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When using Boat Trader’s Price Checker, try choosing “Any Distance” from your zip code to get an idea of the range of prices, then zero in on local boats. Regardless of what the seller is hiding, your goal as a used-boat shopper is to get the best deal you can. Here are some resources that will help you when it comes to determining price ranges for boats you’re looking at. Be specific, because the Price Checker function allows you to check all listings within a specific distance from the zip code in which you live. NADA Guides The National Automobile Dealers Association maintains a database of used boat values.
The American Boating Association uses the NADA Guides system, but there are some differences.
American Boating Association Online The American Boating Association has an online value calculator.
It’s no easier or more difficult to use than the NADA site, but it is somehow comforting to be working with a boating organization instead of car dealers.
BoatUS Value Check If you’re a BoatUS member, the organization offers Boat Value Check on its website. We hear your input loud and clear, and want you to know we’re planning to change the sort orders as we introduce a new design for the site later this year.
When I called a broker friend, his brokers’ database of sold boats showed that only two similar sized Glasspar boats from the 60s had been sold, for between $150 and $1,595, over 10 years ago.
Structural repairs by the owner may be plenty strong, but are they in keeping with the original? However, for a boat that floats, with a working engine and functional trailer that can still tow a waterskier, I believe the owner is in the right range at $1,400.  After looking at the restoration pictures of other G3 boats on the association website, they could have a diamond in the rough if they restored it to its former glory and condition with attention to detail. Our specific G3 example aside, you can determine the value of your boat by comparing it to listings online, using a broker, subscribing to BUC, or contacting the owners’ association for your make and model.

Remember the age, condition, features and equipment all contribute to the value.  If you are serious about selling your boat, use any or all of these resources to value your boat and set the price accordingly. It might be something innocuous like a stain on the snap-in carpeting, or a few missing snaps on the cockpit cover.
Remember that in most cases sellers and buyers don’t cross paths again, so be friendly but firm. Get a feel for how these resources work, practice using them a bit, and they’ll be powerful allies when it comes time to make your offer.
I didn’t expect much because that organization’s focus isn’t the marine industry, but the way it works is pretty impressive.
Click the model and it takes you to another page with all the options, starting with the engine. Alert readers will note that the ABA has partnered with NADA, so the system works essentially the same as NADA’s system, but it’s presented in a slightly different way. It was interesting that the ABA website did not accept trailer information as part of the calculations to establish value. I’d love to tell you how it works, but my membership lapsed a few years ago and I haven’t gotten around to re-upping.
My wife and I are just a bit too old for this venture and we are just now finding that out after buying this great boat. That gives you a broader cross-section of prices, including the lower prices you’re going to use to negotiate a better price on the one that’s close to your home.
After that, you get the option to get a price summary or add in the trailer model year, number of axles, and length. It even has advice about the accuracy of the guides themselves, and how boats may be priced differently according to region. Anyway, the estimates are based primarily on the purchase histories of similar vessels that are recording in the association’s Marine Insurance Department database.

Photos are important, because condition is critical to price… There are, of course, a lot of other factors- equipment, location, etc.
We have not used this boat very often because we trailer it and we keep it in a garage a bit far from where the boat ramp is. The bottom line is price, because a boat that needs a few repairs — or major repairs — is still a good deal if you know what’s wrong and you paid the right price for it. The site has two lists, one with the most prominent boat builders and one with the “full list,” which includes boat companies that are no longer in business.
The 40 hp Mercury motor does start and has good compression.  We have an extra lower unit for the motor and the trailer is in great condition, other than needing some oil for the bearings.
Once you enter all that information, you get three prices — list, low and average retail.
It just added the value of the trailer to value of the boat and added them together for you, which is nice.
The site isn’t the be-all, end-all, but it does go a long way toward arming you with more information about the used boat you seek. I have not been happy with boat trader as far because just trying to find the ad is a nightmare. This set up should be all the 20 ft boats which ours is, in the state and town that it is in, with the price and year next.

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