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Modelers have enjoyed building and flying their own model airplanes since the beginning of the 20th century.
Model aircraft construction technology and methods advanced over the years which greatly facilitated the process of building your own RC model airplane.
Todaya€™s generation of affordable and high quality ready to fly aircraft and balsa park flyers provide an attractive option for the busy RC pilot to own and fly a wide variety of aircraft.
The first step in building your own plane is constructing a model from a well designed kit.
You will quickly find that the building of any model airplane follows certain patterns regarding wing, fuselage and tail construction. A great aspect of learning how to build your own RC model from airplane plans is the ability to construct and fly a large variety of model aircraft. In addition to the indoor aircraft plans available on this website, to include the free download of the Finch micro RC airplane, Chickadee and the 1912 Blackburn monoplane, there are many additional model aircraft plans available from the various model airplane magazines.
The final step in knowing how to build your own RC aircraft is the option of preparing your own original model airplane design. In summary, gaining the easily learned skills to build your own RC aircraft will greatly expand the types of models you can fly, as well as your enjoyment of this great hobby. For some remote control airplane enthusiasts, the simple act of flying is not enough to fulfill their hobbyist needs. When undertaking a task as delicate and complex as building a functional RC model airplane, it is important to have a solid plan in mind. As purchasing just a set of plans might seem daunting to less experienced craftsmen, RC model airplane kits provide a more accessible alternative, as they come with varying amounts of ready-to-assemble parts that obviate the need for extensive craftsmanship. Before attempting to build your RC model airplane, ensure that you have the all the necessary tools and materials at your disposal. For starters, an X-Acto knife proves absolutely necessary when cutting the materials that eventually form your aircraft. If you opt to build your RC model plane from a set of plans rather than purchasing an all-inclusive kit, there are some pieces you more than likely need to purchase separately, as their fabrication requires expert levels of knowledge or access to special materials and equipment. As each different kit and set of plans comes with different instructions, it is important to follow along closely to the directions given. Whether purchasing an entire RC model airplane kit or just the plans on eBay, it is important to make sure that you are investing in an item suited to both your level of skill and commitment to building a functioning machine.
This new crop of RC pilots is eager to fly, but the idea to build your own RC airplane, such as the Blackburn, may never have crossed their minds. Until the late 1990s when the first almost ready to fly and ready to fly RC aircraft started becoming available, modelers had to construct their own RC airplanes to have something to fly.

Many RC pilots derived as much satisfaction from making their own airplanes as they did from flying their new models.
What a lot of modelers did not fully realize was that many prospective pilots wanted to participate in the hobby, but either did not have the skills needed to build your own airplane kit, or perhaps lacked the time or inclination to take up this task. The model airplane industry did not initially see this future market for ready to fly model airplanes so there were few RTF or ARF aircraft available.
Model airplane technology advanced and prescient business people saw that people were having less and less time to pursue hobbies. Even in a world of ready build RC aircraft, there are still valid reasons for knowing how to build your own RC airplane. After you build own an model airplane from a kit the next step is to build a model from a set of construction plans.
The only extra steps constructing a plan built model involve studying the drawing to come up with a build sequence and a list of materials. The main advantage of building your own airplane from plans is entry into a much wider world of available modeling subjects.
Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine Model Kit SummaryHaynes, the world's leading publisher and retailer of car and motorcycle manuals, has produced a realistic working model of a combustion engine which you can build yourself. Includes a Haynes Manual which features easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a guide to the working principles of an internal combustion engine. Plus, once completed the model maker can register the built engine online and will receive a certificate of authenticity from Haynes Publishing.
For example, Quiet and Electric Flight International magazine has an excellent quality full size pull-out model airplane plan in each monthly issue. In order to augment their experience, these devotees oftentimes forego purchasing a pre-made RC plane in favor of a model kit or model plans. Fortunately, there is a variety of RC model airplane plans available for purchase to satisfy a diversity of needs, both cosmetic and functional.
If working from a kit, the instructions should contain a list of all the tools needed to assemble its parts.
When used in conjunction with a metal ruler, it provides the straight lines necessary for precision engineering.
You need an engine, whether it be gas or electric, to power your plane, as well as other accessories, such as wheels and landing gear, to provide vital support functions. Flight is a precision science, and any bit of variance, no matter how slight it might seem, could render your entire project a failure. For beginners, kits featuring prefabricated parts offer a more accessible entry point into the hobby, whereas experts might prefer to take on the entire task themselves.

Rather than restricting themselves to the role of pilot, they can also play the part of engineer and construction crew by opting to build their own RC model airplane from the ground up. For those interested in recreating the appearance of specific airplanes, there are plans based on all sorts of different real-life aircraft, including classic airplane models such as the P-51 Mustang. However, if working from a set of plans, the instructions might be a little less clear until you reach the specific step wherein you need the tool. Once the entirety of the plane and its systems are ready to go, installing a remote control system to oversee their operation renders your plane flyable. Make sure that all your parts and pieces either match up to their description in the kit, or if they are handcrafted, to the exact dimensions given in your plan.
Whatever your preference between the two might be, you can confirm whether a particular product meets your needs by either checking the item details or consulting the seller.
With the right design, the proper equipment and building materials, and a little bit of effort, you too can build your own RC model airplane to take to the skies. In terms of the RC plane's performance, plans range from the simple trainers to complex acrobatic models. In order to avoid being surprised while your work is in progress, it is best to maintain a basic set of tools that come in handy during the construction process. After cutting the pieces, a sanding block helps to smooth the pieces into the proper shape. One trick frequent builders like to use is constructing their model directly atop the plans, as it ensures that the pieces match those depicted, and that they perform the steps in the proper order. With the vast array of RC model airplane resources available on eBay, you can be on the way to building your ideal craft in no time at all. Learn also the technique of using an existing successful design, like the Pietenpol, as a template for another model such as the Fokker D.VIII. A hobby square ensures you can affix pieces at the proper angles, while epoxy glue holds them fast in place. Finally, a drill aids in creating the necessary guide holes for wiring and mounting purposes.

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