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Two-line manual systems (BayStar, SeaStar): in these systems the helm pump moves the hydraulic cylinder directly. Three-line manual systems (Hynautic): three-line systems are pressurized and contain a separate reservoir and pressure-relief valve. Power assist: for outboards 150hp and above and for twin and triple engine applications, bass boats, pontoon boats, power catamarans and inboard cruisers without engine-driven power assist. Power steering: larger boats require a bigger system that can handle higher loads typically experienced at the rudder(s).
SeaStar Power Assist is an upgrade for existing hydraulic steering that taps into the hydraulic lines. The manual circuit provides the control portion of the steering system, and the power circuit provides the power to turn the rudders. The helm consists of a hydraulic pump and a system of valves, which pumps fluid into the hydraulic lines. In use, a clockwise turn of the steering wheel will send fluid from the Helm Unit into the starboard hydraulic line.
SeaStar PRO 2.0 helm HH5770 includes unique check valves to counteract torque from large outboards (similar in function to No FeedBack mechanical steering).
Selection of the proper components is relatively easy, since the number of components is limited. The cylinder: consisting of a ram, bored cylinder and attaching hardware, the cylinder is moved by fluid pumped from the helm when the wheel is turned. The current generation of outboard-mounted cylinders makes installation easy, since they use the tilt tube of the engine for support, and act directly on the engine’s steering attachment point. Front mount pivoting outboard cylinder HC5345 is the most popular model for SeaStar and SeaStar PRO systems. This type of cylinder is what is known as a balanced cylinder, meaning that port and starboard deflections take the same amount of hydraulic fluid. There are a wide variety of inboard and sterndrive cylinders available to fit practically any boat, but selecting the right ones can be tricky. Several helm displacements and cylinder choices are available (except for SeaStar PRO) for a choice in the number of lock-to-lock steering wheel turns, so you can tailor the system to fit your boat’s handling characteristics and your individual driving style.
Steering Hose: special hydraulic hose that carries the fluid from the helm to the cylinder and back.
Not recommended for use with high performance, 150HP engines (such as Mercury Optimax 150HP engines) or single engine, high-speed boat (such as bass boats).

For stern drive, outboard and inboard boats that require external cylinders of substantial size and strength. Heavy-duty 3-line system for boats to 70' with a wide range of helm displacements and cylinder configurations. Location: Queensland Australia catamaran steering systems Here are some pics of the system with intergrated components. The rudders are connected via push pull cables as you can see in the pics inside the saloon door and in the engine room (see new pic). Steering systems for catamarans has been, as far as i've been building them a choice between a multitude of cables with as many blocks or hydrolics and the ever present LINK BAR with little or no feed back with 3-4turns lock to lock.
Using the correct components manufactured from materials conducive to the marine enviroment, and longevity of the parts with easy maintance and installation are the key. Tests to date have proven the system has passed all expectations and the pending sea trials will hopefully be as pleasing. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Feedback is eliminated and holding a steady course is simplified because no steering effort is required until you actually want to turn the engine or rudder.
In use, a clockwise turn of the steering wheel will send fluid from the helm unit into the starboard hydraulic line.
Uses an electronically-controlled on-demand hydraulic pump to give your boat the same easy steering you are accustomed to in your car. This electrically-controlled pump boosts the pressure to make steering easier and more responsive.
See the diagram of the new Optimus 360 system, which is NMEA 2000 compatible and uses a joystick control. More complicated systems may have fluid reservoirs, specialized valves, relief valves, autopilot pumps, etc.
Select the SeaStar 1.7 helm for boats to 40', outboard engines with up to V-6 engines, and speeds to 50mph. In other words, the cylinder acts between two points on the outboard, and exerts no force on the boat’s hull or deck. This, in turn, makes it ideal for autopilots, since they act symmetrically port and starboard.
Some systems use a mechanical tie bar, some a drag link fitted to fixed-mount cylinders, and some connect the engines or rudders using a liquid (hydraulic) tie bar.

Transom or hull mounted cylinder typically attaches to an anchor point on or near the inside of the boat’s transom.
Dual non-power-assisted outboards up to 450hp (600 combined horsepower for counter-rotating twin engines) with standard tilt tubes. The Optimus EST system replaces the boat’s conventional outboard engine controls and cables. The use of small pistons and ball bearings makes the pump action very smooth—nothing like a normal piston pump.
Note that some older BayStar steering kits (HK4200 and HK4230) use an unbalanced cylinder, and cannot be used with autopilots. The SeaStar Add-A-Station Autopilot Fitting Kit (HF5501 for outboards or HF5502 for stern drives or inboards) contains hardware for this.
Optimus 360 is the culmination of the three sub systems which are interconnected and synchronized to provide intuitive joystick docking of the vessel with true fingertip control. We stock components to fit virtually any pleasure or commercial boat’s hydraulic steering needs.
The internal valve assembly acts as a check valve, preventing the outgoing fluid from returning, while effectively eliminating kickback to the wheel. It operates at pressures up to 1,500psi, and offers the best steering control and reduced wheel walk and chatter. Garmin and Raymarine each have introduced new  CANbus autopilots (the GHP 20 and Evolution EV-DBW Drive-By-Wire) that work with this system. In systems like the popular SeaStar and SeaStar PRO, the helm serves several functions, incorporating a hydraulic fluid reservoir and a relief valve as well.
Outgoing fluid from the other end of the cylinder is returned to the helm via the port side line.
Suitable for installation in shallow splashwells and on engines fitted with power steering.

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