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Today, you can be a boater by walking into a store, plopping down your money, hooking up the boat to your car, driving away, and launching your boat.
No matter what the type of life jacket, the most significant fact about life jackets is that they save lives. Training is required for any person born on or after January 1, 1982, who operates a powerboat more than 10 horsepower. Surrounded by the grandeur of the Adirondack Mountains, Indian Lake, in A modern boat launch is located on the campground and boat rentals are available.

Alcohol affects balance, vision, judgment and coordination, all factors required for safe boating. It is important for recreational boaters to take the time to choose a life jacket that they will wear, that meets the needs of the activity they are participating in, and that works for the environment to which they are exposed. Research has shown that when combined with boating stressors such as sun, wind, noise, vibration and motion, alcohol can impair a person on the water much faster than on land. Statistics prove that an educated boater is involved in fewer accidents including fewer accidents involving injury or death.

Water is a different environment than land and boats have different rules and regulations for maneuvering than vehicles.

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