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Some trailers have bunks custom-made to fit the hull of a particular model, assuring good, even support. Conversely, if you do your boating on the ocean or the Intracoastal Waterway, you should choose an aluminum trailer.
In terms of the number of axles, a single-axle trailer is cheaper to maintain than a dual-axle trailer.
While you’re crouched beneath the trailer counting leaves, also make note of the trailer’s hardware. To avoid getting stuck with a poor-quality trailer, go to the end of the trailer and look at the thickness of the metal. When shopping for a trailer, you can tell a lot about them by paying attention to the details. I have a boat trailer for sale, brand new never seen a boat.17 foot galvanized boat trailer. Wiring a boat trailer is something that many boaters find themselves needing to do sooner or later. I was doing a pre-season inspection of my trailer, which was only 2 years old at the time, and I noticed the ground wire on the trailer is screwed to galvanized metal, and the screw is not tight.
The standard four prong connector to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle is perfect for a simple trailer light system.Notice the four prong connector on my boat trailer has 5 wires coming out the bottom. If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad.
I was about to make a major move across the country, and had decided that the way we were going to do it would be to pack all our household stuff in PODS units and then drive my family in my car, pulling one boat trailer with our bare essentials and my koi fish in a tank, in the boat. I have an old junky powerboat hull that was perfect for this job, the original floor on it was completely trashed and I was replacing it with a simple, open flat plywood floor and was just perfect, the only problem being that the trailer that the boat was on couldn't carry the weight of the boat plus my fish.
Just so happens that Harbor Freight has a 4x8 utility trailer with a heavy steel frame, and a rating of 1800 lbs, which is just enough for my purposes. The problem is the 4x8 utility trailer wasn't long enough, so I needed to fabricate some kind of tongue for it. I had a harbor freight boat trailer, which does have a long tongue on it, but did not have a heavy enough axle and springs.
So I came up with the idea of cutting the tongue off the boat trailer, and adding it to the utility trailer. After the move was over, I'd then rebuild the leftover frame and axle into a simple "stick" type trailer that I could use with my light boats. To get the tongue on the new frame straight, I used a boat building trick and measured from the tip of the tongue to each corner of the frame.
The only thing that bugs me about this modification is the short distance that the old frame overlaps the new one. The short tongue that came with the utility trailer mounts in the exact same place, so it should work OK, but I can see it would have been better to just buy a couple of 20' sticks of 2" x 3" rectangular steel tube, and weld on so the tube would extend the entire length of the utility frame. I have a bit of a problem with my dogs chewing on the wires, so I added a tube in the transition point between the two frames, so the wires could hide in there.
Another exposed wire area is where the wires come out the side of the frame, and run out to the lights which are mounted on big angle brackets.
I wanted to keep the utility trailer with it's flat bed, and have brackets to hold the bunk boards so I could later remove the bunks and carry various loads on the flat bed.
Before I could get the boat on, my new koi tank arrived and I had to pick it up from the shipping company.
It is nice that I have a new trailer though, and in the end it was cheaper than fixing up the old trailer that came with the boat -- I would have had to do a full fixup on that old one: tires, bearings, weld on repairs, new lights, find a spare for it, dolly wheel etc.
For PWC combination trailers, it is necessary to design the trailer so all the boats can be driven on and off the trailer. Many PWC Boat owners elect to add structural walkways to the trailers, allowing them to easily access all the boats. As with all our trailers, each PWC trailer can be custom painted for freshwater usage, or hot-dip galvanized for saltwater use. For saltwater use, our trailers come hot-dip galvanized and are equipped with all stainless steel hardware. They’re not as pretty as a steel trailer with paint that matches your boat and tow rig—think I-beam aesthetics—but as we mentioned earlier, they don’t rust.
Rollers tend to make loading and offloading a bit easier, but they don’t cradle a hull like bunks do.
Boats that sit unused  on rollers for a long time—each winter, for example—can develop a “hook” in the running surface at the transom or other imperfections. Torsion-bar systems, in which a torsion bar runs inside the axle, allow for a lower ride height.

Does it have stainless Bearing Buddy caps or chintzy stamped steel caps that leak water into your bearings?
When you look at aluminum, not only should you look at the thickness of the metal, but also look at the height and the width.
Probably the best way to look at a lot of different trailer brands is as easy as going to a boat show.
Before choosing a used trailer you should measure the boat from the bow eye to the transom at the bottom. Usually, the trailer stays with the boat and it’s rare that a boat of that age will be junked and leave the trailer behind. It may be to just connect the trailer lights on your vehicle, or you may find yourself rewiring the whole trailer with new LED boat trailer lights and a new wire harness.I have had light issues on an old trailer and to be honest it was quicker and way less hassle just to pull out the old wiring and lights and start again with a fresh wire harness and new lights. A sure fire source of light problems!Make sure the ground wire on the trailer is attached to bare metal, not to painted or galvanized metal. Our goal is to build a trailer that gives the customer the easiest loading and launching experience possible.
Another popular option is a front storage box to store life jackets, anchors and other boat accessories. For a quote, please telephone 1-800-258-6115 or submit a trailer request form on our website. You can benefit from this document whether you are the buyer or the seller because it provides you with a record of your transaction that is legally binding and will help you protect your rights.If you sell both boat and trailer, you can use the bill of sale form for boat and trailer. Like so many other products, the quality of  trailers varies widely, and if you look closely in all the right places, you can spot the differences. Four Winns boat company, which makes its own trailers, engineers them so that the bunks align with the linear stringers to provide support in places where the boat is strongest.
And as much as you spent buying a boat that goes fast, and on modifications to make it go faster, the last thing you need is a tweaked bottom.
Disc brakes offer more surface area between the friction material on the pads and the rotors than drum brakes. The system works more efficiently than surge brakes, and is common on campers, car haulers, and utility trailers. The drawback is that the system is more costly than leaf springs, and it can hide early signs of rust. Or does it have the really slick industrial, sealed oil-bath bearings, such as those that come on Extreme Custom Trailers. All the structural components should be more than beefy enough to haul their intended weight, with strength to spare. Sure, they won’t rust anytime soon, but they can cause problems of their own, and need to be maintained. You’ll probably be the only one looking at trailers instead of boats, but it’s worth the effort. The boat and trailer bill of sale will also make the transition easier if the buyer wants to sell the trailer at some later point.The bill of sale is important to the seller as well.
Very specific frame construction that will accommodate all the cross members necessary to support all the bunking is required. Like all Loadmaster trailers, you can further customize the trailer with other options such all LED lights, remote control winches, power tongue jacks and tongue extensions.
For minimal saltwater exposure, an all-wheel freshwater brake flush system for the standard drum brakes is the least expensive option.
Besides that, we also provide you with boat bill of sale form in case you sell a boat only.It is important to note that a trailer is defined as a unit attached to a motor vehicle, which is designed to carry another property such as a boat.
Crucial elements—and these are all choices you must make—are materials, support systems, braking systems, suspension, construction, and hardware.
Greater surface area and larger pistons equals more stopping power with less effort, and on today’s clogged freeways, that’s becoming more important.Disc brakes also flush more easily and have fewer nooks and crannies for salt water to hide. For boat trailers, which can lead hard lives in and out of the water, the jury is still out on this choice.
Yes, it seems like a lot to go through for a trailer, but the quality and details are what make for trouble-free trailering as the years wear on. These measurements should be fairly close if not you will either need to adjust the boards or the winch base on the tongue to compensate. It provides an evidence that the he is not legally responsible for the boat and trailer anymore. Many light assemblies use the mounting bolts as their ground connection, so clean the metal surface around the mounting bolt holes down to bare metal.
Whether you are looking for a heavy duty two PWC through six PWC trailer, or a trailer that can carry PWCs and another boat, Loadmaster can build the perfect trailer for your needs.

Also, the trailer needs to be long enough that the PWC’s closest to the front of the trailer can get enough water depth to float off the trailer. Raw steel is a cheaper material than aluminum, but that doesn’t mean all steel trailers are cheaper than their aluminum counterparts. Electric brakes haven’t been on boat trailers long enough for us to know their service history, and in such a case, we’d probably give the nod to surge brakes, which have a proven track record. The second measurement is the width of the boat at waterline then measure between fenders on the used trailer for fit.
This is especially important if the buyer doesn’t register the trailer and gets into an accident or leaves it stranded. Poor ground connection to the trailer frame is a common problem with lights that don't work.Below is a simple wire diagram for a standard four wire light harness. They are available at marine hardware stores and are a crimp connector with a waterproofing adhesive inside and an integral heat shrink cover to seal the connection.
However, the standard PWC trailer includes all the features necessary for safe, easy and legal towing, loading and launching of your boat.
The choice of braking systems, paint color, type of wheels, ladders, structural side guide (to help loading the boats) and other options is up to the customer. As a general rule, if you do all of your boating in freshwater, you can more easily get away with a steel trailer.
The white wire (ground) on the following boat trailer wiring diagram is drawn in grey so that you can see it against the white background.
It includes relevant information for the protection of both parties.This information includes the name and address of both the seller and the buyer, as well as their signatures.
It will rust if you leave scratches in the paint unattended, but a decent steel trailer should last the life of your boat if you maintain it properly.
This document should be signed and dated by the buyer and seller, as well as a witness, on the day that the boat and trailer are transferred.Keep in mind that some states may require a title to register the boat trailer.
One to control the boat trailer brakes, and one auxiliary power to charge the battery that you will need to have on the trailer so the brakes can be energized should the trailer come unhitched from the tow vehicle.Obviously you will need a six prong connector to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle in this situation. It states clearly how much money the seller is paying to the buyer for the trailer and the date on which ownership of the trailer is being transferred.It also contains specific information about the trailer including make, year, empty weight, and vehicle identification number and license plate number. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide the bill of sale to the buyer if it is needed, but it is important that you call the DMV just to make sure.
The tongue weight is extremely important to a safe ride and your ability to adjust the load across the fulcrum point is limited to these adjustments. Otherwise, you should put additional AS IS term in the bill of sale to avoid any unexpected fee or even refund because of damages or faults after you hand the trailer over to the buyer.Some states do not require a homemade trailer to have a vehicle identification number (VIN) unless the owner wants the trailer to be titled.
Movement of axle or position of the load in relation to axle.The latter requires the winch post to be moved or the bunk supports lengthened and or shortened or both. However, it is highly recommended that the buyer should obtain a VIN  for a homemade trailer because the VIN will help the government identify the trailer in case it is stolen.Importance of the trailer bill of saleThe trailer bill of sale is important to the seller because it provides proof of how much money the buyer has promised to pay and proof that the buyer has assumed responsibility for the trailer.
This helps the seller avoid any liability if the trailer gets into an accident later.The trailer bill of sale is also very important to the buyer. Remember to light of a tongue weight will cause you to fishtail, too heavy can cause steering issues or a bent, tongue. It provides a proof that the seller of the trailer did transfer the title legally to you and that you now own the trailer. Other factors include the winch strap should be leveled to the bow eye after that you still have the placement of the support underneath to the New hull to contend with also requiring adjustable brackets. It may also help the buyer prove that the trailer was guaranteed to be in a specific condition.If you buy a trailer, make sure that you get the bill of sale and statement of title from the seller. Lastly is your local state DOT laws as the seller does not have to provide you with a compliant trailer that is up to the person who will now be towing it on the road. It can be helpful to have a bill of sale form that you can download to create your own bill of sale.
This provides you with the flexibility of including your own special provisions and specific terms, without having to worry about complex legal language, benefiting everyone.Because of this, we provide you with a free trailer bill of sale template so that you can download and prepare the bill of sale accurately and easily.
You can add your own statement into the documentIn case you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can download the form in PDF format.
We provide you with many kinds of bill of sale that help you process private sales of used car, motorcycle, boat, firearm, etc.

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