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Our company extensive experience in boat building; we have the necessary facilities, equipment and skilled personnel. Most vessels are now built in Bodrum, Bozburun, Istanbul and on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. The number of passengers the gulette can carry depends on the accommodations but usually the figure is between eight and sixteen. There are basically three types available of Gulet in Turkey, the standard Gulet, the Ayna Ketch and the Tirhandil.
For the prospective buyer of a Gulet all that is really needed, is to know the basic difference between the three types and the advantages and disadvantages of each depending on its intended primary function.
The standard Gulet is similarly shaped to the Tirhandil with a rounded and undercut stern,but usually larger. Despite generally being the superior sailing vessel of the three, have less aft deck space for Blue Cruise voyages, they are not as frequently commissioned by local builders and thus remain elusive. Tirhandils are workhorses of the Mediterranean last 2 thousand years and is similar to its cousin, the caique, and the Greek transport vessel called perama.
This is the ultimate in Charter Gulet development, a compromise between a sailing Gulet and functionality as a spacious charter boat.
After small beginnings and many years of in-depth experience of the fundamentals of what makes a good yacht, the charter version of Valena Yachting was born.
The hull is keenly shaped by loving eyes as the architect and engineer work closely together, giving birth to the latest hull to be launched in August 2006. Logs of African mahogany are carefully selected and the cut to start the final drying process.
The very latest technology and skills are linked with old fashioned craftsmanship, producing fine vessels. Beautiful interiors with exceptional finish setting high standards which are followed through to the standard of charter and onboard service. The traditional wooden Gulette built on the Southern Coast of Turkey has developed from the original working vessel into the very popular pleasure yacht. Originally built of pine, wider availability of other timber has meant that these boats are now made out of teak and mahogany as well as varying qualities of different kinds of pine.
The modern Gulette is a luxuriously designed yacht with every comfort taken care of and as they are purposely built for the charter boating industry the level of accommodation now resembles that of a five star hotel. Here at Yasemin Yachting we specialize in building custom designed Gulettes to meet your specific requirements. Whilst we specialize in building traditional Turkish Gulettes we also have designers excited about using new materials and modern finishes to create more unusual interiors.
There are a variety of modern spellings for the Traditional Turkish Wooden Yacht, whatever the spelling this classic wooden boat is a modern success.

I've looked at building our own from scratch, but I'm not sure if I'de really be better off $$$ just buying a decent kit. I'm in the same boat, my kids want one of these and I'm not into the cheap cookie cutter models. Building model ships is an absorbing hobby, but it can be even more enjoyable if the correct tools are used.
The little sailors in your family will be overjoyed to clamber aboard our wooden pirate ship playset.
These outdoor wooden boat playsets are built in the Amish community of Holmes County, Ohio. A Swing Attachment Beam can be installed on top of the rail at either level making this yacht a truly versatile vessel of fun. We have experience in constructing almost any kind of boat, cruising yachts, of metal and wood.
They were used for fishing and carrying cargo consisting mainly of amphoras filled with olive oil and wine. As a matter of fact the boats built in Bodrum and Bozburun are so popular that they are referred to as "Bodrum-Type yachts" or "Gulettes".
It is still built of wood which gives off the ambience that only wood can give, but modern technology provides the comfort and the safety. All three types are essentially motor sailing yachts, raising their sails when the wind conditions are most suitable. The increase in dimensions, the addition of a mast or two and subtle modifications to the hull make more room for forward and central cabins, and of course make it more suitable for chartering.
Yet it is the tirhandil, more so than the gulet, which carries the most traditional elements of Aegean sailing boats of the last two millennium.
More suited to motor cruising than sailing, though its design still allows some sailing opportunities in favorable wind conditions.
Craftsmen are gathered to cut and assemble 1000's of cubic feet and raw wood and using traditional methods cross planked glued together to produce another true classic and a work of art. Her super sister ship 'Hic Salta' will be 40m and include 5 guest cabins, deck jacuzzi and separate crew quarters.
The pointed front of the boat and the wide rounded aft allows it to cut through the water with ease and comfort.
The basic exterior design of these classic wooden yachts has not changed much since there first appearance in Turkey. These wooden yachts are perfect for the weather conditions in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. We have a team of professionals experienced and capable of advising you in choosing a design to meet your every need and suggesting additional advantages, perhaps not obvious to the less knowledgeable designer.

There are some specific tools necessary to do the job, such as a good hand drill with a selection of miniature drill bits, something in the region of 0.5mm and 2mm as a general rule. Once on board this Noha’s Ark of playsets, they will find a boatload of room in which to run a muck. The lumber used is #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine  and the craftsmanship are second to none. Over the years the gulette has evolved into its present shape of a broad beam and a wide deck.
The size of the boat and the number of passengers is conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere amplified with the friendly attentions of the crew. The squared off and deepened stern allows for the inclusion of cabins below a raised rear deck, ideal for outdoor dining.
We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.
Small files and wood rasps are very usefull, not just for cleaning up the decorative fittings, but also taking off any waste wood when releasing frames from laser cut sheets.
We take photos of different stages in the building of a boat to show the customer, and we are of course ready to answer any question pertaining to the construction.
It was also used as a fighting ship, and extensive exploration and trading voyages were made with the gulette. The beam cross section is also deepened to eliminate as much as possible the inward slope of the hull in the cabins.
A small pin hammer is a must, and can be used in conjunction with the Amati pin pusher, this clever little device saves on injured digits by allowing you to guide a tack gently into the frame with precision. They have been built in different parts of Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean region of Greece and Turkey. Obviously a good selection of modelling knives is crucial, and the Expo metal shaft handles allow for a variety of cutting blades to be fitted, not to mention specialist chisels & gouges. Curved blades are best for making straight cuts, whilst a straight blade allows for intricate cuts. Miniature needle nosed pliers allow for manipulating small fittings as would a good set of tweezers. Vices and clamps are effectively a third hand, and a good magnifyer is also important, preferably one that's suspended on a free standing base.

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