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Zoom down your very own waterslide on the most luxurious double decker pontoon Funship available in the world. Our double decker pontoon boat lets you enjoy family fun every weekend with your own waterpark on the water. Avalon Pontoons and Everglades BoatsAvalon Luxury Pontoons has been making pontoon boats since 1972 and is known as the leader in the pontoon industry. Everglades Boats patented hull design (RAMCAP) by Bob Dougherty is revolutionary in the industry and the number-one hull of any boat in its class. Newport Pontoons continues these traditions of excellence by offering the best pontoon boats and off shore fishing boats available. Avalon Pontoons are built using the best technology available for Pontoon Boat construction. Avalon’s exclusive Matrix 50 heavy-duty 50 gauge marine seat covering with 24% substructure, when compared to competitors, is proven most resistant to rips, holes, and stains.
Unlike our competitor’s “small but skirted” riser connectors, the majority of our pontoon boat models feature full riser pontoon connections on the inside and outside.
Distinctive welded keels provide an extra layer of damage protection against side impact as well as improving boat performance by decreasing water flow around the pontoon. Avalon exclusively now includes a drain in the corner of the rear bench that releases water through a drain channel and off the boat. We alone, among our competitors, have managed to solve the problem of fuel fill splash back and slowness. An extra safety feature, our reflective safety striping can be seen at great distances when exposed to light. Our pontoon tubes are made with an incredible 0.090” thickness of H5052 marine aluminum alloy.

Our standard stainless bow eye spans three crossbeams, held on with a ?” aluminum reinforcement strap. Our super-strong wall joints are welded from all four sides to maximize strength and stability.
The Deco Series Paradise Funship is loaded with features like a slide with water pump, a double-wide lounge, a storage center with speakers, and remote stereo controls. Avalon offers a range of style and sizes in pontoon boats, from an entry-level 14’ pontoon to the revolutionary, award-winning Ambassador Deco series that has taken pontoon boating to new heights of design and style. Bob Dougherty joined Boston Whaler in 1960 and was the Senior VP of product development, where he became the head engineer responsible for developing the unsinkable hull for Boston Whaler. In fact, many of our features are so new and spectacular that they are exclusive to our boats. In fact, with a thickness of 0.100”, double wrapped leading edge, and one-piece construction, it is nearly impossible to break one of our splash fins off. This prevents the otherwise common accumulation of rainwater on the seats that cause stains in the corners over time. Our exclusive carbon canister flow-through eases pressure out of the tank, thereby eliminating splash back and allowing for quick fueling & automatic fueling shutoff. The strength of the material itself is augmented and air-locked by multi-baffling near each weld. Using heavy-duty stainless bolts, nuts, and washers, 3” extreme thickness “C” channel crossbeams are attached to the full riser. The Funship also features our exclusive Deco 1 solid aluminum walls and Waveglider triple 27″ diameter performance pontoons. Avalon won the NMMA Award for the best-designed pontoon in 2012 and has been recognized for winning the customer CSI Award the past six years in a row.

We take great pride in our fantastic construction and do everything in our power to make Avalon Pontoons the strongest and safest in the industry. And not only is there more storage space in aluminum seat frames, but the space is more effective. Besides that, our pod is supported by more heavy-duty “C” channel crossbeams than any other motor pod in the industry.
And every weld is done by hand, held up to incredibly strict standards, ensuring every pontoon tube is of the highest quality possible. Now, with an NMMA Innovation award-winning design created in 1999 that revolutionized the way boats are built, Everglades has proven itself the best boat and hull design in the industry.
Our aluminum seat frames have Flo thruTM ventilation so your equipment will dry even if the storage area is closed, and also mildew and fungus are much less likely to occur. Over the past decade Everglades had grown to include center consoles, pilot house, and cabin models from 21 feet to the incredible new 42-foot boat in 2015.
Because our aluminum seat frames are so superior, they come with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing the frames will be successful forever.
With over 50 years dedicated to boat building, the Everglades team continues to push the bar by producing the finest fishing boats the industry has to offer.

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