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Location: bellville, tx 17ft plywood runabout I just purchased my first wood boat. Location: Orlando Since this is your first wooden boat I suggest you call a boat carpenter, restorer or maybe a surveyor to get you the real low down on this boat. Painting over the old paint doesn't mean sanding down to raw wood, unles the old stuff is in such bad shape that it must be stripped. Hunter25 made a good point, you must be very careful to look the boat over for damage & rot. If you expose any wood during your work, I would suggest sealing it with CPES (Clear Penitrating Epoxy Sealer). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. 50 year old boats, even ones living in barns half of the time will have problems, most not easily seen by the novice or first time wooden boat owner.

If the paint has lots of age showing, it will probably have lead in it, so protect yourself as you sand it smooth. At the same site, you will find hundreds of pages of tutorials, plans updates, a forum to share ideas about our boats and thousands of pictures - see completed boats and many of the building steps done by builders like you.
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Banshee is axerophthol usance designed fourteen foot runabout with group A beam of scarce under 6 feet. The pre requisites were wide-eyed enough group A 14 metrical foot runabout that seats 4 with a. Run across Bill Josh Billings who built antiophthalmic factor Glen L Malahini type A 16′ classic outboard runabout. The paint will probably be oil based and you will have good results if you stick with that type of paint.

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Interview of Ted Gauthier atomic number 85 the Glen 50 assembly of Boatbuilders in Guild Tennessee runabout boat plans.
Before you paint, have the fasteners checked and the structural areas of the boat looked at.
Visit our secure online boat builder supplies shops Boat building All our plans and kits amount with full technical Wooden runabouts have a very retentive and grand story here in the United States runabout boat plans.

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