my old body there, I can then fish from the boat.
My dad usually kept a Jon-boat, which is a small flat-bottomed boat made for one-to-three passengers for fishing in lakes typical of the South that have a lot of Cypress trees and stumps growing in them.
This is done by moving the paddle in a figure-eight pattern in the water while slightly forward leaning, which pulls the boat along very efficiently. I remember when I was five years old, Dad having a local boat-builder make him a wooden Jon-boat. However, most American Natives that I am acquainted with are from the USA; they are pleased to be called Indians or the most part, named more specifically by tribe.
These rental boats at Lake Herb Parsons in Western Tennessee provide a lot of stability for family fishing. The frigid waters during the brief summers were so cold that it was unthinkable to consider a craft that could be so easily capsized.
The Buffalo National River and Little Red River the White River are scenic North Arkansas rivers upon which I have spent many hours as a teen and young adult. He dedicated it as an example of a great hydro-electric dam project, that brought abundant electricity to the area. The success of the transplantation of Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Cutthroat trout into the tail-waters of the Little Red Red River here is one of the great successes of bringing tout to an area that previously had very few waters cold enough to have natural trout populations. This was a hundred mile race down a scenic section of the white River below the Norfork Lake Dam. The White River eventually merges with the Arkansas River which in turn merges with the mighty Mississippi River. From the looks of the rod mount tube on the old metal handle, it was originally used with a six-sided bamboo pole.
Or within the middle sections where fish are want to be taken on spinners small or large--the very same spin-cast gear will do the job as well as any. These boats are relatively inexpensive and provide a stable platform from which to fish or shoot. This designation a has ensured that at least one river in our nation will be preserve in its uninterrupted and free-flowing state for fishermen, nature-lovers, and canoe and kayak boaters can enjoy it from its tiniest original flow to its mouth.
The Ass-Set provides both back and butt support in good comfort as well as enough height above the kayak surface to make embarking and disembarking--from the seat, the kayak, and the water--if not easy, at least possible. I recall the smell of fresh unfinished wood when he brought it home in his '57 Ford pick-up truck. Inuits are what Alaskan Eskimos are now called, to be politically correct, but there again, all whom I know have no problem being referred to as Eskimos. Such boats are commonly used with paddles or with small electric trolling motors and small gas-powered outboard motors.
The life-expectancy for one who falls into these waters is a matter of minutes before hypothermia causes death.
In Southern Arkansas, the Saline and Quaita Rivers flowed and were part of my youthful recreational experience.
The electricity that it brought was a good thing, but the Lake it created, Greer's Ferry Lake, was a wonderful adjunct for sportsmen and outdoor lovers in the area. After the second leg, I slept for a couple of days virtually comatose except for delirious dreams of paddles flashing in the sun.
Our scouts were no better prepared than was my initial charter group, but great memories were made during both adventures.

Different kinds of fish peculiar to the South such as Alligator Gar and the prehistoric Paddle-fish inhabit these parts of these waters. By cutting the fiberglass rod off cleanly and using epoxy to solidly splice an extension inside the old rod and to conform it to the rod handle, the resulting hybrid vintage combination provides excellent casting qualities and feel transmitted through the lure, line, and rod to the handle for an uncommon spin-cast experience.
I have owned and do own way more fishing gear than is needful or even useful--just because.
The seat is light-weight and portable and it doubles as a flotation device in the unlikey event of capsizing. They are sufficiently wide enough to provide a great deal of stability even while standing. However, during this time I became infatuated with the idea of canoeing and fantasized about traversing the rivers of the South where my roots lay.
Some of those once familiar sections of these rivers are now part of reservoirs that offer a different kind of recreational experience. The cool waters created by the depths of this lake also created a new phenomenon in those parts. The last I recall, the national Brown Trout weight and length record was caught in these very waters.
We began near Norfork park where the now famous Gaston's River Trout Resort hosted a fish-fry for us the night before we put in.
I have since trout fished up and down the White River from the Norfork Dam to Sylamore Springs and various secret spots in between. The Buffalo sustains small bass and goggle-eye rock-bass and perch and varied species of sun-fish. In such an event, the sit-on-top kayak style is more easily righted and boarded--even by a crippled old fat man. I am not sure what kind of wood the boat was made of but it was common to use black-gum or cypress to make boats because these woods are naturally impervious to water-logging; such trees thrive in swamps and lakes.
I am of very mixed heritage; but both my wife and I have substantial Indian lineage ourselves. A savvy fisherman can manuever a Jon-boat into position manually using a short-handled sculling paddle while seated in the more narrow bow by leaning forward and moving the paddle in a crepeated figure-eight patern--which slowly propells the boat forward. The seat provides enough height for me to get up and down inspite of my weight and imobility issues.
I got my hands on several books that dealt with the principles of canoeing and the various strokes that could be used to quickly and precisely navigate canoes with one two or three passengers. I remember how our few canoes were borrowed from a local University on a whim so that we could participate. But I do understand and most often choose those vintage go-to standards choices of an era past.
It is not a deep river along most of its flow, but some of the holes are too broad and deep to be easily traversed or waded while fishing. The longitudinal boards of a wooden Jon-boat follow the grain of the wood and are carefully seasoned and then planed and put together very precisely and both nailed and glued to cross-pieces that keep them flush together almost as one piece. We were met with specialized Scouting High Adventure Explorer Posts from all over the nation and their sleek racing canoes, participants wearing racing wet-suits, and back-packed water bottles with racing straws and mouth pieces such as we had never seen (designed for the canoeists to drink without breaking the rhythm of their paddle strokes). The stern of a Jon-boat is about half again as wide as is the bow.Jon-boats are also used to navigate and fish smaller streams and rivers, but not large ones or big waters with white-capping winds. The earl plastic kayaks were okay for fishing except for their tendency to turn this way or that or rotate stern to bow endlessly.

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