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The goal was to have 1 years supply of fuel for my 1980 Ford 340 3 cylinder Diesel 55+ HP tractor. Added some reinforcement to where the chain is going to be permently attached so the pin wont pull through with 440 pounds of weight on it as I raist it into the truck. Then I welded a cross member the two uprights to keep them from wanting to pull together when its lifted in the air from a single lift point in the center.

Then I welded a T to the smaller bung that way I don't need to track down a screw driver every time I want to use it.
Time, check, two days off and the ability to work on it on duty on the weekends at the firehouse. Policemen are just our brothers in public safety who were not smart enough to stand in the right line.

I am a cheapass, so if there is anyway I can make something myself or fix it myself cheaper, I am going to try it.

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