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How to Build a Folding Kayak Boat Plans How to Build a Folding Kayak Boat PlansPlans how to build a folding Kayak.IT'S NOT FAST, it's not roomy and you won't find many practical uses for such an outlandish craft.
Inspired by another thread here, I was wondering what we can (or already have) design for a quality home-built boat trailer?
I've never read the Glen-L book on building wood-frame trailers, and am not too sure how the DMV would like that, but am willing to consider all or partial wood frame elements. Not willing to consider torsion axles, or suspension systems rated for 1000+lbs, both of which seem to be the only lightweight ones readily available from Northern Tool and other major retailers. I understand that commercial trailers exist with all or most of these elements, but prices are usually well over $1200 for the Trailex aluminum models with spare tire, winch stand and winch.
If the main spar were made of wood, hollow, thru bolted and glued and with a solid telescoping inner spar it would facilitate launching at shallow launches. It wouldn't be remotely strong enough to handle the weight and forces of trailering unless it was massively thick! As for something like the Yakima trailer, that would be great if we could source the parts separately. My Aeroflow trailer has torsion suspension, and is scary to tow empty as it will do repeated 3' vertical hops on bad freeway sections. Remember, once you get the trailer license and title you can modify or upgrade it virtually anyway you want with no hassle from the authorities.
Save them to your computer if you want copies, as things tend to come and go when I need space on the website. We see a couple of those gorgeous light aluminum trailers with motorcycle wheels every year at the big canoe shows, but a couple grand for a little trailer is far more than I'd ever spend on one. I've converted two of these for small boat trailers, using a long steel tube for an extended tongue and wooden homemade bunks. He mentioned a swinging or removable tongue, which some prefer because it shortens the whole package, making it easier to store. I used a Harbor Freight trailer for several years, but even though I always rinsed it after each launch into salt water, it eventually rusted into uselessness.
Visit the new Flapdoodle Forum - since the death of Bill Weller, the old forum has been unattended so we have started a new one with Martin as moderator. Updated: April 10, 2016Added the CPB-2016 PLANSand the 1 SHEET PRAM to the new design section. If you are a new reader, you might like to know that there are absolutely no ads on this website. 1 SHEET +  is an attempt to make a nice looking, good performing small boat out of a single sheet of plywood. The 4 + CORO-HULLS, is a combination of four different, but similar, plastic-hull designs constructed of 1 sheet of 4 MM COROPLAST material. COMPOSITE CRUISER - The primary purpose of this design was to build a small pram style boat that was ultra-lightweight, easy and inexpensive to build, was unsinkable, and used Coroplast plastic as the hull material.
DUET Utility Boat - A two module transportable that has the capacity to hold a small family. EXPLORER 2 - Is a simple to build, 2 module portable boat, ideal for cruising small lakes, ponds and tributaries.
FOAM BOAT -  A single occupant, two module nesting design that is constructed of 1 inch polyfoam sheets, and reinforced with fiberglass cloth.
KAYAK+ - This was designed as a dual function boat that would be easy to paddle, and also be trolling motor powered. MINI-CAT -  This is a small twin-hull platform boat design, which was the Design Contest Winner for 2012. MPDR - MODULAR PD RACER was designed for those that want the PDR experience, but prefer not to trailer it. POD-2  (Paddle On Demand) - This is a redesign of a very popular boat, expressly intended for the younger generation. RIVER ROVER - This is a new boat, specifically designed for shallow water use, and can be constructed in different lengths and widths. TOTER DUCKBOAT -  Developed per a customer request for a duckboat that was hunting dog friendly.
A kayak is perfect for folder construction because the skin is an envelope that covers the framework on all sides and can help keep all the pieces together. A sailboat needs to have an open top so the pilot can move around for trim and to get at the sail and spars if something gets tangled.
An open topped framework will have to be more substancial because the skin is less supportive.
I am less concerned about the structural integrity and the weight because it will live on the RV. The nauticraid boats can be sailed but the are only 3m and the hullform is not really a sailor.

It should carry 2 adults and maybe 1-2 small kids although I will solosail it most of the time (and probably sell it after I have built it anyways) The performance is negligible. Now I am going to tidy up these curves and bend them in again to create another flat bow that will work with laminated hoops. Then I am going to glue knees on the outside of these laminated hoops to form a hard corner that looks mostly like the original pram. The original two parts Berthon boat looks also good to me but I am not sure I want a boat in two parts. I am interested in the concept of the folding boat too and made a 3D model of a small double-ender but without really considering any details. I did thing about a folding canoe but then there is little fun in folding something that is long and is easy to roof in the first place.
The Isle of Wight Classic Boat museum has a Berthon reputedly from the 1850's in remarkable condition.
Sorry no - aside from the size it has the lines of a rowboat and I think it is not suitable for sailing. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
It's a superb trailer and nothing using leaf springs will ever even be remotely close when it comes to a smooth, quiet ride.
Mine is very hefty, but a guy who built a Slider sister ship found a johnboat trailer that was narrow enough that the hulls sit outside the wheels, so that he can use a much shallower ramp than I can.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The plans detail the SKIFF design (shown), the most complicated, but also apply to the a few others; Pram, Kayak, Jon Boat and Canoe as well.
Just a few simple steps from vehicle to water, then the easy part begins, safely cruising around your favorite water spot. The result is a 30 pound craft that is easy to transport and easy to paddle, and literally sits on top of the water. It folds in half, to a 4 foot length, a 28 inch width and a 2 inch thickness, so that it will fit in any vehicle for transport.
It can be constructed in one of two sizes, one only 9" high, strictly as a kayak, the other 12" for motoring, both with buoyancy compartments for safety. Built lightweight, it can be transported by all trucks, vans, suv's and some hatch backs, and even a bicycle !  Stand up steady, it will make a great weekender for the sole hunter and fisherman, or woman.
A boat with a capacity of 750 pounds on the water, converts to a 7 foot camper with accommodations for 2 adults. This 3 module nesting version holds true to the hull design criteria, while providing a shorter length for transport and storage.
It's forerunner wedge hull design is widest at the stern, where the heaviest load is placed. The unique aspect of the design is the foldable mast and boom, which all fits in the hull for transport.
The two modules fold on top of each other for a transport size of 4' long, 3' wide and 2' high. With a mainsail and a jib, the boat is capable of some fun sailing, and it can accommodate 2 occupants. Based on the original Toter hull series, the inside aft of the hull was lowered to almost water level to allow the dog easy exit and entry of the boat. The builder has the option to construct any of 5 defined hull sizes, or anything else of their choosing. It was so well engineered originally that it went almost unchanged for more than fifty years. Laminated hoops, hinged on a stainless plate on the bow or further down if the skin is removable.
I cut through three places with a cutplane and extended the lines to a straight line forward. It would be nice to have a very lightweight trailer for a very lightweight (say 350 pound) boat, but stock hardware tends to be heavy. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Easy to build and assemble at the water, it fits in all trucks and suv's, no trailer required. This is the third generation of the "wedge" hull shape design, and it incorporates the previous builders suggestions for greater freeboard, dry storage and a sail rig option.
The single occupant hull is 8' long, with an additional center module it will seat two, and is 11' feet long. Ideally suited to the novice sailor, it features many options, from foot steering and boom-less sail, to a unique method of keeping the hull erect in heavy winds.

Approved by Shorty Routh, the PDR originator, the modular version has good interior room and can accept all PDR options, and it is class legal to race. Capable of accommodating 2 adults, it makes a great hunting or fishing boat, to get into those hard to reach areas. All the attributes of the Toter 2 are enhanced with the sail rig, making the boat a true multi-tasker. The plans are complete, and provide the builder with many options which will personalize their boat. The hoops need to get bundled on one point forward above the waterline or a separate skin like in a Faltboot would be another route to go. They did not exactly converge but this is due the fact that I did not start with a pointed nose in the first place but rather adapted the curves to each other as I drew the 3D shape when I made the plan. I could have two identical boats plus an optional module in the middle for the Mirage Drive. Maybe what we're really searching for is very economical, lightweight but durable rolling parts. Costing about $100 to construct, and capable of a 6 foot 190 pound occupant, it can be many things to many people. With a 500 pound capacity and ample storage, it also makes a great fishing boat or tender, easily handled by a single person. Rugged yet lightweight, the Easy One makes a great utility boat, and with an added center module, can seat two in comfort. The hull design is unique for a boat this size, and utilizes my "skin on foam" construction process. But, the biggest new feature is the redesigned aft end that can now accept an optional trolling motor. It is also easy to paddle, and will accept a trolling motor for hours of leisurely cruising at 3 mph.
It gets it name from what it is: Simple-Inexpensive-Multipurpose-Portable-Lightweight-Easy to build. It also has built-in buoyancy, but still nests to store in less than 5 square feet of floor space. With built-in safety buoyancy and a short, wide sail, the boat is safe for almost anyone to operate. The Yakima Rack and Roll weighs 150 pounds and only carries 250 pounds and is ridiculously high in price.. The built-in buoyancy and ample storage space, coupled with the optional sailing rig completes the design as a true multi-purpose boat. The boat, named after my Grandsons, is handsome, like them, and is easy to build from 2 sheets of plywood. With a cost of around $100 to build, plus accessories, it is a good boat for those just getting into the boat building hobby. Empty weight is about 130 pounds, plus gear, and it is easily fabricated with common shop tools.
The sail is home made of white polytarp material, and should provide many seasons of enjoyment at very little cost. The 3 modules easily bolt together for fast assembly at the water, and the refined structure will provide years of service. Instead of using screws, nails or other common fasteners, you "tape" the boat together with canvas and contact cement.
Back when I used to sell them, the capacity on most of the Holsclaws in that size range was 500-600 lbs.
Also available is a sail rig set of plans designed specifically for the Pollywog, see below. Built according to the specifications included here, the kayak will weigh only about 40 lbs. However, so long as the correct proportions are maintained, you can shrink the dimensions to turn out a midget version or increase them slightly to gain a little more leg room. While marine plywood may be used for the side panels, exterior grade AA (or even AB) will do just as well here. Shipping is free by means of a download link that will be provided after payment and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase I will refund your payment in full.You can also contact me if you have any questions?

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