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Boat trailers are fairly simple pieces of equipment: They consist of a frame, axles, bearings, hubs, tires, runners, rollers, winch, lights, and sometimes trailer brakes. Make sure your trailer is road and boat worthy by letting Ainsworth inspect every component.
Ainsworth Trailer Repair welcomes owners of any size trailer, from small utility trailers to boat trailers and campers. Bring your trailer to Ainsworth Trailer Repair today for a free estimate on any repair or general maintenance to keep your trailer or camper in safe working order. High Speed Welding - Ryder RacksTruck Ladder Racks & Custom Boat T Tops - Wilmington, NCContact Us Today! We have many years of experience repairing boat trailers in South Florida and now we've added a new trailer repair facility in Opa-locka, Florida, to repair all types of trailers including boat trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers and even horse trailers. In addition to our full service trailer repair, we offer our full inventory of trailer parts via over-the-counter sales. But they’re also subjected to pretty harsh conditions: repeated submersions in water, followed by long periods of inactivity.

In just an hour, Ainsworth trained mechanics can inspect your boat trailer’s main components and make sure that your trailer won’t let you down when you need it most. If your trailer has problems it could damage your boat or leave you stranded, costing you time and money.
You find that we offer only the highest quality trailer parts at the lowest price in South Florida.
The result: faulting electrical, compromised wheels or bearings, rusted frames, along with a myriad of other weaknesses – all threatening your pride and joy that the trailer is trusted to haul. In our 15 years of providing boat trailer repairs, we have found that malfunctions and accidents are usually traced back to a failure to dedicate some time to the most basic preventative maintenance. Ainsworth Trailer Repair mechanics can fix a larger semi flatbed, but are happy to work on the smallest single axle utility trailer as well! We'll provide you a FREE trailer inspection and regardless of what your trailer repair requirements are, we'll handle them all for you. And most boat shops have their eye on your boat maintenance, not your trailer – trailers are all we fix, and we’re the best at what we do!

No matter what the size of your trailer, or its intended use, if you have mechanical, structural or cosmetic repairs to be done trust that Ainsworth Trailer Repair will fix it right the first time, and with the same expediency as our large trailer repairs. Our parts department is right here on the premises and we'll even pickup and deliver your trailer to you for free. We'll provide you a FREE trailer inspection and a very price competitive quote to get your trailer safely back on the road. If you are in the market for a boat trailer, first check out our used boat trailer inventory and then of course our new custom built boat trailers.
Call us today for the best full service trailer repair service for the lowest price in South Florida.

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