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Your broker hasn’t called in months and you’re still making payments to your lender, insurance company and marina. The For Sale sign has faded and fallen off the boat.Your broker suggested your boat would make a good donation to a charity because no offers have come in and there is little interest in your boat. Stressed?
Roger Herd is the founder and co-owner of  United Yacht Sales New York, a full service yacht brokerage firm based in Hampton Bays and Huntington New York.
This boat was completely rebuilt from top to bottom in 1993 with top quality components throughout and surveyed at $38k. Rupp outriggers, deck-mounted rocket launcher, heavy duty swivel seats, fighting chair, high-end fishfinder. This boat is rock-solid throughout and in excellent condition with only a few minor blemishes in the awlgrip on the quarterdecks.
I have not used the boat since purchasing it last fall, but I would expect it to top out in the low 40s (MPH), and my guess on burn would be around 10 GPH at 3,300. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. A premier on-line listing venue for boats and yachts for sale had more than 115,000 boats listed at the time of this article, up from 83,000 listings just over a year ago. PROFESSIONALISM – Your yacht broker is in Fiji for the winter and his wife is answering the phone. CONDITION – I can’t tell you how many times an owner has told me their boat is “an absolute 10” but when I get there it’s an absolute five. ENGINE HOURS AND MAINTENANCE HISTORY- Ask three different mechanics the life-span of an engine and you will get three different answers.
MARINE SURVEY –  No buyer wants to waste time or money on a boat that will not pass muster.
EXTENDED WARRANTIES – If your boat is less than six years old you might be eligible for an extended  warranty or after market protection plan.

She even sports a unique, deck-mounted clay pigeon launcher for shooting skeet when the fish aren't biting. Overpricing is the single most common reason boats don’t sell, and you need to listen to your broker. There are yacht brokers and then there are proverbial “used car salesmen” who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk (or the dock for that matter).
If your boat is advertised as mint, meticulous and turn-key but in reality is imperfect, unkempt and broken key, will a potential buyer meet your asking price? A buyer in contract will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a survey and the last thing they want to do is walk away from the deal. Buyers love guarantees and warranties provide them with peace of mind.You do not have to buy it when you first list your boat (unless not doing so will put it out of date) but tell your broker to include it in the advertising as a point-of-purchase inclusion. If price didn’t factor in, potential buyers would simply purchase a new boat free from the headaches of past ownership.
To the contrary: any buyer still interested is going to low ball the offer, citing wear, tear, and repair.
The boat advertised as having a current survey will receive inquiries faster than one without. Boats, like art, are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay so put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. The survey also provides you with a list of discrepancies to repair and helps price the boat at fair market value. If your boat lingers for one full year on the market, it will cost you five to seven percent in depreciation along with the out of pocket expenses of dockage, insurance and upkeep. Chances are, you’ll be a buyer yourself for your next boat once yours is sold, so don’t expect to sell your boat at retail and buy your next boat at wholesale. There are no hard and fast answers as it depends on how the boat was run and the maintenance history. If your boat sits on the market for a year, you will have lost more than the cost of a survey.

It makes sense to price it right, clean it up, and work with your broker to ensure your boat successfully sells.
Guidebooks on the market may tell you the “book value” of your boat, but when sellers greatly outnumber buyers, that book is only good for sopping up spilt oil in the bilge. Do not limit the cleaning to the top-sides; get down in that engine room and make it sparkle. Unless you have a one of a kind vessel, setting the price too high drives away potential buyers in an already saturated market, so making it known you are negotiable alerts buyers that you’re unlikely to waste their valuable time.
The safe answer is to ask a manufacturer’s representative and arm your broker with the information, as buyers have preconceived notions about engine and generator hours (usually from their friend Ralph who really knows boats) and it is up to your broker to dispel any misinformation.
And very importantly, are they willing to enter into a co-brokerage shared agreement with other brokers?
A fair portion of most brokers’ business is co-brokerage and it is a very important aspect of selling your boat.
Clean out every closet, cabinet and cubby hole of personal gear, clothing, and old Doritos. If you are the meticulous type and keep every receipt and work order for all repairs and maintenance then you get high  marks.
Remember, you are paying a fair commission (typically the industry standard is 10%), so make the broker earn it. If you are using the boat while it’s being marketed, purchase a couple of gear bags and bring your personal items with you when you use the boat and then take them home when you’re done. If you do not have these records then spend some time with your marina’s Service Manager or whatever repair service you use and obtain copies.

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