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I have a confession to make - I haven't followed a single sailing blog since we lost Rebel Heart.
To use a Monopoly euphemism, when we were dealt our Chance card and sent squarely back to where we had come from, I could not find it in me to follow any of my fellow sailing friends as they finished their crossings and then spent the season in the South Pacific; the season we were supposed to be there too. I'm a sucker for reverse titles and I'd seen enough of Deb Akey's posts in Women Who Sail to know I should at least check her book out. If you buy their book, what you'll get is some incredibly solid and valuable advice from two intelligent and technical people. A specific instruction to any surveyor must be that every single item on the equipment list is actually on the boat and functioning properly in every single mode it has.
No boat is perfect, but don't let that be an excuse for buying one that should have been left alone. Any component that has oil that gets changed as a maintenance item -engines, generators, transmissions, v-drives -should have a sample of that oil sent in for analysis. If you are wondering if you are inherently fit for the world of leaving the shore and becoming a cruiser, read everything in the book from the chapter We Be Gypsies until the end.
On whether it is all worth it (from TJ Akey): "Do I wish the the path to this place had been far, far less difficult? Living on the ocean means admitting life is fleeting and capricious instead of living on land and pretending life is permanent and predictable. Deb & TJ have graciously offered to give away a copy of their book How NOT to Buy a Cruising Boat.
The scenario: you are pregnant and you are living on a boat, or about to live on a boat, and possibly living in a foreign country to boot.
37 weeks pregnant with baby #2 in La Cruz, Mexico.Lots of people say "you don't need much" to have a baby, and it's true. Before I begin with my list, let me link you to a few other posts I've written on the topic over the years.
When people tell me that baby carriers are expensive, I don't disagree with them, but people spend a lot of money on baby products. My baby wearing stash includes having a wrap, mei tai, or ring sling for when the baby is a newborn.
Consider getting a water sling (plenty of sellers on Etsy) for times you are in the water and don't feel like having both hands on the baby, or if you have older children to chase around. A lot of times pregnant mamas (especially new moms) focus on the tiny baby, but if you are going to be traveling around the world with a wee one, think ahead for what you will want as your baby grows. Our girls sleep in berths in the boat, with custom lee cloths to keep them safe when underway and contained at night when we're all sleeping. Also, as the founder of Red Charlotte, you can guess that I'd suggest getting some sucking pads and one of my original Stuf Sacks to store your baby carrier.
When I am in the States visiting, or know someone will be coming down to visit soon, I subscribe to emails for sites I like to get deals on shipping, discounts, etc. Some boat cover models include a section to cover an outboard motor, although separate motor covers are also available. The photos of mothers with their babies with different situation on the above blog are looking so nice. Ferry after ferry arrives, and there to meet the refugees are volunteers from all over the world.
Sometimes I step back and look at all the people and wonder if we'll ever be able to help all those in need. The old man looks incredulously at the millions of starfish and says, "this doesn't matter.
And Margaret Mead reminds me, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Marco took us on a walk around his new neighborhood in Winterthur, including taking us into some revitalized industrial buildings. Pro tip for anyone reading this who plans to go on a future distribution trip with CTF: show up in Athens with Euros, including coins.
After finally connecting with the really-big-cart-guy, we made it to our awaiting taxi which chugged along slowly under the weight of all those glorious carriers and 45 minutes after that we made it to our hotel.
Each of us took turns lugging the bags the two and a half miles to the dock where the first ferry with refugees would arrive that day. We waited in the terminal and admired some of the artwork drawn by refugee children in transit. This is the last photo I took because I started fitting carriers as soon as families with children were within reach. It was a flurry of activity for the entire time we had access to refugees with small children.
Our awesome team photographer, Lulu, was able to document day three and all the baby carrier fittings we did. She'll be posting her photos soon, and I promise to update and show you the work we are doing. Next month I'm helping Carry The Future distribute new, or gently-used, baby carriers to refugees arriving in Greece. If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you'll know how important babywearing is to me.
When I found out about Carry The Future (CTF), and their very direct, and simple goal - of getting baby carriers to parents who were about to walk thousands of miles with their children in arms, I knew I'd found an organization that spoke to me. If you are unaware of the path refugees take once they reach Greece, the map below will give you a good idea. This map comes from a Buzzfeed article that walks you through the path that refugees take on their way to safe harbor. In advance of my trip I have been collecting baby carriers from my local community and connecting with other Carry The Future volunteers who are collecting as well. With local volunteer, Francesca, who donated over 80 pairs of socks & hats and 10 baby carriers. You can start with this article from three days ago entitled An Even Greater Flood of Refugees is Building on Greek Island of Lesbos. As for his final comment, 'money that the needy will never see a penny of,' I'll nod to a kernel of truth here, but he has committed the fallacy of reductio ad absurdum. In the case of Carry The Future, volunteers collect and donate baby carriers using their own money or donations.
Worthy cause but honesty aren't there any people with hearts left in Europe to do distribute carriers that you have to fly from US ? Zelda has tried to hide her 'let somebody else do it' message by half-heartedly utilizing the phrase 'worthy cause.' Zelda, you aren't fooling anybody. I thought about Googling the long list of European-aid organizations on the ground in Greece for her, but I got lazy and will just keep propping up her bubble with sarcasm instead.
No, there are no people with hearts left in Europe, (nor apparently where Zelda lives either). A volunteer carries a young boy after a boat with refugees and migrants sank while crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos, on Wednesday, Oct. And switching it around I m sure you can find tons of volunteering options closer to home and your children.
Can you really say that I should stay close to home because this child is not as important as my own?

A Syrian refugee from Aleppo holds his one month old daughter moments after arriving on a dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos, September 3, 2015. So far, Carry the Future volunteers on the ground in Athens haven't met a single Syrian who has turned down a babycarrier in lieu of a traditional scarf. Just yesterday a CTF volunteer posted on her Facebook page about this gentleman who was babywearing a child with a scarf. People in Lesbos and Athens already are there and handing out carriers, as well as doing all kinds of other volunteer work. PRI recently wrote an article highlighting groups you may not yet have heard of that are doing important work to help Syrian refugees. All Buy Photos 0 Print The Beckitt family, left, Charlotte, 5, Kelly, Codelia, 6, Jeff, Sibona, 3, enjoyed the Bechtel Harbour cruise. Buy Now Please ensure that you have read our Terms & Conditions before proceeding with purchases. Yachting news from New Zealand and around the World - NZ HeraldThe latest Yachting news, coverage and comment from the New Zealand Herald. Sailing NZ, Yacht Racing, New Zealand Activities, Sailing AucklandEnjoy the thrill of Yacht Racing or Sailing NZ in comfort.
Boats, Sailing and Charters - New Zealand Tourism GuideCharter a boat in New Zealand and sail around miles of beautiful, unspoiled . CharterLink Bareboat Yacht Charter - HomeExperience a great New Zealand boating holiday - charter a sail-boat or sailing . I haven't clicked on any save the random link that occasionally led me there via Facebook. Trust me, I was overjoyed that everyone made a safe crossing and was having the time of their lives. Rebel Heart was Eric's second boat, and my first, so we aren't new to the experience of buying one, still, we plan on buying a catamaran and I thought I'd take a look at the advice the Akeys were giving. To quote myself from this post in June of 2007, "I like Lin and Larry because they're simple, straightforward and honest.
I have followed a tremendous amount of sailing blogs over the years and it is obvious the Akeys have too. In the book forward TJ writes, "This was the book we wish we had read before beginning our journey." Deb is a former pilot, motorcyclist, and computer guru.
How to survive boat surveys, sea trials, and con men (no really.) As well as eight mistakes they made in buying their boat. Any that do not function perfectly should be stricken from the list and the price adjusted accordingly.
This phrase is repeated often in this chapter and I found this section to speak to me the most as someone who is just about to embark on buying their own [used] boat again.
Boat equipment - a long and detailed list of all the types of goodies you can get for your sailboat. Fellow adventurers.After going through all the finer points of what you'll need to do to buy a boat (or NOT buy one), the Akeys then talk about who cruisers are, and they get it. Could we have done without the emotional and financial beating administered by an industry apparently set on being as hostile and uncooperative as possible?
In those last few chapters TJ and Deb had managed to put into words exactly how I feel about not only the cruising life, but life in general, which just goes to show you the common bond all cruisers have. To enter the givewaway, leave a comment on this blog post and tell us which section of their book you'd find the most helpful. You are, after all, reading a blog of someone who lives on a 36' foot sailboat with her two kids and husband.
Go ahead and be grossed out all you want, but after using this with Lyra and finally being able to suck out my baby's snot and help her when she was congested, I wish so badly I would have known about this product with Cora too. As soon as they are old enough to move up to a baby carrier (or as soon as you feel comfortable), I'd use a baby carrier. Once babies hit about 15lb they will hurt your back if you wear them for long periods in front of you.
I used disposable ones when I lived in the states, but I have never seen disposable ones in Mexico.
Also known as throw up catchers, changing pads, sun covers, really, they serve all kinds of purposes. Yes, your baby can use your grown up towels and blankets, but it so nice to have some set aside just for them.
I find both of these products essential to my babywearing retinue, but I didn't include them in the list because they are not going to make or break your time at sea with your little one.
Of course there is no space or need for so much stuff that land based folks buy for their kids, but aside from the baby carrier and life jacket my list would look completely different :) Right?
Covers are secured to the boat itself or to a trailer by straps, but some custom-made models are fastened to the hull with snaps. These are young, local Greek volunteers who live in Athens and volunteer in between work and school.
I realized he was American and started chatting with him as we waited for the ferry to arrive.
You know, the one where an old man approaches a young girl on a beach who is throwing starfish back into the sea before they suffocate. Almost every person in the plane had their own row, or only one neighbor a few seats from them. We had flown through the night into day 2 of the trip and arrived in Zurich around 4pm their time. I loved that they were adventurous enough to go through customs in Zurich and willing to meet my friends in a new country based on just my word alone. At this point we connected with a fourth team member, Heather, and we all flew the evening flight to Greece.
After that bit of down time we had a late-night pow wow to de-brief and practice different carries for mei tais and the soft structured carriers we work with. One of our team members, Heather, shared these words that I believe coincide beautifully with the video. Click on the tag 'babywearing' and you'll find it highlighted through five year's worth of my posts. Feel free also, Lawrence, to follow Twitter accounts like Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) and Médecins Sans Frontiers - Sea for real numbers and up-to-the-minute accounts of the current crisis.
It is absurd to make a sweeping statement that money donated to charity will never be seen by those in need. You can find out what percentage of your money is actually given to the cause you care about by using an awesome tool called Google. While I am asking for help in the cost of my airfare to Greece, I will be paying for food, supplies, travel expenses, and childcare, while also losing wages while I volunteer. Simon Bryant, of Doctors Without Borders, tends to a patient during a rescue of more than 450 people from a wooden migrant boat in distress on the Mediterranean Sea. CTF has a permanent Athens team working as often as they can (remember they too are volunteers). For further details, download our APN Photos - Ordering User Guide which gives a step by step outline of the online ordering process.
For years I avidly followed the fleet of boats that did the yearly Pacific Puddle Jump, dreaming of the day when I'd be one of those boats - with one of those blogs with vibrant French Polynesian pictures in my photo stream.

No, it was the acrid tang of disappointment that curdled at the back of my throat when I glimpsed their lovely photos as they came through on Twitter and Facebook. They're incredible sailors, and good writers." If you haven't discovered them yet, you need to start reading them today! Or, they say (and I love this quote), "Anyone who has managed to toss the dock lines and gone cruising on an older sailboat should be regarded with a bit of awe. I put those words in bold because I cannot emphasize the importance of this chapter enough.
My eyes glaze over when I read this stuff but this is no fault of the author's writing style, these are just three things I dont' do.
If you are going to be living on a boat, you most likely won't have a stroller (I did have a jogging stroller for exercising when I lived at the dock in San Diego.) I sometimes need to walk for miles on any given day when we are at port, out adventuring, or just trying to find groceries and marine chandleries. They won't work in incredibly hot environments (like La Paz in the summer) but for any place where the baby won't overheat, learning how to swaddle is a great tool for calming a baby. A few I've liked for babies (and I include my nursing necklaces as toys) include the Fisher Price Ocean Wonder Seahorse (read my review here), Sophie la Girafe (read my review here), and books!! You'll need to invest in books because there are so many good ones and you'll want some for different ages. However, if there is a brand you love, a product you adore, or something you just can't live without, bring it with you. I have a tiny pair of Crocs my friends gave me for Lyra but I haven't bought any others yet because I don't know what size she'll need. That's one perk of having the kids 6 years apart, I have everything somewhat researched and figured out already for Naia. They volunteer together, throwing on the bright green vests when they are at the port so we can send people to them in need of translators. Also, find the guy who can grab the really, really, REALLY big luggage cart to help you move the carriers through customs and out to the waiting Opa!
Some bags fit in the hotel's luggage room but most had to be hauled into the teeny-tiny European elevators and then dragged to our various rooms.
I'll let photos do the talking and state how grateful I am to people for their altruism in times of crisis.
Bill, I gotta tell you something, there is a LOT interfering with the Syrian culture right now. I was pleasantly surprised to note that they included our blog in their list of 20 recommendations and I was entirely tickled when they described us with two words: GRITTY HONESTY.
They have overcome obstacles most people cannot even imagine." Having done this myself, I just wanted to reach right through my Kindle and hug the authors tightly. As you can imagine, these are two highly-skilled, detail-oriented people and this is evident throughout How NOT to Buy a Cruising Boat.
Ask any person currently looking for a boat or any person who has recently purchased one and you'll either get a flat denial, a horribly underestimated count of hours, or a sheepish grin." Haha. Eric, on the other hand, said the entire section would be invaluable to someone looking to buy a boat for the first time. Do I wish Deb had never leaned over the railing of our condo and asked, 'What do you think about retiring onto a boat?' No. As soon as they are old enough to walk around, we slap Crocs on them and take them into the marina showers with us to wash. You will need something that will let you be truly hands free and be ergonomic on your body.
Formula is expensive and difficult to find in parts of Mexico that aren't large urban areas. In San Diego, I loved Bravado nursing tanks but their fabric is thick and too hot down here. The BioBaby diapers above don't have an aroma but I can only find them at Mega and Walmart. When I do look for a pair, a few of the brands I like are Livie & Luca, See Kai Run, and Pediped.
The Greek coast guard said it rescued 242 refugees or economic migrants off the eastern island of Lesbos Wednesday after the wooden boat they traveled in capsized, leaving at least three dead on a day when another 8 people drowned trying to reach Greece.
Consider even getting two carriers so you can switch one out while the other is in the wash.
I used her toddler carrier a few days ago when she had been feverish for several days and was too weak to walk her normal distances until she felt better again. You are also not guaranteed that you'll find the same type of formula that you like, over and over. Also, don't forget a lingerie bag so you can throw them all in the laundry without getting lost. Make sure you get the heavyweight ones, not the kind that will wrinkle up and shrink after one washing.
I prefer to buy a year's worth of clothes at a time because shopping for clothes in the heat, without a car, with an infant or a toddler, is a chore. If there is something that you can't live without, or would make you resent living on a boat, maybe consider getting it, or asking a grandparent to help you splurge. The only rational way to approach buying a boat is with a mindset that, if a boat really is necessary (and if the plan is to go cruising, a boat is certainly necessary) any particular boat is one that should not be bought. One of the coolest things about finishing this chapter was the realization that I knew everything the Akeys were talking about in each section. If you formula feed, consider bringing your supply of bottles down along with a great drying rack, like this one from Boon. I also lived in them when pregnant because underwire bras hurt when I'm pregnant and breastfeeding. When the Akey's began their search (and eventual purchase) of their cruising boat they thought there were going to be blue-water sailors.
That's right, look at any boat as one that should be walked away from, and then try to find reasons not do so.
I just used a rolled up receiving blanket under my baby's butt until they were old enough to put their legs out (there are plenty of YouTube tutorials showing you how to do this).
Plus, the infant insert was HOT, and I didn't want anything else to heat me or the baby up. Cruising in the States (or your country of origin) versus somewhere not your country of origin. Again, if you can really concretely figure out what about sailing makes you happy, you'll be better equipped when undertaking the purchase of your own vessel. Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you have any more questions about babywearing.
In the past, I recommended Medela, but after reading this article, I would advise you to do your own research. Interestingly, another boat couple, Jess and James, just had their baby in Mexico too, and are using gDiapers for a trial run.
Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty.

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