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Gripentog is the matriarch of a family business that includes Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Lake Mead Marina, Las Vegas Bay Dry Storage, Dry Dock Boat Sales and Marine Center of Las Vegas. Bob Gripentog loved the challenge offered by the new business, but initially his wife hated it.
In 1965, Gripentog’s husband was in a serious truck accident and initially wasn’t expected to survive, much less ever be able to work again.
As Las Vegas grew, the marina and boat sales business grew and the family involvement grew as well. Though Gripentog defers to her family management team, she still comes in to work three or four days a week. The falling value of the dollar and plummeting boat prices do have an upside, says Gripentog.
Mark, the link to the Marina Dock Age article in my first paragraph sends you to a long and very thorough story about the marina, including its moves due to lake levels. Vertex42's free work order forms are professional, simple, easy to use, and fully customizable spreadsheet templates. Vertex42's free Work Order Form Template is an Excel file that contains two separate work order forms (as separate worksheet tabs). Each work order is fully customizable and geared mainly towards service, repair and maintenance work.
The basic work order form template shown above is great for smaller jobs or putting together a work estimate or quote. Any value within [brackets] is meant to be replaced with your company or customer's information. Qty (Quantity): This column can be used to enter the number of hours or amount of parts or materials used for the job.
Taxed: The basic work order form includes a column for indicating (by entering an "x") which line items are taxable. Taxable: The basic work order template calculates the sum of the amounts that are taxable using a SUMIF formula.
Other: The last field before the total can be used for including a discount or other types of charges. The free work order templates can be easily modified to be used internally as an IT work order or a maintenance work order. Although it is common to use work orders for internal use, then bill or invoice your customer using a different form, a work order can often be used to directly invoice your customers.
If a customer preferred to be billed later, the work order could be converted into an invoice by simply changing the "Work Order" label to "Invoice" and adding an Invoice # field. Our free work order forms are great for companies and departments that only process a few work orders per day. There are numerous work order software packages on the market, many of them tailored to specific markets such as Maintenance work orders, IT work orders, Repair work orders and service dispatch work orders.
If you are already running QuickBooks, you can create work orders directly from sales orders.
Disclaimer: This content is for informational and educational purposes only, and not to construed as legal, tax, or financial advice. Draw and Write 3 Favorite Vehicles: Printable Worksheet Draw three of your favorite vehicles and write about each of them. Transportation Anagrams:An anagram is a word or phrase that is made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. TransportationA Worksheet to Print A short, printable worksheet about modes of transportation you have used or wish to use. WASHOUGAL -- Claire Zakovics' favorite thing about books is how they can transport the reader.
If you're a homeowner, or even just a lawn mower, you're well aware that spring has sprung.
Her instructor, standing next to her, orders her forward again, and despite the slow, careful creep, the Navy boat knocks into the pier. By year’s end, Schnatzmeyer and five others are expected to become the first women formally assigned to a Riverine combat company, a battlefront Navy job that is just now opening up to women.
The Delta Company jobs are some of the first combat positions in the military to formally accept women, and breaking through the barriers hasn’t been easy.
By lifting the ban on women in battlefront combat jobs, she said the Pentagon is now giving her and other women a chance.

At 23, the El Paso, Texas, native has been in the Navy just one year and is a master at arms 3.
The military services are struggling to figure out how to move women into battlefront jobs, including infantry, armor and elite commando positions. Over the spring and summer, in highly public fashion, women in successive attempts washed out of the Marine’s grueling infantry officer course. The military men watching the transition offer public support, but often add subtle caveats that belie an underlying uncertainty.
Instructor Jerry Gray is a former Marine and has been teaching the Riverine course for seven years. Further down the dock, Dalton King, one of 23 men in the course, wraps up his first training session piloting a boat. Altogether, 15 women have passed the Riverine combat skills course since they were first allowed to participate about a year ago. Navy leaders say they’re not concerned about the failure rate on the crewman course because the sailors can eventually be taught to handle the boat. West African Vocational Schools is a Christian nonprofit that teaches job skills to people in Guinea-Bissau, one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world. But the next day I came down with a serious case of the travel flu and could hardly move from the couch. Work order forms are usually customized to include more details than a basic purchase order. It includes a place for pre-approval and separate areas for labor and materials that can be taxed separately. This information is usually tied to a specific Customer ID, while the Ship To field may be different. You should indicate on your work order form that all correspondence should include the WO #.
The advanced work order template lets you set a different tax rate for labor and materials.
You should change the label to "Discount" or something that describes what the charge is for.
In a service or maintenance company, a work order would often be generated internally (following a phone call or an online form submission).
But, even at that volume, it can get difficult to keep track of the status of each work order.
Many MRP (materials requirements planning), ERP (enterprise resource planning), CMM (computerized maintenance management) and CAFM (computer aided facility management) systems automatically generate work orders or job tickets based on sales orders, maintenance schedules, etc.
As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. On the left half of the page, draw the scene during the day; on the right side of the page, draw the scene during the night. The words are car, bus, truck, van, wagon, plane, boat, train, unicycle, bike. Unscramble Words for VehiclesUnscramble the words for vehicles, and then color the picture of the words. Navy Master-at-Arms Third Class Danielle Hinchliff, left, and Master-at-Arms Third Class Anna Schnatzmeyer, both of Coastal Riverine Squadron 2, listen during training in August on a Riverine Assault Boat as they participate in a U.S.
She’s in full battle gear and the sun is beating off Mile Hammock Bay on the edge of Camp Lejeune. The three Riverine Delta Company units are used for combat operations, often called on to move quickly into shallow waters where they can insert forces for raids, or conduct rescue missions. So, here, in this tangle of coastal waterways, Schnatzmeyer and the two other women in the crewman course know all too well that the world is watching. But this Riverine crewman course would allow her to be a boat captain or coxswain — crew leaders who drive the boat or direct the fight.
Neither she nor her boat buddy, Danielle Hinchliff, had any boating experience before they climbed aboard for the seven-week crewman course, which includes late night drills that require night-vision goggles and radar to pilot the craft across the dark and murky waters.
Military officials say standards will not be lowered in order to bring women into any combat posts.
Most are young and are willing to see women competing for the combat jobs, but they want to be sure that those who get in are worthy. We hope to find 15 to 20 people who would be interested in a one or two-year program that would lay a Biblical foundation for what it means to be a leader, as well as teach some of the practical management skills needed to be an effective leader.
The work order template captures customer and job information and summarizes labor and materials used to complete the jobs.

There are only a few cells that contain formulas that you should be careful not to mess up (such as the line totals, subtotals, tax calculation, and grand total).
Then the service or maintenance person would receive a printed work order form to take to the site location. Admittedly, if you process a significant number of work orders each day, a template based system may not be ideal.
The words are car, bus, truck, van, wagon, plane, boat, train, unicycle, bike. Circle the Correctly-Spelled Words for VehiclesCircle the correct spelling of words for vehicles, and then color the picture of the words. Navy Riverine Crewman Course at the Center for Security Forces Learning Site at Camp Lejeune, N.C.
They were not used in Afghanistan, where river combat operations weren’t really needed. 1, 2016, to open as many jobs as possible to women, and to explain why if they decide to keep some closed. Women in the other services may have a more difficult time meeting some of the upper body strength demands and other physical requirements for Army and Marine combat jobs, he said.
They have begun training with the unit with the expectation that they will be formally admitted later this year. Since getting back on my feet again after the flu, I’ve been spending a lot of time meeting with school staff and local community leaders.
These units could be sold and become a side business that helps support the school, generate sales jobs, and help provide lighting in a country with hardly any electricity.
Totals and taxes are calculated automatically; all you have to enter are quantities, unit costs, tax rates and other charges. Then, after completing the work, the customer would inspect the job, sign the completed work order, and pay with a check right there on the spot.
The words are car, van, bus, bicycle, wagon, train, boat, unicycle, truck, plane. Circle the Correctly-Spelled Words for Boats and ShipsCircle the correct spelling of words for boats and ships, and then color the picture of the words.
The remaining 3,000 are in special operations units, which may be more difficult to fill because of the strenuous physical requirements.
Then I spent all day in Madrid and took a night flight to Lisbon, but the plane arrived really late and I missed my connection to Dakar, Senegal. My husband and I are in the States from South Africa for a few months traveling and have dedicated a large portion of the trip to the West Coast. Continue reading below to see how you can use these work orders internally as IT job orders or maintenance work order forms. WorksheetWrite the name of a type of vehicle, then answer questions about how you would describe it. We do have some things […]Round trip San Jose, Death Valley, Bryce Without LV or Grand CanyonHi there. The words are auto, canoe, airplane, ferry, engine, camper, tractor, tugboat, trailer, pickup.
I spent 2 ½ days in Dakar meeting with some folks and running some errands, then took an 18-hour boat ride to southern Senegal where I met with one of the school leaders, bought a visa to Guinea-Bissau, and then crammed into a rusted-out tin can that passes as public transportation for a two-hour drive to a town called Ignore in Guinea-Bissau. My friend and I have 6 or 7 days to go to Death Valley, Bryce, possibly Zion and back starting April 25th. I spent the night in Ignore and then traveled several hours to Canchungo the next day, arriving at about 5 p.m.
The tree is in the caboose. Santa's Mystery TrainPrintable BookA short, printable Christmas book for early fluent readers with fill-in-the blanks on each page. The tree is in the red caboose. Transportation Tiny Picture DictionaryA short, printable picture dictionary of vehicles -- for early readers. The student cuts out the pages, staples them together, then writes each word in the tiny book. The words are: bike, boat, bus, car, jet, taxi, train, tricycle, truck, van, and write another vehicle.

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