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Although Snaptraxx will help to prevent your boat from moving unintentionally on the trailer never disconnect any tie downs or the winch strap before the trailer is in launch position. Snaptraxx recommend using new pressure treated lumber for optimal installation and durability. Lumber Requirements:Snaptraxx recommends using new pressure treated lumber for optimal installation and durability. Step 2Measure and cut the new pressure treated lumber to the proper length per the chart below. Step 4Locate a Bottom Section and note the bow arrow on the inside of the section.The Snaptraxx Bunk will be assembled starting at the stern and building toward the bow. Step 6Place the first Top Section* over the Bottom Section encasing the lumber.Always make sure the bow arrow is pointing in the same direction, away from the stern line.
Ensure that the stern line is aligned with the end of the Top Section.Press firmly along the parts snapping the Top and Bottom Sections together.
Step 8Holding the bottom section in place, flip the bunk over and install the next Top Section* over the Bottom Section encasing the lumber.

Step 9 Repeat the assembly process flipping the board and snapping together the remaining sections. Position a new Snaptraxx bunk on the trailer drill a pilot hole through the bottom section and into the lumber to accept the lag bolts. Final AdjustmentsEnsure that your boat is resting evenly on the Snaptraxx bunks, if it is not, adjust the bunks as necessary. You may have to adjust the position of the winch to locate the boat properly on the trailer.
The Redco Sportsman provides state of the art design with no-nonsense components to build a trailer that is rugged and user friendly. Some brands require the trailer to be fully submersed for unloading and loading - not so with the Redco range of trailers.
When selecting a boat trailer, it is extremely important that the size and shape of the boat is correctly supported. Unloading and loading is effortless thanks to the practical design system of rollers or bilge supports and tilting mechanisms.

North woods Sports Trailers custom builds all trailers on site, getting you the trailer of your dreams.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. You have just purchased a revolutionary new product that will greatly enhance your boating experience as well as protect your boat. Take a trip to the ramp, launch your boat and swap out your new Snaptraxx bunks with your old bunks (See "Assembly tips for mounting bunks on trailer"). If they are close to a lifting strake, water intake or any other part of your boat that protrudes beyond the hull make a note and if necessary adjust the location of your Snaptraxx bunks to ensure that they will clear. Bolt directly through the bunk mounting bracket, through the bottom of Snaptraxx and into the lumber.

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