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Not selling anything, just like being creative and find this little craft does just what I was hoping it would, and still pretty cheap. I started with a $208 Cheek Company Sport LT one-man inflatable pontoon boat from Sportsman's Warehouse. Well, we bought 3 of them (extra one for one of my son-in-laws who's an avid fisherman), a nice fishing pole and some tackle.
Took mine to my shop Monday and did some considering on what it would take to fix this thing so I wouldn't have to set in water anymore. I decided I wanted to use wood for the deck boards and also wanted to use a trolling motor. The archives are full of ideas on customizing these type of craft, so they make for interesting reading.
I decided I wanted to use wood for the deck boards and also wanted to use a troweling motor.
There is a reason the maker keeps the seat low, these are used around here to float down rivers, sometimes with swift choke points.
This also reminds me of an inflatable boat my uncle and I made when I was a kid in the 60s. Now, it seems you could make a nicer one and cover the bottom say with hypalon material and fasten it to the deck, better oars, etc.
Wavewacker - I built a houseboat back about 1960 (when the adventures of huckleberry finn came out). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Location: romania, constanta pontoon houseboat Hello my name is Robert I am from Constanta, Romania. My question is what is the price there in US for one pair of pontoon float boat which has 24ft long and 25'' diameter? Location: OREGON If you can buy quality marine plywood where you are and can buy epoxy you can build pontoons or sponsons probably cheaper than steel pipe and use standard sized lumber to connect the two floats together, all coated with 3 coats of epoxy. You could certainly build something similar to the picture, but I would hesitate to think it would be cheaper than 15,000 euro. I want to make a pontoon houseboat on 2 float boat like this one My question is what is the price there in US for one pair of pontoon float boat which has 24ft long and 25'' diameter? Location: romania, constanta I have a question about this windows from image. Location: Eustis, FL Considering your lack of experience in the boating world, you can just forget about designing your own boat. Yes, those ports in the above image do open and this is the experience issue I mentioned, as one look and most would see the doubled glass track.
The original photo you posted shows two 50 HP outboards, which in the current USA market will be about $5k to $6k, depending on features.
Maybe it would be best if you evaluate your budget and consider your other options, such as restoration or major upgrades to an existing vessel.
Tube Dude on that site is a master at redesign, and even has compiled an extensive book of pictures on his creations. After building a pontoon houseboat myself for my own use I can't be sure you'd save any money.

Building from plans will likely be much of a challenge for you, so don't bite off more then you can chew. This simply means the propulsion system for the boat you want to make will very probably be over $10k (USD) and this doesn't count the controls, steering etc., let alone the rest of the boat!
The costs of materials really do add up especially if you like I have to pay freight for some materials you can't source out locally.
Configure Watch VideoSport Family 14'Sport Family RE 18'Sport Bow Fish 14'Sport Bow Fish RE 16'Sport Family 14'Mate HelmstandThe Sport is the perfect boat for small lakes, small gas or electric motors, easy hauling, and sunset cruises for 2 or 4.
Used conduit bending the ends of the pipe so that they provided posts under the decking and ran across the top of the deck, ] shaped with the short ends down.
Good luck with whatever you decide or inclined to do, I know mine has worked out well for us and you can't beat the satisfaction of building and making a boat your own.
Went to the tire shop and bought two large innertubes, stretched them front to rear on each side and sraped them into shape. Superior quality pontoons, anodized railings, matrix 50 vinyl and aluminum seat bases will provide years of durability.

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