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The video to create the sail boat is here, however you can read the step-by-step text guide below if you’d like, too.Step 1- Create three blocks along, and two blocks high. I've been think about it, Maybe some construction machinery and other unique vehicle builds will be in order.
This is a cool little trap that me and some friends came up with while messing around with TNT and redstone on a big platform in the sky. I think its pretty cool because no one ever suspects to get blown up from removing a block.
Creating and Installing Texture PacksEvery block in Minecraft has a different color, texture and design, and each has a file associated with this. Gameplay ModsThere are a dozen mods that change gameplay, such as additional mobs, in-game realizations of Star Trek, Halo, or Portal, or new crafting recipes. How To Troubleshoot ModsEven though each mod has its own instructions and troubleshooting methods, I would like to explain the basics of using two or more mods in conjunction, and go over the best approach to take when all else fails.Mods that work fine together are typically those that change different content. When Mods Get Amazing: An ExampleIn my opinion, the greatest asset to Minecraft is its community.
As some of you may know, Jeb recently made the Minecraft 1.9 pre-release available to folks via a link on his twitter. They include texture packs, shaders, changes in gameplay, additions and subtractions and everything in between.
Luckily, Mojang has been devoted to user generated content from the very beginning and this has spawned some awesome work.
To download and install the Portal mod, you will need the Portal Gun Mod, Portal Craft, and modloader.

The Simpsons kicked off their 23rd season with their classic opening recreated in Minecraft. This video is aimed at some of the newer players that may have got the game recently, so if you already know how to create one, but worry! Most of his awesome military builds have schematics up so you can just pick and choose what you need for the adventure map. Some of this information is very basic, other bits might help you along if you've been stuck. For example, if you install two mods that add monster mobs to the game, you may run into trouble. I hope you can see that with some time, a texture pack, a map, and a mod the game changes completely. Follow their instructions carefully!Some of you may or may not have played with this mod collection, but I highly recommend it if not simply for the sake of demonstrating just how far Minecraft is progressing on behalf of its community. Notch once said that Minecraft is best described as a sandbox game with monsters.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. If you're interested in seeing what it's like, the good folks over at IGN have given us a little preview video of how it looks! The trap is extremely compact, the smallest version being 3x3x3, and it can be modified for other purposes. Just as you can personally edit texture packs, you can also choose features from some to add to others. Cut the new texture you want, and paste it onto the old one.Editing textures can be time consuming and meticulous.

If you aren't interested in making the time commitment, there is a stunningly large variety available on the internet.
Opening with Paint is NOT recommended, as it will not recognize empty space.  For example, instead of tall grass you'll end up with ugly gray squares on your lawn. For more information on editing and implementing, try the texture pack section of the Wiki. Keep in mind, some of the higher resolution texture packs require other mods for them to work.
To change the textures, simply zoom in on a block, and use whichever brush you choose to change its color and shading. Pumpkin, for instance, has four unique sides.For utmost detail, zoom in until the image becomes pixelated. Use the smallest brush, which should be the size of a single pixel.Save your file and load your game.
To keep it in a separate texture pack from the default, save a copy of the default and edit that instead. Be sure to move your finished texture packs into the "texturepack" folder in your .minecraft.

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