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I ask this in the boat forum also.My truck is wired for my enclosed car trailer (7 way connector) and the boat trailer I just bought has a 5 pin flat connector.
On a 7 pin connector the 12v wire is a charge wire, usually for break away brake batteries, or charging batteries on a camper trailer.
After opening the package and trying to mount the light, I discovered the lock washer is so small, it slips through the hole in the light mount.
While the washers were being put into place, I decided to use the old lock washers, as well as the new washers. To keep the wires from flopping around with the trailer is in motion, I used a small zip-tie to secure the wire to a hole in the light bracket.
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1998 519 SVS Ranger with a 2003 Yamaha 225 hp Vmax 0x66 .Boat, trailer and engine are all mechanically sound other than some cosmetic issues typical for a 1998 hull. I bought the adapter for 7 pin to 5 flat (actually picked up another to be sure the first was good) and still no lights or anything.

The trailer is new and the lights were working when the dealer had it hooked to their truck. It does have 6 wires running into it though, but not 7 the 7 is a auxillery wire often used for campers or trailers that you want a seperate charging circuit for ( internal batterys for lighting , refrigeration ) , often on boats or car trailers we convert this to a back up light circuit , or a charge circuit for the car battery or trolling motor battery .
The trailer is maybe 15 years old, the screws on the lights are rusted up, the bulbs are corroded so bad that the glass broke from the metal base. In order to get the lights fixed before an upcoming river camping trip, my wife and I went down to the local wal-mart and bout 2 replacement lights. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
Please review the terms and conditions of our sale before placing a bid as they are binding.
Shipping of a Firearm will be done after we have received a signed copy of the FFL dealer's license & ATF Form 4473 that you choose to have the firearms shipped to have been sent to our office and shipping fees have been paid along with your invoice. Some Carpet has been replaced not a perfect match but in decent shape and a small rip on the seem of one of the seats and a crack located on the inside of a deck lid not noticeable from the outside . I tested my truck with the tester and it checks out OK.I was going to put a 7 pin on the trailer but only have 6 wires on it.
I just bought the adapter and plugged them in and I guess I assumed I had lights and stuff until I got home (it was daylight). The wires were twisted together, a cap put over the splice, and everything wrapped in electrical tape. Conditions as follows: 1) The 2009 Sea Ryder is a 15' long by 7' wide Pontoon boat seats up to 8 passengers safely.
The trailer does have electric brakes on it and with my truck I couldn't even feel it behind me to notice the brakes not working coming home. Some trailers do ground better when the coupler is on the ball but this is normally because there is a ground problem that needs to be fixed.
Has a folding canopy, 2 gas tanks, all lights in working order, horn in working order, bilge pump in working order, primary marine battery and secondary marine battery for accessories, electric start, Lawrence depth finder built in, Boss stereo with remote and built in speakers, carpeted floor, cup holders, 8 safety vest, 4 buoys and 3 anchors as well as other accessories. Not by chance but because it has been maintained and cared for.Thunderbird Formula boats are premium made offshore performance boats with ahead of their time styling and performance. Make sure the main trailer connector ground is attached to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface.

This 25 year old boat is always the focal point wherever it is because of the great look, gelcoat, lines and styling. Since this is a boat trailer, if the frame is aluminum you may need to run jumper wires from the light grounds to the main trailer connector ground.You will also want to make sure the converter on the vehicle is grounded to a bare metal surface.
The boat was lightly used by the owner for hosting guest on the lake. 2) 2009 Yamaha model 25ELR 25hp.
If everything is installed correctly on the vehicle, use the included circuit tester or another one if you have one to test the 4-Way on the vehicle to see if power is getting to the pins on the connector.If power is on the 4-Way then you know the issue is on the trailer. However we recommend the boat motor be serviced prior to use. 3) Nationwide steel frame pontoon boat trailer has steps to access the boat from the front.
If there is power going in but not coming out then there is a problem with the converter and it will need to be replaced.
It has all working lights at time of listing however the right reflector is broke and needs replaced. Overall, the Pontoon boat, motor and trailer are in very good to excellent used condition. This unit has a very fair and reasonable low reserve far less than the comparable listed to be met prior to completing the sale for the estate. This boat is solid due to its design and does not rattle or shake when it hits waves due to the unique arch contruction on the bow. Try that on a cuddy boat!I spent over $1000 on the interior last year not because the interior was junk but because it had minor flaws and the rest of the boat is so nice. Has bearing buddiesBoat has a one year old marine battery.I just did plugs, cap and rotor and oil change 2 weeks ago.
Rudy's personal 1985 Trail Jeep CJ7 83 Rot Free Jeep Scrambler in original paint 86 Jeep CJ7 Automatic Rot Free builder from California $6500.00 83 Jeep CJ7 Renegade Original Paint 97k Miles $7500 Clean 84 Jeep CJ-7 Only 89k Original Miles.
Desert Jeep ONLY $8000.00 84 Rot free desert Scrambler $7500 2 Rot Free Desert Laredos $6500 Each 82 Jeep CJ7 Laredo Seriously modified and upgraded rot free western Jeep!
1982 Scrambler builder project 85 Rot Free Jeep CJ7 in red paint with only 69,000 miles $10,000 One Owner, Original Paint Scrambler from Vegas $15,000 Beautiful 82 CJ7 from California Rebuilt Engine, Trans w Fuel Inj $9000 82 Scrambler in original paint. You have to be able to trust your equipment and this boat didn't fail me and never has.

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