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The 26th annual West Palm Beach Boat Show took place last week and over the weekend (March 24th-27th) along scenic Flagler Drive. The Palm Beach International Boat Show 2011 had an unprecedented amount of boat and yacht companies on display this year.
The boat show showed some large superyachts, two of which bore a reference to James Bond themes at least their names did: Quantum Solace and Octopussy.
A Bond-like boat, Quantum of Solace pictured above sports 170 feet built by Benetti and available through the brokerage International Yacht Collection. Atlantic Yacht and Ship wants you to get the most out of the 27th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show this weekend.  Opening day is Thursday, March 22 from noon- 7pm.
It’s once again time for the Palm Beach International Boat Show (March 20-23, 2014) and I have just completed this years map design and illustration.
I want to share a couple of images that show the underlying work involved in the creation of the map. The map will appear in the boat show program available for free at the show and on signage throughout the show.
If you are an exhibitor in the show and would like a map highlighting your exhibit area for your marketing purposes please contact me for a quote. The Palm Beach International Boat Show of 2013 is still a little ways away on March 21st through the 24th, but I am already hard at work and quite a ways along on the map.
As I drove up to West Palm Beach to attend the International Boat Show, I had conflicting issues. New valet parking at the show’s northern entrance offers easy access to some of the largest yachts on display. CruiserPort, is back with an impressive display of long-range cruisers and trawlers ranging in lengths from 35 to 90 feet and educational seminars catering to long-term cruising enthusiasts.
Another returning fan favorite is the AquaZone, a 40,000 gallon, freshwater pool featuring live hovercraft, jet board, kayak, stand-up-paddleboard and other water toy demonstrations.

With more than $350 million worth of boats, yachts and accessories from the world’s leading marine manufacturers, the 26th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show is one of the top ten boat shows in the country.
From fishing boats to high performance racing sailboats and schooners, featuring a strong suite of exhibitors. Dave expressed great optimism when I spoke with him in the morning on the second day into the Boat Show. People seem so much more ready to spend some money to acquire their gear and it is such a shift compared to the atmosphere of last year. We always try to keep our inventory high, but many of the manufacturers have run down their inventories during the slow times due to the economy and we are feeling this as we get our sales and order more products. The bells and whistles: The yacht has scuba gear for four, a Brownie Third Lung (while their air supply floats above them, divers breathe through a hookah system), and the sundeck has a 48-inch waterproof flatscreen LED TV, a Blu-Ray disc player and a karaoke system. For this years map we changed the angle some and used color to bring emphasis to the boat show and away from the surrounding architecture. This is just the latest of my 3D rendered maps, but in many ways the most ambitious and the first I have made a time lapse video from. It will also appear in the Palm Beach Boat Show special section of The Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily News’ annual broadsheet section about the show. The work itself comes first and this is the first time I felt absolutely positive that I was proficient enough with the new software that making a time lapse video couldn’t pose any undue distraction. Like the Saint Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show and The Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach I have made this map a virtual 3D model that can be lit and rendered from multiple angles. The new in-water space will add an additional 30 slips accommodating yachts up to 280 feet. The largest yacht on display at the show is Silver Fast, at 252 feet on display with Burgess. Guests also are invited to come by boat and tie up to free Come-by-Boat docks located south of the in-water displays.

The event included hundreds of Boats from 8 foot inflatables, power boats, fishing boats, center consoles, bow riders, personal watercraft to superyachts over 150 feet. The map encompasses an area known as the Palm Beach Waterfront and City Commons as well as extending south along Flagler Drive. The project was large and lengthy as you can see in the video, but I left out large chunks of time from the video because even at a vastly increased frame rate it becomes a little tedious. The map encompasses an area known as the Palm Beach Waterfront and City Commons as well as extending south along North Flagler Street. I made the time of day in the illustration closer to noon this year rather than having the long, dramatic shadows of last year’s map.
Skillfully and selectively combined, these renderings can create an illustration with quality that far exceeds the sum of its parts.
You may notice that the final map extends further south and the docks extend further out than in the video.
I also switched to a sketchier rendering method rather than the more photo-realistic method I used last year. Buildings include Meyer Amphitheater, the PNC Bank Building, Esplanade Grande, The Strand, McKeen Towers, Trump Plaza and more. These landmarks should be of great help to visitors to the show in orienting themselves within their surroundings. I am waiting to get the map closer to final completion before I release the video, but you can expect to see it soon (now available here). The original, vector based map was also revised and is used in the free boat show phone app.

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