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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. ProMarin ANS is a marine-design and engineering company, established in 2001 on the island of Smøla in Norway.
South Boats Special Projects Ltd is the world??s leading designer and builder of offshore wind farm service and transfer vessels. Marinelec Technologies is a specialist of electronic security equipments for the maritime sector. For maximum enjoyment when cruising on small craft, you need to carry food and beverages and keep them cold for the duration of the trip. When the heat hits, it’s a given that owners of fibreglass pools will want to spend countless hours in their private oasis. Child safety is important when they are swimming at any of the fibreglass pools Brisbane residents have in their homes.
When the full on heat of the summer time takes you, nothing beats the heat like a swim in your own pool. A fibreglass swimming pool is often the focal point of any yard, particularly during the summer months and landscaping around your pool can turn an average spot into a backyard oasis. A fibreglass pool helps you to make the most of your outdoor space, with a functional and aesthetic focal point that can be enjoyed by all of your family and friends.
Who doesn’t like the idea of spending those hot summer days lounging in your very own pool? Fibreglass pools have more advantages over concrete pools besides being pre-fabricated and quicker and easier to instal, they are also easier and cheaper to maintain.
If you have recently installed your pool, or even if you’re just working through the planning stages, you would have already come across plenty of advice on pool cleaning. More Great Reasons to Get A Fibreglass Pool23 Mar, 2016There are many great reasons to own your own fibreglass pool.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. 1) Create head from fibreglass by applying resin and strips of glass matt to plaster mould 2) Glue sanded plywood disc to wooden rod for antenna.
Boat building plans can be found for free or for a small price online, and these plans can help you build your own boat from scratch without having to pay high costs. Sailing adventures in a boat that you have built are that much more exciting, but there are a number of things that you will need to consider. Building a boat using boat building plans is not difficult as long as you can follow instructions and use a few tools.
DisclaimerThe information provided on this website is intended for general knowledge only and is not a substitute for a medical advice or an advice from a professional coach or a personal trainer.
There is getting an increase of popularity in designing outdoor living like patio or garden.
Since outdoor space has the risk to be exposed to extreme weather condition, it is important for you to provide covering so kids and families could comfortably play around and enjoy at the lawn or back yard. Patio covering idea allows you to design a variety of covers from different types and materials. Discover thousands of images about Utility Trailer on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Naiad has been in business for 25 years and is regarded as a world leader in designing rigid hull inflatable and foam-fendered boats up to 50 feet. The unique design of the range of aluminium and GRP catamarans, starting at 12m to over 30m, offers a complete package, including bespoke design, vessel construction, sea trials, crew and wind turbine access training. Not only is swimming a favored pass time, but the therapeutic benefits are excellent as well.
When it comes to pool builders Brisbane or anywhere at that choosing the right company is of paramount importance to ensure the job is delivered to a high standard. In many cases, an ordinary pool will become a breathtaking showpiece once the proper landscaping is done. The truth is that this style of pool can be designed to fit into most spaces and offer some character to your backyard. Attach painted Perspex for the eye 3) Stretch aluminium mesh around plywood cylinder to make Dalek’s neck 4) Allow head to swivel on neck by connecting with four plywood discs, arranged vertically 5) Use struts of plywood to create shoulder skeleton.

By building your own boat, whether you are considering fiberglass boats, wooden models, or even aluminum boats, you can get a custom boat for a very low price, because you do all the work.
If you are handy then this project is one that you should be capable of without any problems.
Many homeowners realize that their patio can provide beautiful and comfortable escape if decorate properly. Keep in mind that patio covers do not only provide significant protections for outdoor living space, they also have to offer great view to your lawn. You can create cover that carry the style of contemporary, classic, country or even cottage styles. These boats are mainly for commercial use including Pilot Boats, Rescue Vessels, Military Boats, Police and Patrol Boats, and Commercial Passenger Boats.
There are currently 47 South Boats?? vessels in the European market with 13 operators, with experience on over 25 projects.
Sure you can pick up an above ground at the local big box store, but who really wants a big puddle wrapped in blue plastic?
These pools can be placed in corner positions and even adjusted to work in a limited space in your yard. The number of boat building plans that you can find with an online search may surprise you, and you will find hundreds if not thousands of different plans and designs to choose from. This can be a great family project or a way to get the boat you have always wanted at a fraction of the cost. You can create patio covering idea so your patio cover can protect the space and offer beautiful and enjoyable view. Materials like wooden, metals, concrete, polycarbonate or even the combination of different materials can help you choose which cover that fit your budget and also can match the theme of style with your overall home style. You can paint it to create more contemporary or simple style or stain it for classic, country style design. Naiad has customers around the world including US Marines, US Navy, Royal New Zealand Coastguard, Australian Marine Rescue, plus many New Zealand and Australian government departments.
You will find boat building plans for every conceivable boat type, style, and appearance, as well as intended use.
Wood is also relatively cheap, lightweight, strong and versatile so you can build wooden patio cover with any style you like. Naiad's in-house computer aided design (CAD) enables them to be innovative in their design approach, and to research the effect of hull changes on performance. Once you have built or restored your boat make sure that it is properly sealed, so that you do not have any leaks or end up with your boat sinking. If finish with stain, wood feels warm and its grain give unique look so your patio looks comfortable and enjoyable.
I'll show you how I built one to suit my needs, but these construction techniques are easily adaptable to your own requirements. Sailboats do not need a motor, but pontoon boats and most houseboats will not move without a power source and this usually involves a motor. Polycarbonate is cheap and lightweight and it is only great for your patio roof so it need to be combined with other material for the structure. Thicker insulation means that you can carry a higher proportion of food to ice for a given duration. Any foam insulation will work, but look for the highest R-value you can get for a given thickness.
You want maximum performance while taking the least amount of volume away from the interior. You can build up multiple layers if the foam is thinner or if you want a thicker-walled, more thermally efficient icebox. If placed in the cockpit it will no doubt be used as a seat, so it must be rigid enough to support your heaviest crewmember.
To insure that the cap is flat, clamp the cap pieces with thick flat plywood large enough to cover the entire box and use a weight to apply pressure. To install a drain, bond ?" or 1" PVC pipe into the sidewall, flush with the inside bottom of the box. Bond the pipe in with plenty of thickened epoxy, filling all gaps between the pipe and the box.

Keep in mind the first principle of hydrokinetics -drains always plug up, plugs always leak.
Apply several additional coats of pigmented epoxy to the interior, waiting until the previous application is tacky. When cured, place sections of plastic bags (to prevent inadvertent adhesion) over corner sections and place waxed ?" diameter marbles or ball bearing spacers in the corner slots.
Now place the matching pairs of corner sections for the lid over corner sections on the box top (with the plastic in between).
Coat the top surfaces with thickened adhesive to be sure they are tight against the ball bearing spacers. Then lower the lid onto these corner sections, keeping the lid aligned with the sides of the box.
The gasket slots at the corners of the lid and box should be perfectly aligned when the lid is in position on the box.  Left - Detail of the channel on the top edge of the box. This channel and a mating channel on the underside of the lid will accommodate the rubber gasket. Right - To make the channels, I began by fabricating eight, two-piece corner sections out of ?" plywood and bonded one pair on each of the box's corners. Right-To make the channels, I began by fabricating eight, two-piece corner sections out of ?" plywood and bonded one pair on each of the box's corners.
Apply three coats of white pigmented epoxy to the inside of the lid, including the gasket channel on the lid and on the top of the box.
If it is a portable unit, or if it will be exposed to the elements or rough treatment, apply a layer of fiberglass fabric to the exterior. Then fit and trim the plates about ?" larger than the hinges and apply three coats of epoxy to exposed sides.
Fasten the hinges with flathead stainless steel self-tapping screws that are long enough to pass through the plates into the plywood sides of the lid and box, clamping the base plates to the box and lid until the epoxy cures. There are a couple of tricks to installing the latch which, like the hinges, is mounted on a ?" plywood base plate.
Make the base plate in one piece, with the latch and strike fastened to it in the latched position (below). Coat the plate with three coats of epoxy before blind fastening and bonding it to the base plate using stainless steel flathead machine screws from the backside. After this has cured, bond the base plate, in one piece, over the joint between the icebox and lid, using thickened epoxy. When cured, open the latch and carefully saw through the base plate at the joint. If the icebox is portable, apply handles.
Right - Blind fasten and bond them to the base plate using stainless steel flathead machine screws from the backside.
Completing the project Prior to painting, remove the hinges and complete any final sanding. Two-part polyurethane provides the toughest finish, but any marine or automotive paint will work.
Apply adhesive to the slot only and place the gasket in position, holding it down with a piece of plywood and light weights.
Apply a fillet of flexible sealant to the mating slot in the lid and let it dry thoroughly before closing the lid. The ?" gasket should form an airtight seal against the sealant in the lid slot.The finished icebox. I added a couple of extra latches for a better long term seal.If the icebox is portable, apply handles.
I also installed an eye in each chock so I could hold the chest down in rough weather with a bungee cord attached to the chest handles.
Before using the icebox, it's a good idea to line the bottom of the ice chest with a rubber pad such as Dri-Dek panels to protect from impact damage.  If the icebox is to be stored on deck, it should be kept in place with chocks bonded to the deck.

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