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At Gippsland Boat Supplies we have an extensive range of used outboards to suit every requirement, all complimented by expert installation and after-service support. Towable Tubes Buyers Guide Watersports Responsibility Code WindStorm Semi-Custom Boat Covers What’s the Difference Between an Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline and a Bongo™ Bouncer?
The 6133 is the only box you need because this large 3-Tray Tackle Box is an all-in-one-hauler. Stock is constantly changing and being updated, so call the sales team to discuss your needs on 03 5174 1223 or Contact Us for more information. The proven dependability and convenience of the ANCHORMATE® II is now available in a new totally stainless steel version. When mixed at a weaker ratio, about 3-5 to 1 it will remove slight stains and oxidation leaving a fairly shiny finish assuming that the original mill finish still exists.

Although we can’t possibly test our product on every type of paint and vinyl used today, we can say that in over twelve years of our customers using Aluminum Cleaner, we have not had one single instance of damage reported due to the cleaner. Manufactured from durable molded plastic, this box includes removable dividers for enhanced storage capabilities with tons of bulk storage space below. The ANCHORMATE ST anchor control offers complete corrosion protection from salt water and air. But when mixed at a strong ratio, about 1 to 1, Aluminum Cleaner will bleach aluminum to a uniform off white finish.
All metal parts are fabricated from stainless steel to eliminate any possibility of rust or corrosion regardless of climate conditions. A simple control button on the reel is turned to drop the anchor smoothly and silently while the handle remains stationary.

The patented bow fixture features an exclusive pivot arm that eases the anchor up and over the front roller permitting safe horizontal storage. Worth recommends using the anchor safety chain which is included for added protection in rough or pounding water.

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