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There must be a minimum difference of 13" between the track and the spring center measurements in order for this axle to be built.
This trailer axle features the Spindle-lube ® hub lubrication system which allows you to grease the trailer hubs without removing them from the axle. Unlike a bearing 'buddy', which only pumps grease into the front of the trailer hub and can often be over-pumped and blow the grease seal, Spindle-lube trailer axles pump the grease to the back of the trailer hub by a hole bored through the length of the trialer spindle where it enters the hub just before the rear seal.

When re-packing hubs with these trailer axles, the old grease will come out of the front of the hubs, around the tip of the grease gun.
The grease should continue to be pumped until new grease comes out of the front of the hub.

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