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The Treasure Hunt is a fun filled team building adventure that everyone will enjoy and never forget. Our Treasure Hunt involves teams of 5 navigating our self driven boats out and around Vancouver’s coastal playground.
The hunt lasts for around two and a half hours and within that time teams work together to successfully complete their treasure hunt. When teams return to our downtown location, scores are calculated and the winning teams are rewarded with some Treasure Hunt gold!! Each TEAM uses a game package to organize their route, decide in what order to answer the questions and seek the answers by navigating some of Vancouver’s most breathtaking coastal attractions. 1:00 – Explore the world famous Granville Island Market and stay for lunch and drinks at one of the great restaurants located on Granville Island. The Treasure Hunt is a game on the water where teams of 5 cruise around Vancouver's coastline in search of answers.
The Sightseeing & Eco Tour takes place in the same area as the Treasure Hunt but it is not a competition. Most Treasure Hunts are booked in for the 9.30 am time slot as we would not have the boats available in the busier afternoon hours.
All ages can participate in the Treasure Hunt however the driver of the boat must be over 21 years of age. Sunshine is always best, but all groups have had fun regardless of the occasional wet days.
Our 17ft Hourston Glascraft speed boat are used in the Treasure Hunt (although other boats may also be used depending on availability).
A $400 deposit of either a major credit card or cash deposit is required for every boat rented. Voted the number one boat rental operator in Vancouver, we have been serving all of Vancouver's boat rentals needs since 1982. Plan Your Trip Below are 3 of the most popular boating adventures we recommend to our customers. Requirements : Person 21 years of age or older as the renter, valid government issued photo ID, a $600 deposit on either a major credit card or cash deposit. Right at the bottom of Indian Arm you will find Deep Cove, a popular spot for a lot of our renters.

Buntzen Power Station is a water powered station, operated nowadays by remote control only. Lighthouse Park is another of Vancouver's wonderful parks, located in West Vancouver on the way to the Howe Sound, It is home to an impressive lighthouse which lights up the Bay every night.
After receiving a safety briefing, boat operation overview, each team receives a speed boat, map and treasure hunt questionnaire. The team building adventure involves each team organizing their route, deciding what order to answer the questions and seeking the answers by navigating some of Vancouver’s most breathtaking coastal attractions.
It will let people get to know each other better in a relaxed environment while working on skills and tasks that will benefit everyone back in the office. However, this does usually depend on the time of year you are looking to book your Treasure Hunt. The deposit is released immediately after the boats are returned to the docks without any damage.
The same rules regarding drink driving on the road apply to drivers on the water and is policed by the Coastguard.
Located in the heart of downtown, our prime location on Granville Island provides both easy and fast access to the best coastal attractions in Vancouver. A beautiful bay of water surrounded by views of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, and the north shore mountains. From your boat you will see many other large boats like luxury yachts, shipping tankers, cruise ships and even float planes. Its original home was in False Creek, until 1991 when it was moved to its current location.
Home to restaurants, coffee shops and the famous donut shop, people love to stop off for a treat and a quick walk.
Another great spot to stop off on your boat trip for some food or a walk on some of its many beaches and parks. The seals love to lay on the rocks, but you also will catch them jumping in and out of the water to cool off. Take a trip down false creek to catch a great view of these stadiums while enjoying the calm waters of this harbour. The boundary to the west is Bowen Island (17km away) and the boundary to the east is Indian Arm (27km away).

If you cancel your reservation within 7 days you receive a full refund. If you cancel your boat rental reservation within 48 hours of your boat rental, you can reschedule your reservation to another day. Situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver, at the entrance to the world famous Granville Island. Maps and information on points of interest are also provided so you and your team can choose where you would like to visit. In the quieter months of April, May, June and October we may be able to accommodate at later starting time. There are no penalties for canceling your Treasure Hunt as long as 7 days notice has been given. If we feel a person is already under the influence of alcohol at the time of arrival we will use our discretion and refuse service to that person. The first bridge is Iron Workers Memorial Bridge which was built later as a higher bridge was needed for boat traffic to pass. Sadly today there is no Mc Donald's there for you to stop at but it still remains a popular site to check out. From the water you have the best view as most home are right on the water and not seen from the road.
If you don't have a boating license we can provide you with a temporary license for the duration of your Vancouver boat rental. There is a $10 clean up fee if there is excessive hair or dirt left in the boat after your rental. Not showing up to reservation or cancelling your reservation on the day of the boat rental will result in the full boat rental charge. Christie Islet National Bird Reserve is also close by so keep a look out for some bald eagles.

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