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Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Seat for Classic Wood Canoe I am building a wood canoe, Rushton's Wee Lassie design, and want to have an appropriate seat.
Does anyone have any pictures or know of some on the Net that I can look at for inspiration? The Wee Lassie approaches the sensibilities of a stringed instrument, and requires a similar deft hand to build. I plan to hinge the back so it rests against the thwart when fully reclined so I can slide up and sit on the thwart for dry exits.
At under twenty pounds, the Wee Lassie could be hung up in the barn easily, tossed on the truck at a moment's notice, etc..
Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada With a tack where each of 12 planks crossed 47 frames plus lots more for stems, keel and scarf joints, the original construction method involved more than 1000 tacks.
Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada I haven't given up on this project and will post results and pics when I have some. In the meanwhile, many thanks to those who indicated interest and provided advice and support. I am now looking at getting the Wee Lassie project back into gear, maybe a cane-back would look right for that one. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I would encourage you to start a BLOG entry here if you are willing to share the experience and build history.
I am getting down to the short rows with this project which I started by buying a jetski in Roseville (E Sacramento) about March 2010 sometime I think.  What a fun project this has been and how much I have had putting it together and all the headscratching that goes along with this.
I bought a neato trailer for it and as soon as I get it spruced up I will figure out how to get the boat setting on top of the trailer and down to the water.
Then I will want to totally share!  Going to include one photo here, when I flipped the boat, and it shows how the pump intake was incorporated into the seven degree V-bottom to help prevent slipping and skidding into the bank!

Thank you Don.  Believe it or not I am a sales rep and northern California is part of my territory.  I won't be through there though for some time, but if I make it through and the offer still stands, maybe we can grab lunch, trade some boat stories and look at those seats and that AWESOME sled!  MAN, YOU ARE SKILLED!
Scott, Thanks so much for the offer!  Your seats look awesome and I would love to get the pattern from you!  Please let me know what I can do for you!  I would be absolutely willing to pay for them.! Here is a simple, comfortable seat you can quickly build from plywood leftover from your boatbuilding project. The key issue in boats like the ones I design is the driver is sitting at the same level as the throttle.
You can build one of these seats with a small amount of 5mm or 6mm exterior- or marine-grade plywood, and a very small amount of lumber. NOTE: This seat works very well in a boat with a narrow cockpit with high coamings which will contain the driver laterally. The ones I have seen on books for similar style canoes are a pair of ply plates on a pivoted thwart with a ply seat bottom, and I wanted something a bit more ornate and maybe more comfortable too.
Cane seats have been suggested but I don't think I can make one and the ones I have seen for sale are all for conventional canoes. It works but the hinges are ugly so I will design the slatted version with hardwood dowel pivots.
The Wee Lassie would make a fine boat using glued cedar planks with frames or cedar strip and glass and the original builders, if brought back to life today, might just have gone with that.
At first I was considering using 2 inch wide ply frames spaced a foot apart to tie the planks together as an alternative to glued lapstrake, but I am now thinking of butted seams with glass tape on the inside and Dynol on the outside. I think I have solved the problem of getting butted planks (not lapped) to stay aligned while I glue the seams (if it works I will tell how it's done). I just finished the replacement canoe for the one that was trashed in the fire last year; here's pics of the seat I did for that one.
I found the sliding seat was unnecessary as the boat is much easier to get and out of than the plastic kayaks I was using; they have been dry for months now as this wood boat is lighter, faster and easier to paddle.

I haven't got my two seats tested yet, so hesitate to recommend what I managed to come up with. The frames would only be required to add cross-grain strength so you may get by with as few as a dozen. I have started construction on a replacement for a wood boat that was destroyed, which will likely get a slatted fan-back seat as originally planned. Wee Lassie is still waiting for an opportunity to start as another boat building project got in the way. I will make the seat bottom with cross slats per JEM's pic to replace the first trial ply effort.
It was innovative in its time, the NY builders were not using what they considered traditional construction.
Currently I am running trials on method of getting the seams accurately butted without stitching. I will probably use a variant of stitch and glue rather than glued lapstrake, but I am still experimenting with joint test pieces to ensure I get the strength needed before I start cutting. I just printed it out, spray mounted it on a piece of Masonite, cut it out and made it smooth, put double sided tape on the pattern stick it to the oak.
Rough cut the oak on the band saw Then using a pattern makers bit on the router table You have your seet sides.

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