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The Blackwell Island Marina, soon to undergo a massive transformation, is the western-most marina, sitting at the mouth of the Spokane River.
Surrounded by one of the world's longest floating boardwalks and with easy access from The Resort, The Boardwalk Marina offers rental boats, supplies, and refreshments, so your day of fun in the sun on Lake Coeur d'Alene is spectacular. Welcome to Hagadone Marine Group, offering complete boating services on Lake Coeur d’Alene, serving North Idaho, Spokane and the Inland Northwest region. Hagadone Marine Group, HMG, serves Lake Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Western Montana and the Inland Northwest with new and used boat sales in CDA and boat service for yachts, pontoon boats, sport boats, wakeboarding boats and custom wood boats.
We provide boat sales, boat maintenance, boat repair and warranty service, wood boat building, boat restoration, boat slips and moorage, lake cruises and charter cruises, boat rentals, fiberglass repair, fuel and boating supplies.
As part of the Hagadone Hospitality family of companies, we take pride in our excellent service record and professional sales staff. As a brand new boat owner and summer renter in Coeur d'Alene, I just wanted to tell you our boat and slip purchase experience this spring with your marine group has been outstanding. We wanted to send you both a follow-up e-mail on our most recent purchase and delivery of our new 232 Cobalt. Fast forward to Monday and James the delivery by Todd and the slip install by Tony was the BEST ! You guys have put together a very fine team and your approach to customer satisfaction is first class. I have contracted with Hagadone Marine since 1993 and have enjoyed the good service and quality of facilities.
When enjoying a ride on the water, it’s hard not to notice the shiniest and newest looking boats.
The Spokane Shop has long been addressing the problem of boats slowly losing their glow and shine from all the wear and tear.
The Spokane Shop has been in business for years and is continuing to win over the hearts of the townspeople of Spokane. Schedule an appointment today and get ready to be amazed by the professional quality and care that you will experience. Entering your story is easy to do, just type and don't worry too much about syntax as I will proof your entry before publication or you can copy and paste from your word-processer. Li'l Tipsy I built my version of the 12' Mustang from the PM plans in 2008 during my senior year of high school. 1Over the years, The Spokane Shop has had the privilege of working with many people in the community and we’d like to dedicate this post to display the great collaborations that resulted thereof. The pride in our detail driven industry is seen every day from the cars on the roads to the homes on your block.

With summer bidding travelers to pack-up and seek adventure, there’s nothing like some Detailing to put a spark in your ride! Here at The Spokane Shop, we pride in taking our craft and skill and improving the look of your car. For all you bikers out there, winter is the perfect time to get your bike out of storage, and get it ready for the next riding season. It takes a company with the highest professional standards and best quality work to be chosen to work with Spokane’s Global Credit Union. The Spokane Shop has mastered the procedure of quality application of window tints that leaves customers speechless and cars dazzling. Next to Cedars Floating Restaurant, the Blackwell Island Marina is also home to Hagadone Marine Center.
The Silver Beach Marina offers avid boaters and weekend yachtsmen alike great services a bit off the beaten track. From first talking with Paul while in Arizona back in the fall, then the seamless hand off to Bret, the financial piece with Doreen, the delivery by Todd and the slip magician Tony, it has been awesome. Without question this has been the most outstanding buying experience we have been involved with ! Meeting all of your team in March, the test drive with Bret, the business piece with Doreen, reviewing the slip with Tony and the stay at the resort was awesome. This year, I felt compelled to express my appreciation for several employees at the Hagadone Marine Center.
You definitely have a very thorough team and I appreciate the time you have taken to to look after Lori's and my boat. If you think that those boats are shiny looking because they are new, you might just be wrong!
With over 18 years of experience in the detailing industry, you can rest assured your investment of boat or car will be treated with utmost professionalism and care. We have a deep desire and interest in restoring and preserving that which we work with so our work can leave a legacy of our name. Kon started this business with a passion to work with the community by being able to do what he does best, Window Tinting.
Windows that are easy to see through are prime targets for looters who are looking to sell things at pawn shops.
Al is a local resident who like many young creative individuals decided to start his own business. Yes, we like to spend time with those that are close to us but when surrounded by unfamiliar places, we feel much more at ease when we have our personal bubble of privacy.

All of these individuals have displayed true professionalism, knowledge of their job and their role on the team. The Spokane Shop is known for taking a boat, installing their unique Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film and giving that boat an eternal youthful look. The towing and constant movement was beginning to show and the constant maintenance on the aluminum was making him start to doubt his choice of style. You can stop worrying about the sparkling aluminum on your boat getting stained and the scratches that come with years of use and start enjoying your boat like you did on the first day you took it out on the water. As time progressed, Kon’s skill set grew to include areas such as Graphics & Decals, Vehicle Wraps, Plasti Dip, Auto Detailing as well as Clear Bra, or otherwise knows as Paint protection Film. Todd has each year been especially helpful in assisting with putting my boat in and taking it out of the water.
Continue reading to see what goes on behind the scenes of The Spokane Shop and their power of preservation.
This wasn’t the first time The Spokane Shop was responding to similar complaints and it’s not the first time they were able to stop all corrosion with their technologically advanced Paint Protection Film. With today’s technology of 3M Paint Protection Film, The Spokane Shop can take your boat and wrap it in protective and virtually invisible 3M Clear Bra to fully protect and preserve your boats designs and metals. As his business grows, Kon proudly stands by his customers and the lifetime warranty that he provides. Without this protection, your metal parts will start to rust and your hull will start a collection of scratches and chips. You will need to re-size any photo larger than 800x600 pixels using your graphics software or a Web-based re-sizer, such as Google's Picasa for PC users or iPhoto's Export function on a Mac.Should you have problem uploading photos you can use the link below to securely send them to me. The examples below reflect a glimpse into the first class work that The Spokane Shop offers. All this can easily be avoided by simply giving The Spokane Shop a call and scheduling an appointment to get your boat custom fitted with the Paint Protection Film. I had a water problem and he went above and beyond, during this busy time to solve the problem.

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