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Question:09-03-2013Hello and thanks for the bid request I would be interested in transporting this trailer and also the offshore boat on the goose neck trailer if you like . Ty i know you have drivers all over and i am hoping to find a company like yours that i can shipp our trailers out on time each month for us. We have had to many bad experiances.09-03-2013Response: Im sorry for your bad experiences, we would love to help you!!!! 136000 miles (previous owner thought it had about 135000, but odometer stopped working about 127000 before I bought it.
The Van starts and runs good- engine starts right up, warms to proper temp, transmission shifts properly and no slippage or hesitation.
If you have any questions please let me know me know and I’ll be glad to help, have a great day :)!

When i bid the sale of the trailer i was paying 1300 for the hauls at 1400 miles- Now my guy broke down and another i wont deal with i was paying 1575 What can you do for me. I will be in Indiana in about a week and a half of two weeks will that be to late for the shipments ? We are a FULL SERVICE, NO MONEY DOWN auto transport company and also "An Auto Shipping Marketplace" creating an opportunity for you to determine how much you pay and when your vehicle gets picked up. THEY WERE HAND MADE WITH V-RESIN , COMPOSITE FOAM CORING AND TRI AXLE CLOTH THEN VACUUM BAGGED .THEY WERE BUILT TO BE A FULL CONOPIED RACE BOAT IF WANTED . 09-03-2013Response: You are correct the one that pays you is boss- he also is the one to give you more work Most shippers do not get that. With over 25 year experience, we have learned a few things along the way, so let us face it, everyone have different agendas, sometimes hectic lives and different situations.

This is why at eBidTransport, we offer different shipping programs to suit individual needs and provide you with a customized and competitive rate. Thank you miroadrunner5766Response: Yea thats a bit late for this one but thanks for responding. You will be assigned a dedicated account representative at eBidTransport for complete communication and any questions you may have from start to finish 7days a week 9am-9pm. Our goal is to be "Your Auto Shipping Company" Give us a try, let us work for you, TIMELY PICK UP & UNBEATABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

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