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Pontoons are particularly suitable for nature enthusiasts, or just lovers of the great outdoors. Even when the fish are not biting, the benefits of being in the fresh open air tell on the health and vigor of fishermen. The early outrigger canoes were slightly different in that the 'rig' was a piece of wood that floated, and was attached to the canoe by means of wooden lashings at a distance of 4' 6'. The third advantage of the fishing pontoon is that, by the nature of the boat, it floats on the water and has a very shallow draft.
To view specifications of some pontoon boats visit You would need to use the STORE search to find a photo and more details about any particular one of them. If fiberglass is too much trouble, there are other solutions for protecting wood from the elements -- if you don't do something it'll start to delaminate quickly. I'd visit the hardware store for a couple stainless steel L-brackets (shelf brackets for example -- that's not a whole lot of weight) for mounting. I am not entirely sure, but i would imagine that someone makes aftermarket "miniature pontoons" that you could put underneath the deck between the two existing pontoons.
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Well, it would seem that my wife would like a pontoon boat and since I'm addicted to this boatbuilding I thought I would give it a whirl and see what I could come up with. I don't want the house on top, I would outfit mine just as a suntracker pontoon or any other such commercial fish and lounge pontoon.
George, these boats are built about 30 miles from me, I have been to there place and they have some cool ideas with there designs .

Some people find their relaxation in other ways, but none of them is quite so refreshing as being out of doors.
Buy them, furnish them, add to them, review them, be safe in them, maintain them, build them.
I know not to attach anything to the edge of the plywood, so I need some sort of bracket to do this. The only homebuilt pontoon designs I found were Glen-L and I would rather not build a plywood on frame if possible.
I also wouldn't taper the pontoon in plan view in this area either, you'll just lose valuable wetted surface, where you need it most.Most of the commercially available round aluminum tube pontoons never really get up on plane, they just pile on enough power, in a light enough platform, (hence all the aluminum) to blast along at a good clip. Glen-L sells plans for pontoons that are very similar to what I drew up, but they are plywood on frame design and I was really wanting to go with the building process we use here.
This means 6, maybe 7 knots for the size pontoons you're looking to build.This is a finely crafted wooden pontoon boat. No noise of motors to disturb the bird calls, the occasional splash of fish, the secretive gurgle of ripples around the craft, the gentle whisper of a breeze among the reeds, and all the other little sounds that together make the peace of wild water so especially soothing. These fishing pontoons have two pontoons laid parallel to each other, a short distance apart. Using them for recreational purposes allows one to explore new areas where other boats have not been able to go. The rigid variety is seldom longer than 9' in length, making it not too difficult to transport, either in the back of a pick-up or on the roof of a car. I spent a few minutes on autocad drawing up an idea and thought I'd see if anyone cares to comment on them.

I also suspect the flat bottom will slap a fair bit once you have enough speed on.Pontoons boats need to be built quite light if you want any real speed out of them (over 12 knots).
They have the rocker on theirs which is why I thought it must have some merit, however they do not state speeds. The results are quite beautiful, though the 90 HP 4 stroke can only muster 7 knots.He estimates it's 3,000 pounds, but I estimate it's a far bit more. This keeps the fisherman dry and this elevated position has the slight advantage of enabling further vision afield. I'm hoping to make them move along at a decent pace, yet avoid the power and expense of aplaning hull design. I would even consider a used factory boat, but around here they are few and far between and everything I have seen has been terribly overpiced. I know that long and skinny increases displacement speeds, but how fast can a 24foot long hull travel without planning? I simply refuse to pay $14k for a used 20' pontoon, not when I can build a 24' for much less than that. It's not my intention to offend you George, but I'd recommend a better understanding of design or starting with a well known design of good balance, as your jumping off point for this new pontoon boat.That's why I copied the look of the Glen-l design, with the intent to adapt it to our building method. If I am completely stupid let me know as I'd rather not waste the money, but if it's do-able then I'm gonna go for it.

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