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At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. Take a look at ALL ***34 PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. Formula 240's squarely target the trailer-boat market providing boaters looking for an easily trailered runabout. The 240 Bow Rider is bringing performance, Just because it is their entry level boat, don't think for a second that Formula skimped on technology, styling or class with this one. Up front there is a boarding ladder with a cover so you can nose up to the beach and not have to take a leap to get to shore.
Below the snap-in carpet in the center is a huge locker for skis, wakeboards and a ton of other gear.
In the cockpit both bucket seats have slide and swivel adjustments to make it comfortable for all to sit up front or drive this model. The helm reminded me more of a high-end car than a boat because of its wood accents and bright easy-to-read gauges. The plush seating continues at the stern and these seats also have hinges to keep the cushions where they belong, even in rough waters.
The motor is accessed via a motorized hatch making it a snap to do pre-launch checks and light maintenance. Take a look at ALL ***16 PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM.
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The pop-up cleats up front keep the gunwales clear underway, and store way from when you do not need them. Formula has even thought about how annoying it is to find all the poles to hold up the canvas and added clips in here to organize and store them.
The bolster provides enough lift to see safely over the bow when coming out of the hole and getting up to speed.
Over to the left is a digital depth gauge to keep you out of shallow water and a compass is over on the right to help you find you way in unfamiliar areas. Three more cup holders are up in the corner above the stern seats so you can use them underway or from the swim platform while at anchor.
Stepping through the starboard walkthrough brings you to the swim platform which extends over the exhaust.
The recessed cup holders have room for two drinks on each side of the bow and a speaker is also in this recess so the tunes can easily be heard up here. Inside the helm storage area, Formula has mounted the stereo so it is out of the way, yet easy to access when needed. Over on the companion side, you have two cup holders and rather than a simple grab rail you may see on other models, Formula's is a wrap-around grab rail for added safety. And if you want to block the cool morning air, the door to this storage swings over and becomes a lower door. Rocker switches control the power and have lights in the switch to show you what is still on when you are out at night.
This boat also had another stereo remote at the stern walkthrough so you can change the channels or CDs without having to climb all the way back in the boat.

The lounger backs on the front of the helm and companion pods along with sculpted in armrests make it very comfortable for two to relax up front. Your family will also love the fact you can have your own portable head in here for extra convenience while out on the water and in the anchorage.
Talk about convenience, there is a handy refreshment center just aft of the helm with more cup holders and a single faucet. The 2200 is so generously equipped and outfitted, that you'd have to spend thousands in options elsewhere to get what Regal offers standard. The seat bottoms are hinged so that you can get to the ample storage without having the cushions moving around when you are underway.
Once I figured out how to use the locking pin without a fight, I found it has three positions. When you are ready to serve some snacks and beverages at anchor, simply add a stow-away table in the front. Our test boat even had a stainless steel arch over the cockpit with a high tow point for wakeboard action. You can set it up fully flat to make a huge sun tanning space, pop-up a headrest so you can lay out and keep an eye on the action, or set up the rear bench seat for more room to sit while underway.

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