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Now that you have the basic shape we need to add supports.Measure out the middle of the square and place a 2x4" support there. I'm wondering if there would be a way to rig up something so that the floating dock is primarily kept at the end of another pier in a semi permanent position - maybe even connected to some non moveable posts but then when we wanted to move it out to deeper water on weekends we could easily move it.
I put a few poles on the far end through some mounts that I sunk down when it was to stay in place.
The ramp was wobbly for sure, I would think just turning the barrels 90 degrees from how I set them would help a ton. Have you tried putting a small railing & trolling motor on one for a motorized family fishing boat? Thank You and your instructions, I was finally able to put in a dock, My 14 year old son and I were able to comprehend your instructions and my 11 year old daughter loves it. Like PKM said there are so many different variables in price here but I spent just over $200. The floating barrels are basically sealed, plastic drums that are tied to the pier sections using a wax-coated marine rope that does not deteriorate in water.
Building a floating dock with barrels is an economical way to gain access from that small pond or lake shore property.
There are a lot of beautiful wooden boats that can be constructed if you possess the plans.
Over the last 15 years, CLC boatbuilding classes have launched 900 boats and introduced more than a thousand students to the joys of boatbuilding.. The construction of a boat dock is very similar to the construction of a deck you would build at your home, with the addition of some specialized hardware.
Boat dock designs building plans can be designed based on your dock needs, and how you want your layout to be.
Mod-U-Dock features innovative, patented modular systems in BOTH FLOATING DOCKS AND STATIONARY configurations, with dock kits available.
Modular design and use of top quality UV-inhibited, marine-grade PVC sets Mod-U-Dock apart from other dock systems. The open tread decking has a 12 year warranty and comes in Seafoam (cream), Maple (tan), and Light Grey.
In addition to ramps and gangways, dock benches, ladders, dock boxes, solar lights, and shore attachments are available.

Flexible dock design and dock building options including boat slips and finger piers maximize configuration possibilities. Get as close as you can as your final product will be quite heavy and you don't want to have to move it too far.Luckily I had a relatively flat area near the lake I was placing mine and I could keep things pretty level. I found it super sturdy, a 2x10 frame would give it a few more inches above the water which could be nice but the build as-is I found extremely stable. We are now going to attempt your ramp, Turned out perfect with no issues had it built in 2 days ,first day got stormed out. A good current and a bump with a log or boulder will send you and your barrels in separate directions. There are many variables that have to be addressed, because the dock is not anchored like a normal dock. A T design allows for several floating barrels underneath one section, giving it the ability to handle a lot of weight. The barrels are tied to the sections and staggered from one side to the other from the front of the section to the back of the section.
The T section should have anchors at the inside corners and the middle of the T to minimize swinging. Does anyone have plans ?We are looking to construct a floating wooden boat dock for our camp on the river.
I went though a few different poles though trying to find a good strong one that wouldn't bend with a good wind. We put hooks in the raft to attach to the end of the dock so we could easily disconnect it to bring it out deeper for jumping off when we were at camp. I was thinking of cutting the platform in half and adding heavy duty hinges at all the circles indicated and then splice plates on the 2x8's with lag bolts. Tied them in with three continuous lengths of braided poly-rope, running through eye screws and over the middle of the barrels. Floating docks are ideal for rivers and lakes that do not freeze in the winter or whose waterline rises and falls with tides or seasonal effects.
This is because the sections are typically 36 inches wide and there is not enough room to double up the barrels side by side. Make sure and keep two sides of the square on the inside of the square effectively making an 8'x8'4" square. Regardless everything sits nice and high with no water in the barrels, not sure how high a 18 foot jet boat sits but I'm sure you could climb in.

We plan on disconnecting the barrels before taking to the river so it would be lighter and easier to transport but not sure if it would be strong enough. When designing a floating dock, there are three main concepts that will make or break the dock design. As long as you what it needs to take on a boat building project, you'll be good to go.
I figure with all the kids I have with me I needed to make it wide enough for all the kids to get in and out safely.
For slightly more you can purchase an inflatable raft that's easy to transport and gives more to prevent punctures. Use a level across the top of the pier section and make marks on both posts where the top of the pier is.
I didn't screw these in yet incase I needed to make adjustments.At this point you can also ready your barrels. We also added solar water proof lights to it so it was more visible in the water at night ! Make sure the plugs are tightened and then apply a layer of silicone caulking over the plug to ensure a good seal and prevent leaking. I did not fill the barrels with any sort of ballast but some people suggest doing so for stability. Then cut points on 10-foot treated 2-by-4 inch lumber and put one end into the water at an angle against the outside of the post until it hits the bottom. I joined my dock and walkway with 4 eyebolts, 2 on dock centered and 2 on walkway that went just on the outside of the ones from the dock. Use a sledge hammer to hammer the boards in as far as they will go and attach to the post with screws.
If you put a nut on the eyebolt and mount it through the dock and walkway you can slide the pipe through and tighten the caps down easily.

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