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Imagine spending a peaceful day on the pristine waters of Tampa Bay without the hassle of loading and launching your boat. Proudly serving the Tampa Bay Area, we offer state-of-the-art hi & dry storage facilities for fishing and pleasure boats up to 32 feet.
Lands End Marina offers competitive rates in a beautifully maintained environment staffed with friendly and attentive employees who are always happy to answer any questions. We’ll happily move your boat to one of our outdoor racks for do-it-yourself detailing or routine maintenance. Let’s face it, many people just do not have the storage space they need for large things. We have 60 large parking spaces with large turn radius access to make getting in and out a breeze.
With convenient monthly rentals for outside storage slots suitable for everything from small boats or vehicles, on up to full size motorhomes or larger vehicles, our Tampa location has the perfect storage solution for you.
Self Storage Centers of America provides a safe and secure location for your valuable assets. With our state-of-the-art security systems, well lit areas, and thoughtful planning, you will find all of our campus self storage solutions to be safe and secure. With our convenient location on Causeway Boulevard in Tampa Florida, picking up your boat for a morning outing is a snap. Let our experienced staff tell you about all of our Tampa self storage solutions for nearby residents in Tampa, Riverwood FL, Brandon FL and other nearby areas!  Are you moving?
We've used the inside and outside storage and both are clean and safe.  Teresa and I would not think about using another company. Affordable storage units in Tampa FL for all of your personal, commercial and business needs!
No matter if it’s in the dead of summer or the coldest day of the year, your valuables will dry and comfortable in a secure and dry environment of 76 degrees.
Our traditional outside Tampa storage units offer an economical way for you to get out from the mountains of stuff that will eat up your home. Along with our Tampa storage units (big or small) we have a large RV and Boat storage area that will meet almost any storage need you may require.

These are some of the most expensive outdoor toys that a person can own, and you never want it in a bad shape when you use it, Right? Business owners have problems like having too much equipment but too small space for them to place their equipment.
So now you know that self–storage can be a very big help in your dilemma, whether you have a business to run, an RV or Boat to keep, or documents to save: self–storage will always be your best option. RUSKIN, FL — Antigua Cove Marina at Little Harbor provides daily fishing charters, boat clubs, long and short term boat storage. The marina is home to The Freedom Boat Club Of Tampa Bay that maintains a fleet of boats for club members to choose from. Little Harbor entrance in Ruskin, FLAntigua Cove Marina in Little Harbor, Ruskin, FLAntigua Cove Marina in Little Harbor, Ruskin FLAntigua Marina for Premier Fishing Charters, Tours, Sightseeing and Sunsets in Little Harbor, Ruskin, FL. Recent CommentsJan on Broken Yolk Restaurant, Carrollwood Tampa (opens)Dorothy Kellogg on The Sacred Pepper, N.
Our mission is to provide our tenants with the cleanest, most secure storage facility while accommodating every customer's moving and storage needs through effective management of a highly motivated and well trained staff. Now you can experience all the joys of boat ownership without the headaches with full-service hi & dry boat storage at Lands End Marina. Our enclosed storage racks keep your boat safe from the elements, and round-the-clock camera surveillance gives you peace of mind. Whether you’re setting out on an annual fishing trip or enjoying a spontaneous sunset cruise, just give us a call and we’ll have your boat in the water and awaiting your arrival. You probably have room for a couple vehicles, and maybe even the third car for a teenage child.
We all know it, but hate to admit it – our neighborhoods aren’t always as safe as we may like.
Even if you want to pick it up before dawn to be out on the water at sunrise, you will find our location convenient, easy to access, and something that will save you a whole lot of headaches when it comes to your boat.
From small space for vehicles and small boats, to extra large spaces for large RV’s, we have it all. That’s why our Tampa self storage facility can come in handy in some circumstances like these.

It is very convenient and easy to access because in some circumstances, there are communities that prohibit RVs or boats visible in their front yard and if not followed can lead to fines and penalties. Dale Mabry (opens)j and f scaglione on Santo Stefano, Ybor City (coming soon)rosy on Publix at Southshore Village, 19th & US-41, RuskinKen Jensen on The Sacred Pepper, N. Storing your boat out of the water prevents corrosive damage to props and shafts from prolonged exposure to seawater and reduces the need for costly hull cleaning and repairs. When it comes to adding in trailer of some sort some other vehicle, many times that’s just a little too much. Maybe you live in a condo or apartment, or like a lot of people just really don’t have any extra parking room.
You’d like to think if you park something in your side yard, or behind your home, that it will be safe.
Couple that with one of our self-storage units, and you can stash all your sports equipment right here with us as well.
It can help businesses that are upsizing by serving as a document archive for their old documents and equipment, or maybe a showroom for prospect clients. When you return to the marina, we’ll pull the boat, pressure wash the hull, and flush the engine(s) to remove saltwater from the cooling system before returning it to your assigned rack.
Now, add-on a boat, or pair of jet-skis, or even a motorhome, and you’ve got a storage problem. Stash expensive saltwater fishing gear, electronic equipment and more where it will be out of your way, but convenient to grab for your next fishing trip. These self – storage units can help these businesses without burning too many thousands of dollars. Gone are the days where you can leave your doors open and unlocked and not have to worry about a thing. Keeping things safe and secure day in and day out has become a reality for most people.y Your RV and boat are no exception.

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