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Spanish explorer Ponce de León gave the Dry Tortugas their name on his first visit in 1513. What allowed the US Navy to control access to the Gulf of Mexico wasn't so much the fort itself, but that forward deployed warships, after patrolling the seas, could safely and securely anchor under the protection of the fort. Today, the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson are "must see" tourist attractions, both ranking #1 on Trip Advisor. Whether snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic ocean, we will take you to locations with an array of fish and wildlife to be seen.
Fun In The Sun Private Charters And Boat Rentals Key West 1 week ago First time #spearing, by the end of the day we had this guy shooting a fish with every shot! Army strategists were concerned that hostile nations could disrupt shipping lanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Research suggests some tuna species may use the Tortugas as a spawning ground, and about 40 species of sharks pass through the region. We always take weather into consideration, and use years of local knowledge to pick the best spots to snorkel for the given day.
Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas National Park lie within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, a body of land and sea that is 320 miles long and covers 9844 square kilometers. Soon afterward, the word "Dry" was added to the name, to indicate to mariners the islands' lack of fresh water springs. Imagine therefore, brick, cement and stone from Union states Maine and New York making its long journey through Confederate waters, along with food and fresh water to maintain the 1700+ soldiers and civilians that lived at the fort.  Quite a feat!
If there are beginners on board, we take the time to teach them so their experience is comfortable and safe.

The monument was expanded in 1983 and redesignated as Dry Tortugas National Park on October 26, 1992. The intimidating bulk of the 45-foot-high, three-level hexagon, whose 2,000 archways run half a mile around, spared it from ever having to fire a shot. Come experience what being catered to on a private charter is all about… 6 people maximum per boat.

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