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There are two basic layouts: centreline console and open launch (illustrated) but the design and building material lends itself to ready customisation.
Over forty of these robust, stable and sweet handling small garveys have been built, in varying countries and under widely different conditions. More information, magazine articles and reviews, drawings and pics are available on request. The plans and kits posted here are the lawful property of the designers or heirs who posted them. With several luxury powerboat models as well as tenders already under their belt, SPIRE BOAT has now partnered with UK designer HENRY WARD of Henry Ward Design to develop the ambitious and super-fast 46ft SPIRE YACHT 46 superyacht chase boat. The lines of the SPIRE YACHT 46 superyacht chase boat are very pure and elegant and with a great combination of day and night LED lights the Spire Yacht is bound to make an impression wherever it goes.
The comfortable RECARO seats in the main saloon give great support while on the go and create a sociable room while at rest as the helm seats swivel around two removable dining tables. To port is a galley with electric BBQ, polished stainless steel sink, fridge and microwave oven whilst the starboard unit features one of the three on board LCD TVs. Accessed via a gull-wing door in the front screen, the yacht also boasts a spacious sunbathing area on the foredeck with a diving board and the option of an overflowing sea water spa encrusted with 240 carats of diamonds.
More recreational space is also offered on the aft deck with sunbed cushions available for over the engine hatches and a swim ladder for easy water access.
The SPIRE YACHT 46 mega yacht chase boat has been developed and designed using the most advanced 3D CAD software to take advantage of CAM tooling manufacturing process. The futuristic helm console had been ergonomically designed with a large wrap around screen that displays important running information. The SPIRE BOAT Peace & Toon yacht tender will be sold at the first live yacht auction at the upcoming Antibes Yacht Show. Antibes Yacht Show will be hosting a yacht live auction from the Yacht Club Saturday April 20th at 3:30pm.
The Monaco venue will be a more private affair, in the Star Deck of the famous STAR’S N BARS, overlooking the port. The SPIRE BOAT Peace & Toon mega yacht tender is the result of the meeting with the amazing artist Thierry TRIVES give the first piece of pop art who can be used like a real powerboat and luxury tender for Mega Yacht. Sensitive to issues of peace and children, the meeting between SPIRE BOAT builder and the artist Thierry TRIVES has built and propose a charity model. If the buyer prefer another program, or supporting a special country action, the charity part could be reversed in respecting it. The new SPIRE BOAT Peace & Toon mega yacht tender is the result of the meeting with the prestigious artist, Thierry TRIVES. After Thierry MUGLER, and the most luxury tender with 200 carats of diamonds inside, the Spire Boat 2012 Crystal yacht tender,  designed by the talented american designer Marianna HOLOWAY, Spire Boat presents a new version with the same base, therefore the first-rate characteristics combining stability, comfort, security, power and speed have been preserved, with an exceptional decoration of pop art. Sensitive to issues of peace and children, the meeting between SPIRE BOAT builder and the artist Thierry TRIVES has built and proposed a charity model.
If the buyer prefers another program, or supporting a special country action, the charity part could be reversed in respecting it. Following Thierry MUGLER in 2011, the popular powerboat builder SPIRE BOAT has entrusted the design of the new, highly anticipated Crystal yacht tender to the imagination of the American designer Marianna HOLOWAY. The first-rate characteristics of the Crystal yacht tender combining stability, comfort, security, power and speed have been preserved.

The crystal data depends on the intensity of sunlight darken (special glass surfaces) to protect from the sun the luxurious interior of the Spire Boat’s Crystal yacht tender. Internally, in adding the Marianna HOLOWAY’s touch with diamonds (200 carats), gold and leather, CRYSTAL yacht tender seems like a jewel on the sea. In terms of functions plenty of luxurious equipments like canopy cab, front deck-pads, display LCD, radar, sounder, GPS and many others are integretated.
Marianna has specialized in architectural and industrial design, as part of her practice session.
The work of Marianna HOLOWAY is known for its constant search for new forms and materials from which emanate modern and familiar constructions. The Mugler Studio focused on re-creating both the interior and exterior of this nautical giant. The result of this collaboration is a glistening retro-futuristic Spire Boat, inspired by the muscle cars of the 1950’s and entirely representative of the aesthetic canons of its brand and its iconic designer. The classic version of the Spire Boat will be presented at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show in September 2011. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the brand has applied its expertise to architecture (shopping areas, hotels, etc.), transportation (private jets, yachts), furniture, and several  everyday objects through its creative design house h, the Mugler Studio, directed by Christophe de Lataillade and powered by an incredible team of designers. With a research and design laboratory, every detail of a project is reworked according to the ergonomic and aesthetic criteria that reflect and respect the unique codes and vision of the creator. The Mugler Studio has designed incredible creations, from 3-D concept cars to luxurious interiors of private jets.
Cut Ready Vector Graphics for Vinyl Sign CuttingCut Ready DXF Clip Art for CNC machine and plasma cutting. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
The design is essentially that of a small, very tough and robust workboat, which can be built anywhere with virtually no woodworking and power tools and by those with little or no boatbuilding skills. The Workstar 17 Workboat may have a centrally-placed, substantial and braced tow post for efficient and well-controlled towing as a yard boat. WoodenBoat magazine nor any of our staff or agents bear any liability concerning the correct ownership or inherent safety of these designs or boats. The vessel oozes luxury and boasts 3 double cabins, including an owner’s cabin with private toilet and sink. Pure music can also be heard around the yacht when controlled from any of the iPod docking ports. This spa is a derivative of SOMETHY medical pool, the first manufacturer of medical pools with hydromassage, drainage and colortherapy. All aspects of the vessel, including the hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, aesthetics, ergonomics, acceleration, power and performance have been optimised.
The amazing catamaran hull allows guests to cruise at 65 knots (75 mph) with a very low consumption of fuel (approx. When it’s time to stop however, the custom self-launching anchor system makes mooring easy. Peace & Toon boat is a lovely charity powerboat, decorated by the pop artist Thierry TRIVES.

The Antibes venue is in the VIP tent at the Antibes Yacht Show, where some of the yachts will be available for inspection. Here the auctioneer can be followed on a big screen, and the buyers can bid with the help of a phone operator. The first piece of pop art, Peace & Toon boat can be utilized as a real powerboat as well as a luxury tender for a Mega Yacht. This new model will be powered only by YAMAHA who act as the company’s reliable partner.
Marianna HOLOWAY has been inspired by the geometry of crystals (reference to the name of the vessel).
It is composed of a structure below semi-perforated obtained by the theory of the geometry of the crystal.
The builder might even say that these are sun photovoltaic glasses giving more energy to the boat.
After years of creating the most desired competition boats, the Spire Boat’s designers wanted to work on an outboard pleasure boat project combining competitiveness, safety, and aesthetics; they turned to the Mugler Studio to design a rare and fantasy version of their new speed boat which will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show (September 21-24, 2011).
The event will also offer, along with other discoveries and surprises, an exclusive preview of the designs of this destined to be desired Spire Boat by Thierry Mugler. Never beginning to create before carefully studying the surrounding elements (light, setting…), he imbues every design with a style that is at once classic, futuristic, sensitive and uniquely his own. Breath-taking projects have included transforming world leader in modular space Algeco’s construction site containers into colossal exhibition space as well as re-designing the lines of the Gentry Eagle – the fastest yacht in the world. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The Prefix System® of tabs, slots and wedges means the profiled parts pull the hull together as the kit is assembled: no building frame is required. There is no laborious lofting or marking out from full-size plans and cutting with hand power tools. Aft of the saloon there is a second communal toilet and a shower cabin (with standing head room). The atmosphere will be relaxed with a bar and canapes, and young children will be entertained if buyers want to come with their family.
Playful and symbolic works of Thierry Trives are unanimous: they bring joy and color in our lives.
These new sections of the Spire Boat’s Crystal yacht tender are illuminated with fiber optic lighting which will allow the boat looks like a bird during the night as the upper part looks like the wings.
The finished product looks as if part of a movie set or just something that emerged from the depths of the ocean.  It conveys its obvious speed and power while maintaining its hydrodynamic, ergonomic, and aerodynamic aspects. This style, combined with a keen sense of the practical and with powerful brand codes, leads him to bring an artistic touch to so many areas. All the parts are accurately profiled for you and construction is rapid: you begin building the Workstar 17 Workboat on Day One. All the engine parts, drives and propellers are chosen from the MERCURY range for viability and world maintenance while propelling the SPIRE YACHT 46 yacht chase boat to a top speed of 90 knots (105 mph).

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