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Moving my open bow runabout out of the garage I snagged the top of the windshield frame on the garage door and basically destroyed one section of it. I have access to some CNC machine tools and a wire EDM (making an extrusion die?) but I have no experience with aluminum extrusion or how to recreate the required contour. Location: maine I would replace the entire top exrtusion with a custom mahogany piece. Either you get lucky and find the correct extrusion, or replace the whole top molding with matched pieces, or go with a wood replacement. It should be laminated from thinner strips, glued with epoxy, and well sealed with epoxy and many coats of varnish.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Taylor Made Systems has engineered many of the key innovations in marine glazing systems, including the first curved glass windshields.
Our mechanical windshield systems are classified by type and size of metal framing system. ITS (Integrated Tower System): Mount wakeboard towers and hardtops directly to the windshield. Vista Plus: Engineered for endurance, this tough duty profile offers value-added features at a competitive price.

Our Sport Boat shields are manufactured to exceptionally high design standards of finish and quality and feature stylish, aerodynamically shaped surfaces, excellent optical quality and durable framing. And our modular construction and semi-flexible panel joints make for efficient deck installations.

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