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Today I'm sharing my experience using Mod Melts products to make resin-style embellishments and how to make your very own knock-off versions using hot glue instead (for a fraction of the price!). So what the heck are Mod Melts?  Made by Plaid (the makers of Mod Podge), Mod Melts are meltable sticks to use in your hot glue gun and melt into small-sized corresponding silicone molds. I was really intrigued by them - especially because you could paint them using a variety of finishes to make them custom colored, metallic, glittery, etc. I had to wait until they finally came to my local craft store to buy some (I don't have the spare money or time to fly myself cross country to the big craft supply shows to get preview access to stuff like this).

They started turning out better (although nearly impossible to get completely bubble free), but I noticed I went through a lot of the material pretty quick. The big surprise for me was that they weren't super hard like resin shapes, more rubbery, like dried hot glue. And they painted up great - I actually noticed the paint coverage seemed better on the hot glue shapes. I also noticed painting with many coats and using textures like glitter helped hide imperfections on both the Melts & glue varieties.

I also noticed the molds weren't all that different than any other shallow silicone molds. Of course there's probably some proprietary ingredients in the Mod Melts that makes them last longer or maybe their molds have slightly more details, but so far I'm just as happy with my hot glue & favorite mold combos.

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