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Take care of the engine, mercury oil, and other necessities on the boat and position the vehicle where you want it to stay for the season.
TK Watersports offers Shrink wrapping servicesShrink wrap your boat and add that extra layer of protection to your boat as part of your winteriztion process.
Shrink wrap is a ployethylene film that is used to cover the object or vessel shrunken tight creating a protective covering of skin from snow, ice, debris and nesting animals. During these long periods of storage you uncovered boat is susceptible to damage from a number os sources rain, snow, blowing dirt and debris, bird drippings, UV radiation and nesting birds or rodents. Shrinks wrap also protects from the pollution and industrial fall out that can be in the air and settle causing damage to gel coat.
Let TK Watersports come detail your boat and shrink wrap it clean and ready for use in the spring. Boat is preppedThe process begins by prepping the boat by creating a frame or support structure acting as a skeleton that the film can be shrink wrapped to.
Ventilation is one of most important parts of the process each boat needs to be propert ventilated to allow air to flow avoiding condensation.

Access doors can be added with a zipper if accesss is going to be needed during storage period. All you need is a boat shrink wrap kit, a heat gun, and a ladder (depending on the size of your boat). By properly shrink wrapping your boat it can last for years providing water proof and UV protection for you watercraft, vehicle, machinery or personal valuable and property. Shink Wrap comes in number of sizes and thickness depending on what is needed for the application and duration of protetion that will be neededIn Utah we primarily use shrink wrap for the harsh and sometimes mild winter climate protecting from the elements while in storage for the winter months. While conventional coveror tarop offers some shelter from the elements, only a shrink-wrap cover gives your boat protection that's 100% waterproof, impossible to blow off and can withstand heavy loads of snow or rain..
This is done by using support poles and in some cases using the existing structure such as a tower on a wakeboard boat.
It puts out 300,000 BTU's at maximum power, but is variable from 10,000 BTU's upward through use of the trigger. Put up support poles for the shrink wrap to adhere to, and then unroll the shrink wrap over the boat.

A belly line is ran with a number of support lines that creates a cage or to complete the frame for the shrink wrap film.The shrink wrap is sized and custom fitted to your boat.
Check your work for any holes, patch up those holes you find, and finally install self adhesive vents to keep mold from forming under the wrap.
This shrink wrap film is pulled over and draped over the frame of the boat that we have created and secured to the belly line.
This is done by folding the ends around the belly line and welding with heat creating a snug fit around the boat.The belly line is tied down so that when heated the film wona€™t lift out of place. The film is completely heated and forms tightly around the skeleton or frame that was created.Ventilation is the final step along with taping up all the seams and any holes etc.

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