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This is the perfect vacation opportunity for the whole family to escape to nature for fun, relaxation and focused family time. Various size houseboats are available with overnight accommodations ideal for a party of two up to ten people. John's River South to Sanford or North to Palatka through the beautiful Ocala National Forest.
John's River in Sanford, just outside Orlando, to experience our selection of new and used boats, yacht sales and Crest Luxury Pontoon Boats. This deposit is in addition to the rental rate and will be refunded when the boat is returned reasonably clean and undamaged.

Additional services we offer include boat consignment, boat rentals, dry and wet-slip boat storage at our Marina at the Port of Sanford. Download our House Boat We are a houseboat rental company located in Georgetown, Florida and on the St. Johns River – Sanford, Florida Boat Rental Information Below Live Bait, Fishing Tackle Boat Tours. We also offer service and repair for your inboard or outboard boat and our service staff is Volvo, Suzuki and Yamaha certified.
Johns River is the longest river in Florida, flowing 310 miles north from Boat Rentals in Homosassa, Florida great river house.

Johns River Boat Rental Rates Park has provided lodging to those fishing the backwaters of the St.

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