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This image is featured as part of the article 2012 Motor Boat of the Year Winners announced.
This image is featured as part of the article Superyachts over 80ft to be exhibited at the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
These two designs are being introduced following the SC166 superyacht and the Zeus Twelve Gold Rush models, which are, to be honest, additional epitomes of luxury and great looks.
The pieces which interests us the most is the Xhibit G car – a marvelous, stunningly looking 4-wheeler to match the greatness of the Xhibitionist yacht. The interiors is designed to host a 900-Watt 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audio system, carbon fiber accents on the dashboard and seats, as well as touches of white leather. Sign up for Luxatic's free newsletter and get the best news delivered straight to your inbox.
Italian designer Mauro Lecchi has developed a new design concept that could help to shape the future of the Lamborghini brand.
Dubbed Lamborghini yacht, the design comes from the analysis of Lamborghini car and is as exotic and luxurious as the car itself. The yacht has big intakes, and starting from the Lamborghini Reventona€™s side view, the designer changed the intake behind the door in a huge window, to characterize the boat with a single large element. As the yacht is merely a design, ita€™s assumed characteristics have a Hull length 15m, Hull width4 m, and Height 3.8m. The access to the protected lounge on the foredeck is guaranteed by a step to the side of the guide through an opening in the large windshield.
The interior layout includes a full beam owner room with bath and separate shower, guest bedroom with bathroom in the bow. The Lamborghini yacht can be powered by three different motors: 2A—700 hp Volvo Penta IPS 900 diesel, 2A—950 hp diesel Seatek, 2x (3x) 550 hp v 12 a€“ 60 Lamborghini petrol.
LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets. Comment by sailho on Von'Widmann Designs… of our latest sea trials on the motor yacht Mystique, this was a total redesign project of the entire system.

Comment by john on Yacht Charter aboard the Luxury BELLE AIMEE in BurmaIts been my all time dream to sail in Burma, whether on a yacht charter or a private boat, but a holiday on this superyacht in this location would be beyond my wildest dreams i think!
Comment by Relevance on Worth Avenue YachtsExcellent yacht brokerage firm by all accounts for both sales and charter.
LiveYachting is a wiki type website where superyacht professionals, enthusiasts and businesses share information about luxury yachts. Just where exactly does one go for 12 dozen bottles of Dom Perignon Vintage champagne, 50 kilos of top notch veal steaks and still make sure there are enough eggs for the crew for breakfast in the morning? Something rarely talked about in the luxury market is the behind the scenes aspect of provisioning a large yacht. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of shopping on the French Riviera will know just what a chore finding things can be. So an entire industry has sprung up around the provisioning needs of luxury yachts and villas based along the French Riviera. I am not sure if I should consider sausages a bribe, but it has worked, and persuaded me to write about Shore Solutions. Included in their 200 page catalogue are products from a huge range of luxury market-leading brands, including Moet Hennessy, Maison du Chocolat, Jo Malone, Penhaligons and The White Company.
The catalog lists their basic stock, but their forte is sourcing unusual and difficult-to-find products, and nothing is too much trouble. Another reason I have chosen to write about this company (apart from the sausage bribe) is the fact that they refuse to be drawn into the usual back-handers-for-orders, the bane of the yacht owner.
Shore Solutions deliver all over the world, from Antigua to Venice, Sardinia to the Seychelles.
Their operations manager in Nice is Luc Perrone, responsible for all aspects of the operation during the Med season. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. We can tailor coverage to match your cruising itinerary and individual yacht needs, such as higher levels of liability.

From supercars, luxury homes, yachts and bespoke watches, to gorgeous hotels and resorts and the latest trends in high fashion. We designed our Stringer system design based on the before and after results both the Capt.
Feeding 200 guests is a major undertaking, especially when a high caliber of food and drinks are required. I was fortunate enough to be recently invited to sample some of the wares of one particular luxury supplier, Shore Solutions. If you really must have red Hawaiian sea salt dried in the Wednesday afternoon sun, cinnamon rolled on 15-year-old virgin’s thighs from a small village in the Himalayan foothills, or some other outrageous luxury, give these guys a try. While others are scrambling about offering kick backs, they stand aloof, offering instead, unparalleled service and quality. In addition, it is fitted with solar panels for additional green power, but the platform they are mounted on may also work as a concert stage or even a helipad. I mean, for goodness’ sake, they have 42 different salts in the catalogue and are still not satisfied they have a large enough selection.
Along with more than 400 fine whiskeys and bourbons, plus a massive range of fine vintage champagnes and wines. They are the brand new Xhibitionist yacht and Xhibit G car designs, courtesy of Gray Design.
If you must have it by Friday morning at the latest, the last thing they want to hear is that it was cheaper from the last guy who let you down. Sausages are one of the more minor items in their catalogue, but to give you an idea of the level of service, they offer bespoke recipes, hand made, with a guarantee that they will not supply that particular recipe to any other customer.

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