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Lights were easy to install, above water level and gave more room backing into a garage , I highly recommend them . I rebuilt my trailer tail light wiring system by adding guide posts and lights on top of them. Pipe lights not only look good, but easy to install; Just be sure to screw the connections.
Staying safe while trailering your boat means making sure your boat trailer lights are working, your boat trailer wiring is not cut or sliced, and your connectors are clean and making a solid contact. Boat trailer wiring is simple, two wire: one positive and one negative running from a 12 volt battery to the light.
Boat trailer tail lights are manufactured to be waterproof since they are immersed in water each time you launch your boat.
There are multiple types of connections that can be used to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle. I add a bit of dielectric grease to these connections to help keep them dirt and dust free. Determine the approximate length and width of a boat trailer by viewing the rear of the trailer with the lights turned on. Illumination by the red rear and stop lights on the back of the trailer give other drivers an indication of the boat trailer's actions. Trailer lights are available with light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs or traditional light bulbs. Waterproof trailer lights are made with seals that keep water out; submersible lights are not waterproof and use a pocket of air to prevent water from entering the light when submerged. Conscientious maintenance of boat trailer lights is essential in order to consistently meet requirements. After a day of boating it's usually time to put the boat on the trailer and head home. Boat trailer lights are critical and under-discussed components that seem to fail at the most inconvenient times.
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Would recommend using shrink tubing, as the connections on the trailer are still going to get submerged. But with the onslaught of cold fronts characteristic of late winter and spring, no time is better to pay due to your boat trailer.
A good auto parts store will be able to assist you in determining the exact adaptor you will need. These lights indicate the approximate size of the boat trailer and warn other drivers that a boat is in tow. Other vehicles are less likely to collide with a properly lit trailer during night driving or in compromised visibility conditions. Boat trailers that are longer than 80 inches require three red marker lights in the middle rear area of the trailer; if it does not have three red markers, the boat trailer is less than 80 inches or 7 feet.

Trailers with amber caution lights, however, are wider than 102 inches---amber lights are located at the extreme outer edges of the trailer's widest point.
Amber lights are used as side trailer markers and are placed to provide an unobstructed view for other drivers; they also illuminate the left and right turn signals on the rear of the trailer. All electrical connections---including bulb sockets, trailer harness plugs and electrical contacts---must be coated with dielectric grease to ensure electrical conductivity and prevent corrosion.
As lighting technology improves almost everyone has seen or will see these small bright lights. This complete kit gives you two LED oval red Lights, sonicly sealed into a PVC housing. Enter your Email Address There was a time I would literally drive my boat trailer into the ground before I’d take time to perform maintenance on it. Realize that this wiring harness will have to accommodate signals from your tow vehicle for: tail lights, braking, left turn signal and right turn signal and a wire for the negative terminal. The trailer tag light, placed on the top or side of a license tag, is the only white light. Actually they are an electronic light source created from a light-emitting-diode, and so the name LED.
I’d service the poor thingA only after the bearings haveA exploded and wheels flown off the axle.
Although more expensive they can be a great value since they will outlast conventional bulb tail lights. Invented in the early 20th century and introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962 these early devices emitted a low-intensity red light, but modern LEDs are now available across the color spectrum and capable of producing a very high brilliance. LED lights, colored red, are the brightest lights available and are rated to 100,000 hours. It is a good idea to carry with you a replacement tail light unit for both the right and left side of your trailer.
Replace any boat trailer lights that have burned out on your trailer including clearance lights. I already had the guide-on pipes on the new trailer so I figure, "why not finish them off" with the LED Light caps and gain visibiliy and safety. These two units are not interchangeable so I carry one of each because my experience has been that I have never discovered a burned out light while parked in front of an auto part store.
Although small they produce a bright light source with advantages over traditional lighting.
Adding a bit of dielectric grease onto the fasteners will help maintain a dry and clean connection.
Most of these new components utilize the innovative LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs. Some of these advantages include longer life, improved brightness, smaller size lower amperage draw, and instant-on capability.To work properly in the marine environment LEDs arehermetically sealed for protection against the environment and other corrosive elements.
To ensure long life, the most reliable sealing method is encapsulating the circuit board and LED diodes in a material that is impervious to outside industrial, road and marine environments.The most common application for LEDs in the boating industry is trailer lighting. However, boat manufacturers around the world are quickly jumping on the LED band wagon, primarily because of improved intensity, color combinations, and low operating amperage draws.Boat and utility trailers, for example, take a tremendous amount of abuse.
They are continually exposed to elements including fresh and saltwater, rough roads and rougher boat ramps.

Time spent sitting on the side of the road fixing a problem falls into one of my least favorite time categories: not fishing. Therefore, to produce a long-life light source like LEDs means that greater care must be taken during their design and manufacture. This is especially the case when the problem is much easier solved in the garage at home when the winds are blowing over 20 knots outside.Everything on my boat trailer is built out to specification so it is tough, corrison resistantA and ready toA launch the boat. While this translates to a higher principal cost it also means lower replacement costs over the life of the trailer. With some research you can find an excellent LED trailer lighting kit priced somewhere between $50 and $75 dollars.On a personal note and because I trailer my rig over 200 days each year, at night and in heavy stop-and-go traffic I switched to LED lighting a couple of years ago.
Rather, it’s a quick guide to help you spot common issues before they turn into serious problems. I like the added brightness and feel that when towing, especially in stop-and-go traffic, the vehicles behind me can see the brighter lights. You don’t have to be mechanically inclined to see if something needs replacing on a boat trailer. Here are a few places you can begin:Hub AssembliesJack the trailer wheel up off the ground.
Don’t live in denial and gamble on the bearings magically healing themselves or surviving the entire summer and fall. I have had lugs and lug nuts corroded so badly that an impact wrench couldn’t get them off. If it’s not obvious to you, having lug nuts that easily separate from their lugs is key to changing a flat tire in a timely manner. Few things areA worse than fussing with fused lug nuts while sitting exposed on the side of the interstate.Trailer LightsDo they work?
Any kind of connection between two wires should not be below the water line on the trailer, or the part of the trailer that will be underwater while launching the boat. On my trailer, all wires are connected with marine grade butt connectors and a layer of heat shrink on top of that.
Butt connectors with heat shrink plus a layer of more heat shrink on top should keep corrosion out for awhile.Nine times out of ten all trailer light issues arise from bad grounds.
A lot of trailer manufacturers use the trailer as a point to ground all lights, so look where those connections are. The best time to get a look at them is right after launching the boatA andA parking the truck. It merely underscores theA need for having a backup and another backup for when the original fails. This doesn’t mean you need to carry several spare tires at all times, but it does mean you should check the spare you have to ensure it is in good working condition. It blows my mind how many people have spare tires that are flat.When you inevitably get a flat tire or, even worse, a blown hub, do you have the appropriate tools to get it fixed and in a timely manner?A friend of mine had a flat tire the other day. What seemed to be an easy five-minute fix turned into an all day event.A Yes, he had tools to change out the tires, but they were not the right sized tools.

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