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In our cold waters recovering from a capsize is essential, the Little Wing would need some thought, though unlikely to tip in normal use.
Location: Camp Plasma Mark Balogh built this boat, Shark Bait, back in 2007. Unfortunately, the boat suffered some aka damage (can see it in one of the photos) while the boat was being transported to the ocean and it did not go sailing that day. It is a simple to build and own, very light, stitch and glue built boat in marine plywood that is designed to be a nice, quick sailing machine while still retaining the paddling character of the trad single outrigger canoe. I did take it out once in a breeze on Kempenfelt Bay (Lake Simcoe) which is known for its choppy conditions. A nice feature of my design was, the foil and sail could be erected in 30 seconds and packed way in about the same time. During one of our trips to France 1980 on the Ile D?Oleron at Bateaux Oquetaux (they have built trimarans und catamarans) I saw a big pile of bouyant foils sorted out as rubbish.
At an English Kayaker Forum I diskussed with a guy who had a K-Wing and sailed with it on a kayak und a canoe.
I tried to get more information about the Atlantic crossing of the canoe with the C-wing and wrote to Chris Hare Marine in England with 30 British Pounds added but never heard anything about it.
So I am happy that you have some real experience with Bruce foils on a kayak and that you have sent a foto.
I was thinking of revisiting the concept with a higher aspect foil with a proper hydrodynamic profile on a longer, telescopic outrigger, but I had reservations about the curved surface being as efficient for resisting leeway at low speeds: sounds like you have heard similar reports. One version I planned to try had 2 foils with flat-bottomed profiles, as a compromise between a flat board and a symmetrical hydrofoil. My sails were 12-15 sq ft and collapsed instantly like an umbrella when the boom mount slid up the mast and the booms folded down; I wrapped it around the mast which was then folded forward over the foredeck, after which the outrigger could be pivoted in. One of the biggest problems I had was how to attach the thing to any kayak without drilling holes. This may be hard to deduce empirically, unless one tests a fixtured ama in the same conditions for comparison. Contrary to a statement on the site describing the K-wing, the foil’s righting moment did not require forward speed, it cancelled heeling moment almost instantly in a gust, moving or not. This is the root of my comment some posts back in which it was noted that a boat in a swell bottom has little to no drive, save for some residual left-over from the trip down the backside of the leaving wave.
I refer you to the Triak web page, once again, for this kind of reference in a designed and realized boat.
One way to do it might be to use a waterproof material, and have an emergency release to drop it into the water. Location: Pacific NW North America For easy righting without amas I recommend side buoyancy chambers under the side decks that run the length of a canoe plus flotation in the ends. For experimenting with sail size and rigs duct tape and poly tarp are the way to go, you can even color match these days.
Location: Camp Plasma I agree about the solo hulled canoe sailing issues you mention, Cav. I have found that you have to sort of continuously promote the design to keep it in the minds of possible builders. So, no, it has not been built yet, but I'd love to see someone buy some plywood and get cooking on one. Location: Camp Plasma Nice that he's actually working out some of his issues by building something to put on the water.
I would suggest, though, that he has a very long way to go to get that design to work as planned. My take is that he'd be better of drawing a fresh, ama-mounted, foil trimaran, rather than use a sea kayak as the central hull and starting point. Location: Pacific NW North America These boats would die in a week with me because I use the canoe as a tender and the beach landings don't often involve sand in the NW.
I've seen Wharrams with horizontal stern foils (tail fins)and wonder if they might be useful to add the stern bearing needed for high speeds without losing kick up rudder capacity by putting on a t-foil. The girls' great-grandmother Lorrie Getman of South Haven took them to the beach to enjoy one of the few days of sunshine during the week of spring break.
While I drew (on a napkin) my canoe for low aspect foils I haven't built them as I found it very practical to sail without the training wheels. Here you can see his interpretation of the concept of a bruce foil with an ama about which I wrote earlier. It no longer exists, having lost an argument with a garage fire 3 years ago, but I have one solitary pic of it actually in the water, unfortunately on a still day. With only 15 sq ft of sail on a run or reach in a breeze it would raise a bow wave of white water that soaked my arms halfway to my shoulders and made an impressive lot of noise. The only news I was able find out was the fact that the American Kayaker Magazin made a test of the K-wing years ago. I thought out the idea of the foil one idle day, scribbled some sketches and went out into the garage to build it. Took 30-45 seconds tops; sounds like my design did better than the K-wing in that department! I've had my kayak sailing rigs as far offshore as 25 miles and they behaved with the same predictable mannerisms as when sailing in the harbor. With a more efficient foil than my square piece of plywood with rounded edges, there might be a dependency on forward motion, but I doubt it. When the on-coming wave starts to roll past and heel the boat on its face, the entire setup is vulnerable to capsize until the rig acquires more wind to create drive. The paddler sitting upright in the cockpit creates a lot of windage so a much bigger sail is needed for upwind work, I would guess around 25 sq ft as a minimum; small by canoe standards, but it is surprisingly difficult to make a sail even that big that can be easily handled in a kayak and quickly lowered and folded up. With the traditional high bows of a canoe the boat wants to be right side up and the side flotation will let most of the water out when held on its side before you climb back in. I remember the Wharrams had luff turbulence with lug sails on their faster designs and wonder what you may have encountered. He has firm foam, full length sponsons just inside the boat, running the full height of the canoe sides and shaped around the thwarts. It's tough to do that on the Internet without looking like a complete shill and unless it is a new design for which I'm seeking input, I'm kinda reticent to make up threads just to pimp a particular boat. I drew it up with a balanced lug yawl rig, mostly because I had not done too many trad rigs on my boats and wanted to show that a trad rig is just fine on a multihull with modern hull forms.
How much body English was required to assist that dampening process to avoid a capsize in a gust when the sail was not trimmed properly to turn it into drive? Structure is going to be a whole lot more important than he suggests to get this to work properly and sticking twice the sail area of an AI on this boat is going to need a lot more structure and it has to be very light. This is a early rig, the full batten technique is to use thin ply on each side and through bolt them.
The traditional approach works well in a seaway and while quick responses are needed you are prepared to make them.

You can take it out beyond the surf and explore coastlines, or go easily into shallow waters where it is advantageous to paddle. It shows the very first model; there were several improvements later including a larger sail. Speed in a fat beginner’s 10 ft kayak is never going to impress, but it was way faster than anyone ever paddled that little boat. I have an idea for a compound hinge to raise the board onto the foredeck - has durability challenges. Sometimes folks get locked into slots where certain boats have to have certain types of sail rigs. Over the years, I have done about twenty five Tyvek sails for different prototypes and they work decently enough to test balance issues, handling, etc.
Manufactured in Denmark and assembled in Texas, Brenderup is a typical horse trailer in Europe, where they don't have the large pickup trucks and SUV's like the US. The day-long festival included activities for children and discounts at downtown shops and restaurants. The boat stays assembled on the trailer and all you have to do is fold open the safety ama side of the boat and install the self-supporting rigs to make it ready to sail. Unfortunately the strap attaching it to the hull loosened under the racking it was getting so I hauled it in; the Bruce foil was still functioning well even though it was a foot lower in the water than it started - it was mere luck that I noticed its imminent demise!
Occasionally I made headway into the wind, but the upwind speed made good was between pathetic and zero. It seemed an obvious idea so I was surprised when I asked into patenting it and heard about Bruce’s patent years before. PE boats have marginal capacity for through hole fixturing as the loads tend to make the round into ovals over time unless really well thought-out backing plates are utilized.
Off wind without a outrigger the main could be exciting, the safety valve on these boats is to be able to let the sail luff on any course.
In addition to the added foil, the ama can be further ballasted with water from an on board hand pump should the conditions warrant such an arrangement. It came close to flipping twice; the first time happened when I put up the sail before extending the foil, the second time when I retracted the foil before lowering the sail. At a no speed forward condition, the Bruce foil can only act as a minimal flopper-stopper, but it will not hold the boat steady there without some speed to create a lift function.
With the maximum tongue weight of the largest Brenderup (Baron) being only 250#'s, tow vehicle choices just doubled. The stability of a trimaran setup allows more sail and activity than is possible in an unstabilized kayak. The blade will not resist capsize for an infinite period of time and it will have to be retracted and reset to further energize the brace, or worked in lazy figure eights to maintain the brace without lifting the blade.
With properly sized amas, this sail size can be flown well into stronger winds, retaining the ability to sail upwind.
Usually when I tow any trailer with a Quadrasteer, there is a dramatic improvement in trailer control. Most people only talk about foils(like me, who has a foil in the basement but did not dare to test it with one of his boats).
I had an experienced horse trainer, Jim Rae, with the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center, load two of his Quarter Horses in it, drive it and tell me his impression. The name really has nothing to do with the color of the moon, but rather the strawberry harvest. Jim explained, "horses don't like dark caves." Brenderup is about as light inside as a trailer gets. Christine's father, Robert Mueller, was Grand Marshal of South Haven's Memorial Day parade this year. I couldn't do it, I was running the camera.On horse forums, in the past, I have heard negative posts about Brenderup horse trailers, and seen the loyal users come to their defense. So I investigated and learned about unique features of the trailer, that would help other trailers. A layer of thin ice formed over the snow throughout Southwestern Michigan earlier this week when freezing rain came through the area. The cold temperatures caused the ice to remain, creating a protective shimmering layer over the snow. My view is 20 years of Brenderup trailers sold in the US, if they were dangerous, we would hear more than opinions based on looks. My review trailer from Tom Svejcar a Brenderup dealer from Lyons Colorado, was 3 years old. Whatever you call it, this type of moon, with its orange-yellow hue, and larger-than-normal looking appearance, has only shown up three times this year. Super moons occur when the moon is closest to Earth as it travels along its eliptical orbit.
The high roof works like the vaulted ceiling in my house, making the room seem larger.Brenderup's long V-tongue goes way under the trailer almost to the first axle. You can see the rubber boot where the coupler pushes back to active the trailer brakes with cables. A group that goes by the name of Artesian Bubbleheads of Ann Arbor came to South Haven Sunday and Monday to entertain beach-goers using wands to createA  large bubbles. The group goes to various areas of the state to entertain people at beaches and other public places. The unique looking roof with the upslope spoiler to the rear and inward sloping rear ramp gate, all have purpose. You've all heard of drafting, like they use in stock car racing and some folks do that behind semi-trucks, where you get close enough to get pulled by the front vehicle. All the different air turbulence that swirls behind vehicles, especially large square types, can create suction.
People like to walk on the North and South piers when waves crash ove them, but emergency officials warn that doing so can be dangerous, due to the strength of the waves and winds that could wash people off the piers. Add all this together, and you won't find a easier towing trailer as is, without a weight distributing hitch or anti-sway bar. The balance of the loaded trailer is level as it should be with more of the trailer weight on the trailer and less on the trailer tongue than conventional horse trailers. This weight balance and aerodynamic shape allows smaller tow vehicles.I would like to see a horse that kicks, take on the Brenderup.
Mark Savage managed to get a shot of the squirrel last week while it was on the run in his yard in Geneva Township. Solid phenolic resin walls on larger models and laminate on the smaller ones, make for a solid wall ready for abuse. When Geneva Township residents Kelly and Scott Weber brought their candy corn flowering plant inside for the winter, little did they know a tiny spicebush swallowtail butterfly egg lay hidden beneath one of the leaves. Much to their surprise, a young swallowtail butterfly emerged from its cocoon this past week.

One piece floor laminate as well as the walls on the smaller models will resist corrosion and are easy to clean. To keep the little creature strong and healthy, the couple has purchased two hyacinth plants for it to munch on. There is also controversy with emergency service personnel about the benefit of a trailer roof that would allow the horse to escape after a roll over. The fiberglass roof ads to the well lit interior as well as being cooler in the summer and is becoming more popular in horse trailers.
Thompson had traveled to South Haven to help his mother recover from surgery and snapped this photo on Monroe Boulevard, near South Beach. On those mountain curves, the Brenderup cornered like is was on rails as a sports car would. But recently, a group of wild turkeys decided to munch on the seeds that were left on the ground. But walking on the ice can prove deadly because open areas of water still exist and ice is often unstable on Lake Michigan. But instead of the tow vehicles change in motion pushing the trailer coupler into the hydraulic plunger to activate hydraulic brakes, Brenderup's coupler pushes in to move 4 cables which activate the trailer brakes.
No incidents of people falling through the ice have been reported in South Haven, however, Grand Haven police dealt with six ice-related incidents during the weekend of Feb. According to Brenderup, "Only BRENDERUP REALA® TRAILERS employs INERTIAA® 4-wheel brakes designed to operate as the driver comes off the accelerator pedal and before getting to the brake pedal. Under ALL circumstances whenever the trailer tries to push on the tow vehicle the trailer brakes are being applied in direct proportion to the weight of the trailer at the time and the rate of deceleration.
But, Rural Ramblings website and several other websites that deal with birds, say people shouldn't get too excited about seeing Robins this time of year. The INERTIAA® brake system also has an independent parking brake, emergency breakaway and antilock characteristics."Trimax for Trailer SecurityAs the price (value) of trailers go up each year, so does the risk of having yours stolen. I tried the UMAX 100 coupler lock, model #T3 Receiver Lock and the T-Hex Super Chain from Trimax.
I used it on the Brenderup horse trailer, a couple of boat trailers and travel trailers and yes it fit them all.
It of course locks the trailer coupler to the lock housing, but you can also attach chains and cables to it. I used the Trimax T-Hex Super Chain to lock the trailer to the truck when it set over night. The game is an annual matchup between the two teams and was sponsored by the Bangor Historical Society.
Trimax is as good as it gets, I bought their #T3 Receiver Lock, it's rated at 32,000 pounds.
The tractors traveled from the Flywheelers' museum grounds in Geneva Township to South Haven's downtown to enjoy an evening meal. I have several hitches, from adjustable drawbars from B&W to an Equalizer weight distributing hitch and don't want them to walk away while I'm at the movies. Plenty of light, windows and ventilation The dressing room wall folds down to give the horse more head room & a view of where they are going Dressing room walls move back to use and then roll forward.
According to Bangor residents, even though signs are posted warning about the crossing, several times a year a truck with a long trailer will get stuck.
PietrzykowskiA South Haven's lighthouse was shrouded in fog prior to the start of the Light up the Lake fireworks display, July 3. Mom and daughter were enjoying an afternoon this past week at the Optimist's Tot Lot in South Haven.
After three dry days of sunshine snow is expected to return Tuesday, with 3-6 inches expected to fall.
The snow creatures were created by the couple's friends, Beth Pepper, Becky Durden, Jackson Clark, Mattie Clark and Tim Durden and several other family members. Terri Abbott puts her own spin on that tradition by performing a cartwheel over home base in the Old-fashioned baseball game between the the House of David and the Bangor Cubs.
The House of David catcher was apparently so surprised by Abbott's spur-of-the-moment theatrics that he never tagged her out. Scattered thunderstorms are expected this afternoon throughout southwestern Michigan as warm temperatures continue. Six to eight inches of snow fell on the South Haven area from Thursday evening through Saturday. The Grand Junction man said the little flowers have never sprouted during winter in the 32 years he's lived at his home. Approximately 30-40 youngsters and their parents and grandparents attended the event this past week.
Michigan DNR introduced 139 Perigrines into Michigan, with 31 released in the Lower Peninsula.
She and more than a hundred youngsters took part in the National Blueberry Festival pie-eating contest, Aug.
Emily belongs to Cori Perkins, a volunteer for Adopt a Freind for Life, a group in Paw Paw that helps find homes for abused, abandoned and stray animals. South Haven's Harborfest is a favorite amoung dog owners because of its dog-freindly atmosphere. However, this week's weather picture has changed, and temperatures are hovering in the 30s and 40s.
They made more than 200 Valentines to send to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Battle Creek. Army PFC Alexandrea Snyder (left) and SPC Tash Johnson sit next to the care package they received courtesy of volunteers from the South Haven area during the holiday season. The care package donations were organized through South Haven Township resident Joan Pioch.
Pioch organized a group of residents to help purchase, pack and ship the items to soldiers from the area serving overseas. Temperatures were in the low 60s for the start of the fair on Saturday, and winds challenged crafters as they set up their booths, but by Sunday the winds died down and people came out in droves to view the more than 200 booths at Stanley Johnston Park. Their long proboscis and hovering behavior, accompanied by an audible humming noise, make them look very much like a hummingbird while feeding on flowers, according to information Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.
The girls' great-grandmother Lorrie Getman of South Haven took them to the beach to enjoy one of the few days of sunshine during the week of spring break.

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