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Location: Eustis, FL There are many variations on this theme, but mostly it's a gimmick, unless extra drag and decreased turning ability are your goals.
Location: spain My interpretation of tri hull is that all three hulls are in the water when underway . Location: Eustis, FL You can attempt to justify these drag inducing protuberances anyway you want, maybe even inventing some new syntax to describe them, but they're what they are and it still doesn't matter, as they're not especially efficient. Location: NW Washington State USA The longer bottom is like a longer wheelbase on a car. Location: Australia I have long thought that tri-hulls have the potential to be very good offshore boats, but not the cathedral hull types with terminating tunnels, or shallow tunnels that bottom-out easily. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

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Also known as "Styled-to-Fit" covers, Styled-to-Fit boat covers are our best selling, most popular category of covers and for good reason. The Gold Guard V-Hull Fishing Boat Cover is a great solution for covering your vessel on the water or boat slip. The boater who is looking for all-around use can make almost any hull design work for many water conditions. When you are shopping for a new boat, first consider the water in which you'll use the boat. There have been some quite successful boats with deep tunnels built, but generally speaking they have too much wetted area to be really efficient boats, but offsetting that they require only one engine unlike cats.

There are also lots of storage compartments on board to fit all of your fishing, hunting, and skiing equipment.
I would probably just make the boat longer by putting the transom at the trailing edge of the bottom. A cover will protect your boat from the harshest of elements, thus keep your boat in better shape and reducing maintenance costs.

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