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Rainbow trout, brook trout, mackinaw and kokanee can be caught on Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake. This summer, come down and let us take you on a run over to the East Passage and take in the sights of Newport and Jamestown as the sun goes down.
We created Serenity Point to provide an accessible getaway for families, friend and business groups to experience all that Grand Lake has to offer. The Serenity Point Shell marina features 24 hour fully-automated pump so you can fill up at any time day or night.

Our Ship Store offers everything you'd need during a quick stop on the lake including food, drinks, snacks, clothing as well as boating supplies.
TVA site with information on Kentucky dam, Kentucky lake levels and discharge. They are perfect for leisurely exploration of the lake or an afternoon fishing, and some of the safest vessels for families with small children.
You can also check out the links at the bottom of this page for information on Kentucky boating safety and Kentucky and Barkley Lakes information.

Green Turtle Bay Boat Rentals also offers water tow toys and skis as well as, single and double person Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards to enjoy on Barkley & Kentucky Lakes. Visit the Green Turtle Bay website or contact Green Turtle Bay Boat Rentals for more information and availability.

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