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Atlantic Wind Transfers, the commercial wind-support services arm of Rhode Island Fast Ferry, joined local boat-builder Blount Boats and offshore wind-developer Deepwater Wind for an official Ribbon Cutting ceremony today. The event at the Blount Boats yard in Warren, Rhode Island, will bring together local supply chain businesses to celebrate the economic benefits of the Block Island Wind Farm project to U.S. With the first two jacket foundations for the Block Island project already in the water and on site, preparations for the construction phase of the offshore wind farm are well underway.
Donadio added: “With only the Block Island project currently confirmed, we’ve already seen a number of supply agreements signed with local firms – ranging from vessel construction, and its associated supply chain, to foundation structures.
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Thirstywork wrote:I,m considering getting sealant for the mdf what is your opinion on that?Can I ask what the reason is for you to want to seal the MDF. Well I've been looking at the possibility of doing more interior parts, I'm going to look at 3D printing them. This is just to show what the model will be looking like with all the parts fitted.Again these are mostly just laid in place, as most of this is just a dry build at the moment. Looking good and it is a big beast, will pick up issue 11 tomorrow and then 9 more weeks to go until I start. K just checked on German site can't see 84 too clearly but there dosnt look like there's a gap? Been playing with my yellow tape I've covered the areas that will be covered up with outer skin, its only rough as the shape will be different I know.
I've started to fit issue 3 together.I've started to glue in the ribs as this area will be open.

Now what I have found is that where they have cut the piece using the laser cutter, the edges are at a slight angle. Yet, while Deepwater’s project will provide much-needed impetus for the development of a North American offshore wind-supply chain, it is crucial that the offshore wind-farm development is recognized as the first of many more projects to come. Senator Jack Reed added, “It’s encouraging to see firsthand the economic momentum that renewable energy projects like this are helping to generate. It could all come down to just building the model as it is More to come on this as the parts come in.
Thanks for the info, the last two I'd already posted, but thank you very much for looking The drawing one I had seen, I'm trying when I get some time to get to a copier to get that one scaled up to the right size so I can use it as a master.
I noticed that if it sit level at the top of the piece the slot won't be in line and you'll have a lip along the other rib 23.
As you look at the photo the right hand side is the bow of the model the single long cut out with the 4 round holes are the torpedo area. Blue area comes with issue 3 will be the main control area with the conning tower above,Green area comes with issue 1 will be the captains, officers, torpedo area plus others.Red area comes with issue 2 will be the forward torpedo area. It's only a slight angle but once the parts are joined, you end up with one side perfectly touching each other.
Ignore the dust on the rigging - saddly the string included in the kit seems to attract dust like a magnet and it's very delicate and getting it off is butt-clench time. As our nation reduces its independence on fossil fuels, Block Island is demonstrating the tangible benefits of the emerging offshore wind industry and setting a benchmark.
Would love to get a set if the once they will be supplying to see what there like, but I'll have to wait till there released here then see what is what. All 3 issues together.The model in the back ground is the Bismarck, so that give you an idea of the scale of this model.
By having this like they show, it has a knock on effect as the support beam will not slot in. And the other side has a slight gap.Not to much to worry about as once there glued they will be fine.

When I come to fitting these I'll more then likely join them together first, then fit them as one piece.
I understand why they've done this as it makes issue 1 and 2 as one whole centre sheet, no join in the middle. Because on this side of the boat would be a radio room, where I've marked the captains office. Congressmen Jim Langevin and David Cicilline, will also have the opportunity to see the development of the first offshore wind-crew transfer vessel to be built for the market, and gain an overview of how such vessels are already employed in the European offshore wind markets. When sanding mdf the dust it releases is harmfull, so do this outside and wear a mask in case the wind changes direction on you. But you could get round this by remaking a replacement from the parts supplied from ply, or joining these parts in away that you don't need the small block that acts as a support.
I've noticed on a couple of sites some bemoaning the price of this piece of kit but I equate it to either two beers a week or a packet of fags. This could be done by drilling holes in the end of the sections and inserting some wood dowels to act as locating pins. If your not sure when you get the first issue that has MDF in it buy two sets so you can play with one and when your ready use the second set. I would like to see if I can open parts of these up and try and build the interior sections.
I'm still searching the www looking for ref info, on sections that could be incorporated with in the build, but this could take some time to scratch build them.
I've been looking at the part a German company has done for the torpedo section, but personnly I don't think there that great and worth the money.
So until I've decided what I'm going to do I won't be adding the little support piece just in case, I'm going to wait until I've seen one of the internal section piece that Hachette will be supplying with the kit.

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