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I know it was some time ago but do you by any chance have more photos and details about your hardtop build.
I made a jig of 2X4's with a 3" camber and laminated the 4 sheets of divinicell over it. It was pretty stiff after I got it finished but was able to pull it tight to the aluminum frame when installing. If you look in the left side of the pic, you can see a 2X4 frame I used to lay the divinicell on to form the camber. Last night I ran to Home Depot and bought some basic hardware to build a DIY raised hardtop storage 'rack'. First I roughly measured where I was going to hang this, and marked the spots on the ceiling. After hanging the chain from the ceiling hooks I made sure I could hang from each individual hook. I securely tightened the bolts on the screws on the planks with two wrenches, and hung the semi-finished product from the chains. By the time I finished cleaning out the garage, sweeping up for screws (always important!!) and putting stuff away it was 11:30PM, and I needed to shower and get to bed. Weather permitting, tomorrow I'll have the top back on the Jeep, all in black this time, so photos of that to come. Mainly though, I wanted to say that I know you haven't had a lot of comments about the soft barn door, but I (for one) am VERY VERY VERY interested in this project as well.

If the soft barn door project goes well, I'm sure there could be a JK application that would be very popular as well.
I haven't talked to the company about their interest in commercializing the soft barn door, but they are supporting the project because they've sent me a factory-style rear window to use for the prototype.
Which version would you guys be interested in buying, and how much would you expect to pay for it? I'm not familiar with the JK soft top at all, next time I see one in a parking lot I'll have to walk over and take a look so I could design one for the JK also. Tell what I WAS going to do with my old 28 foot Bayliner: It had the usual canvas top, bimini deal that had to be taken down and stored every winter, put up every spring, leaked water, needed repair, etc. If you dont want to take the time to make a mold then do what warthog did as thats the second easiest way and it will come out nice.
I am getting a custom hardtop built, but I am concerned about how to run wires on a hardtop?
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. I just did a 3 layer lay-up (1 of 1808 and 2 of 1.5) and gelcoated both sides to replace a canvas t top. I didn't have any real plans or anything, just a basic idea of what I wanted to do to hang it from my garage ceiling.
I screwed the 6' pine planks together (with a couple general wood screws) in two pairs for additional support against bowing with the weight.

A ready-to-zip-in version, complete with the soft windows, all you've got to do is install it. A kit version, providing all of the framework, what you would do is cut your soft rear window and assemble it into the frame, then install the finished assembly on the Jeep. I'm talking a real fiberglass encapsulated marine grade plywood custom top to go onto the windshiled area and form a cabin that can be enclosed with the thick clear vinyl.
I would lay it up with a layer of 1808 contacting the core and 1 or 2 layers of 1.5 oz mat. I would like to add a shorter beam of wood with a hole on each end, that will perfectly resemble the inner lip around the top so it is not sitting on the lowest point (thin lip) of the hardtop.
I got the layout of the side pentagram yesterday, and am concentrating on uper dimensions next week.
Yeah, weight is a consideration relating to it being top heavy, but I think my hull center of gravity will not be thrown off enough to make a difference. The interesting thing about the balsa is that it comes in sheets that are fastened on one side, so it seems like you could lay the sheets over a curved form and glass them up. You will save lots of time in sanding and fairing and probably be suprised how easy it really is.

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