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We decided on the super early morning 8am trip (it was all my fault) because I thought it would be quiet, peaceful and a great way to start the day. In the end the early morning time worked out because a super storm rolled in as we were heading back in and they might have cancelled the next tour because of it.
So as I said, it was early morning…the water was glassy, the clouds puffy, and everything just generally picture perfect.
We drove through the marshes, past anchored sailboats, including this sunken one, beyond all of the million dollar homes into the open water. Our awesome guide let our friends’ boys take a spin behind the wheel in the open waters!
Those ominous looking clouds were our sign it was definitely time to say goodbye and finally head back to the dock. I will leave you with this fun video of us zooming through the marshes of Hilton Head (where our friends lost their hat and had to fish it out of the water, so when they say hold onto your hats, hold onto your hats ;p)! Ready to hit the water for some deep-sea fishing or water sport fun in the Hilton Head Island area? Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Most boats operate inshore, near shore and offshore.  Southern Spots specializes in inshore fishing in shallower water. Use the Fleet menu to get a short description of a specific boat.  There you will also find a link directly to the Captains web site for detailed information about their boat and more information specific to their charters. If you are looking for some exceptional wreck and bottom fishing action then look no further! Our Dolphin boat tour was with Dolphin Discoveries – a division of Kayak Hilton Head.
They guarantee that you will see dolphins on your trip and if you do not, then they will take your group out again for free!
We got a quick glimpse of one Dolphin searching for breakfast in harbor near the docks, but we finally really saw several swimming around our boat after we got out in more open water near Daufuskie.
After spending several minutes watching this pod of dolphins and realizing they were moving on, so did we.

This is the only spot where you can see the entire red-striped lighthouse and get a picture in front of it! We just had a long weekend stay on the island, but felt like this was an unforgettable experience not to miss.
We don’t go out too far and we schedule these trips in the afternoon when it is a little cooler, more convenient, and not to mention a beautiful Hilton Head sunset to experience. Herons, Egrets, Anhingas Terns, Oyster Catchers, Brown Pelicans, Belted Kingfisher, Osprey, Ibis, Black Skimmers, Rosette Spoonbils, Wood Stork, Bald Eagles, Willets, Red winged Blackbirds, Cormorants, and many more.
ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals provides the following list of companies that offer boat rentals and charters. Price includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Pick the boat that suits your need or call any captain for more information or recommendations. Fishing the nearshore and offshore wrecks around Hilton Head, South Carolina offers a lot of fun for all fisherman from the beginner to the seasoned angler. It has been said that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the ocean and I will tell you that this is an accurate statement. As always I try to use the lightest tackle possible for my fishing, but this may mean a 40 pound meat stick when working on big grouper! I had also hoped that early morning might mean active dolphins, but it turns out it is their feeding time, so they were hangry in search of vittles.
We drove all the way out to the South Beach area of Hilton Head along the Land’s End shoreline where there is a deep water barrier that a lot of sea life like to hangout. So if you are staying on Hilton Head for a week or just a few short days, we definitely think you should get out on the water! Our standard trips range from 4-8 hours, although if younger kids come along, we recommend a 4 hour trip. We have quite a number of wrecks and wreck sites in our area that are located anywhere from the nearshore waters or from 6 – 20 miles offshore. When you have endless miles of baron sand bottom there is not much to hold fish, but if you place a massive piece of structure on that bottom I can guarentee you that the fish will come.

Generally however, on the wrecks I use 15 & 20 pound spinning tackle and 30 pound conventional tackle. Looking out beyond it was eerie because it was difficult to distinguish water from sky the ocean was so vast beyond the island.
There are a ton of boat tour companies on the island, but we can certainly recommend Dolphin Discoveries of Kayak Hilton Head!
It's an exposed patch of sand in the May River Bluffton (a local waterway) that people and families go with their dogs and boats. We also have excellent bottom fishing within the protected waters around the Sounds and Inlets. One of the things that I really like about fishing the wrecks are all of the different tactics that we use to catch fish. Some of these wrecks were caused as ships sunk off of the coast, but most of the wrecks (or wreck sites) were created by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
The wrecks attract bait fish, which in turn attract lager fish which attract even larger fish. These techniques may vary from anchoring up and bottom fishing to live bait fishing to trolling. These man made sites hold a number of different pieces of structure that may range from subway cars to battle tanks to cargo ships… if it attracts fish the SCDNR has it on the bottom. Though the wrecks hold fish year round, some times of the year are better than others as many of the fish that inhabit the wrecks are migratory.
On these wreck sites we catch a number of different species of fish to include: grouper, snapper, cobia, king mackerel, spanish mackerel, sheepshead, amber jack, barracuda, sharks, flounder, redfish and sea bass.
I know  that it might sound simple but the best way to catch a big fish is with a little fish.

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