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The 54th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show is under way at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virgina Beach, Virginia.
16ft Smittys Bahamas skiff in good working order with tiller Nissan 40hp motor on Continental trailer. This boat was jacked up off its keel so the owner could fair the bottom of the keel and left supported only by the stands for a week until a storm blew it over.
The trend in boat yards is to not allow do-it-yourselfers to do any work on the outside of your vessel. Almost all yards allow boaters to work on the inside of their vessels but there are hazmat problems there, too. The economics of boat yards is such that there is enormous financial pressure to convert working waterfront property to real estate, eliminating the boat yard altogether. Some may be put off by the fear of what’s involved in rebuilding a boat, but I assure you, if you have the slightest mechanical apptitude, you can do it. They are also considering plans to just purchase used boats and customizing to various degrees of completion but it will be water ready with your motor installed. In the Wakesetter 23 LSV, being the observer becomes a coveted position, thanks to the oversized seat bursting with comfy 5-inch bolsters. Boat Trader Insider will be showing off some of the boats and gear on display in coming posts. Wanna bet the yard got a call from their insurance company questioning their policy to let DIY boaters do work like this?
With high storage fees for a relatively small patch of ground, one might wonder why.  Well, there are several reasons. How many times have you passed a dumpster in a boat yard that had containers of used oil or old batteries piled next to it–or worse yet, tossed into the dumpster? If you value a place to keep your boat by the water, appreciate a green planet, and want to keep costs down by being allowed to work on your own boat on someone elses property, you should follow these few rules of boat yard etiquette.

They have some employees who are really good at coming up with ideas on rebuilding used pontoon boats and this has created the thought process of finding used boats in the area of Elkhart, Indiana as there are several pontoon boat manufacturers in the area and a lot of used boats just sitting neglected by their owners who may not have the desire to rebuild their boat. At this point (this may change), boats will not have motors already installed because PontoonStuff could not warranty a used motor as it would be the unknown factor. The Wakesetter 23 LSV is the personal boat of World Champion Darin Shapiro and the boat he uses for this personal riding school. The driver has fingertip control of everything important, including our integrated keyless ignition, thanks to Malibu Touch Command (MTC) on the dash. Simply go to the yard office and ask where the proper waste oil and old battery sites are—the yard will properly recycle these and appreciate that they don’t have to hire someone to pick up after you and subsequently charge you higher storage fees.  This leads me to three final requests for etiquette—pick up all your trash from working on your boat (empty paint buckets, used brushes, rags, tape, etc…) and dispose of it in the dumpster.
One owner decided to apply his two coats of bottom paint on his vessel and move the stands before the two coats were dry to paint the squares where the stands were.
In a weeks time we stripped my boat down to nothing, redecked it, carpeted it and put the furniture, fence, console, lighting and electrics and my outboard back on.
If it’s good enough for a world champion, chances are your family will be equally pleased. The locking glove box is big enough to house 1.5 cubic feet of gear and stabilizes that with a slip-less rubber tray. I myself can see PontoonStuff taking your boat and doing the work for you if you’re willing to haul the pontoon to them. That was a fantastic week and everyone learned a lot including PontoonStuff’s office staff who had never seen a boat taken apart and rebuilt. Large, powerful, plush, the Wakesetter 23 LSV packs in more ballast and features than any other boat in its class. You can even get connected in the glove box with media inputs for the available MaliView Dash System and the optional Malibu Rockford Fosgate Sound System as well as a 12-volt power point.
And finally don’t expect to borrow tools, ladders, hoses, or such from either other owners or the yard— remember, you’re supposed to be a DIY boater.

I received a frantic call the next morning to get to the yard…I arrived to find a boat looking just like this one up top.
With the employees they have they can do a custom job in less than two weeks once a plan is approve on how you want your boat to look and what furniture and accessories you want to have on it. The Wakesetter 23 SLV offers riders and their gear a whopping 30 cubic feet of rear locking storage.
In the Wakesetter 23 LSV, our engineers have found that sweet spot between ride, handling and performance. Actually, this owner was lucky, in that he didn’t cause more damage both to his boat and rig, and to neighboring boats that could have toppled domino style had they been just a little closer. This in turn will help you if you decide to have your boat rebuilt during the off season, or purchase one that PontoonStuff rebuilds and puts on this site to sell. The two 200 pound ballast tanks that are used to invade this space are located beneath the floor and out of the way. With 2011 options, the Wakesetter 23 LSV offers more power and wakeboard-specific features than ever before.
If you want to see what our members have done on their rebuilds of their boats, just click the Pontoon Boat Forum logo below. The etiquette is to lay down a tarp and capture all the scrapings, sanding debris, worn zincs, and paint AND dispose of it properly (ask your yard manager).  New England Boat Works (NEB), in Rhode Island, is one of the few very large yards that does allow DIY boaters to work on their vessels. Some years ago they faced a huge fine from the EPA caused by DIY boaters running amok, and as part of the settlement they were required to educate their customers on proper boat yard etiquette for hazmats.

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