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I like the way you showed every step on how to create an origami boat and explained how to fold the paper in words then you showed a picture to show the people what the origami should look like. Have you got a pile of old CDs and jewel cases just sitting around? Are you feeling like you should throw them out but keep thinking there must be something you can do with them? A great outfit for work With a cardigan in a bright color and simple flats, this outfit is perfect for business casual! Location: Port Orchard, WA Okay, so I tested my first prototype, based on a Homelite Trim Lite 26cc trimmer that I got at a tool sale for $40. Also, I bought a rusted up 1954 3HP Hiawatha outboard with a very lightweight, usable lower unit.
Location: Alabama Tested and Proven Weedeater Outboard Design Anyone Can Build Hello everyone, I have a time tested proven design that can easily be built just like a brand new outboard for $ 140 - $ 160. Please be sure to include your email address with your Money Order, as I will send the plans instantly after reciept. I have not done one like this, but It should work and have plenty of power, unlike those little 33 cc jobs. Location: Fort Worth My weed wacker build One thing I need to clarify, mainly for my conscience. I saw a very similar set-up and copied it with out thought, I am not trying to pass this off as my design, I built it then realized I had seen the original while researching this. Now your ready to make your throttle, determine what style you want, I tried a twist throttle off of a zipper scooter and wasn?t impressed.
I plan on going back and soldering the ring terminal to the cable, replacing all the bolts with stainless bolts and putting Loctite on all them. Originally Posted by smoothseas200 Hello everyone, I have a time tested proven design that can easily be built just like a brand new outboard for $ 140 - $ 160.
I appreciate your criticism, but if you take the time to look at the gear box you will notice the photo you presented is nothing more than a standard weedeater gearbox turning a very small prop. Location: Cob Speicher Iraq Orphanedcowboy take a chill pill bro he sent me the designs when i asked for them. He totally ignored both me and my friend, so it seems he is not willing to do what he promises. Location: Cob Speicher Iraq well it took him couple of days and a couple of emails but i got it. His refusal to send the plans as promised the FIRST TIME he gets an email request tells me he is trying to avoid living up to his promise -- and that's all I need to know about him.
If he REALLY wanted to provide his plans for free he should attach them to a post in this thread so people can download them immediately.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. As I typed in and found the one Streetman on the Texas map, I also noticed that it was 200 miles from the nearest salt water. With a steady and quiet confidence, the crew from Galveston launched a relatively large boat where there were no facilities. We cast off the lines and, skirting a few dead headed trees, made our way out to open waters. This “boat house” is sitting just steps away from the owner’s newly built home… his personal reward for retirement.
Put together any gray t-shirt with any colored pair of denim, roll up the denim and then add a cute pair of white sneakers. All it takes to put this outfit together is a dark grey shirt or sweatshirt, white pants, a pair of sandals and a fedora.

I built this with the Hybrid Series of boats in mind, but it should work fine with any small 8' - 10" pontoon style bass buggy. It is held in place with a #10 screw and a bolt thru the lower part of the housing that holds the throttle cable and kill switch in place.
Use a dremel to cut the slot, once the slot is the correct depth, drill the hole for the retainer screw.
Put both split lock collars on the shaft and orientate the bolts and use a belt sander to make the opposite side flat.
I then spent 2 weeks looking for throttle levers, spent about $100 on weed eater handlebar mounted throttle handles only to find out I liked the plain ole bicycle brake lever style. I also will be painting this after I test it on a couple of jon boats, a 14' and a 10' against a 30 lb Minn Kota trolling motor.
Also Island Hoper Outboards has been building these for some time, nothing new and definately nothing worth paying for. My design is powerful because of the gear reduction, and is equipped with a larger 3 blade Motorguide machete aluminum prop. Your giving them away for free, I'll give you $50 to post them in this thread, problem solved. However, right above Streetman is a large man-made lake called the Richland Chambers Reservoir - the unlikely yet soon to be new home for a beautiful sailing yacht. I missed the launch but was surprised to learn there was no boat yard, no travel lift, nothing - just a grassy field, an abandoned off-season  campground with a small floating dock and a rigging crew from the Galveston area setting up the rig.
Setting sail in a gentle 10 kt breeze, sliding along at just over 7 knots in perfectly flat water… now I get it!
The lake is large enough to cover its length in about an hour’s time, always in a fresh breeze and flat water. It is an awesome sight to see someone with a goal go after it and make it happen, no matter how absurd it may seem in the beginning.  I have a great respect for this owner and for the people who helped his dreams come true.  Happy retirement Steve! The properties of the alloy; a high percentage of copper, and small amounts of silicon, manganese or aluminum added for strength.
I noticed some cavitation coming off the center of the prop shaft under power, so I made a nice little tapered cone to screw on after the prop. I have a little more machining to do on the new housing before attaching the main shaft tube. You can use a piece of angle iron clamped to the transom with a hole for the caster swivel.
I used 4? spacing on the collars after they were modified and welded the 1? wide flat strap on. I also need to mount the kill switch, but I haven't found anything I like, but this is a small problem. It is by far superior to the design you have shown, I know because I built this type during the developement of my final design several years ago and found it to be very low on power.
There was nothing but green rolling hills, flat water, a steady, gentle breeze and a few very surprised bass fishermen in their small lake boats to break up the comfortable spell we were under. That combined with an adjustable transom clamp should prove to be a nice little combination to mount a trimmer powerhead. The shaft will need to be clocked in order to make sure the prop will be in the correct location. The prop is significantly softer than the shaft, so do yourself a favor and use a sharp drill and a drill press if possible. I found throttle cables on eBay ranging from $1 to $8, figure out your length and your throttle control, twist, lever, etc.

Since you have made such an issue over paying $ 9.95 for my plans, I will offer the plans FREE to anyone that wants them just to PROOVE it is far more superior to the other designs.
The power is balanced from the engine to the gearbox, and finally to the large prop for a perfect blend of POWER.
But everyone who has ever contributed to this thread that has built or modified a weed eater has done so with considerable time and effort and expense.
It would certainly be an honest statement to say that the crane operator had never seen a mast, never mind lifted a 40’ sailboat before. I had someone ask where they could find this gray shirt(which is sold out btw) and then I started thinking about this very versatile color. This is a dress that would work around the office both in the hot seasons and the cold ones. Re-install the lower shaft, install the retainer screw and the lower housing bolt, then tighten both, making sure no to over-tighten the 2 screws. I decided on which cable length I needed and made the necessary modifications to fit my application. I have spent upwards of $1000 on everyday items that can be easily modified and used with out having to buy or build a gear box. But there she was, after a half a day of work, floating peacefully in the middle of a reservoir… a shiny Friendship 40 waiting for her proud new owner to take her home. Let everything cool then remove the mount from your jig, prep for paint, install the plastic bushings and then install on your weed wacker motor. This will allow you to tell if there is a problem later on down the road, and it will also fully support the prop. Once you have your length, then you will need your angle for your tiller handle, I did this by mounting mine to my bench, then figuring out the desired prop angle I wanted.
The Ryobi weed eater uses a ?Z? style cable end, and most cables will be a barrel type end.
I have tested the gear box on these motors for water intrusion, and it just isn't happening, so far.
I simply cut the end off of the cable and threaded it thru the old cable mount, determined my length, cut the cable again and crimped a #10 ring terminal on the cable. I have tested the motor shown on a 250+ lb 12' jon boat(the boat I plan on using it on weighs less than 80 lbs) and top speed was 3.5 mph, not flying but fast enough for me going up a river filled with stumps and trees in the dark. I am selling these plans for $9.95 a set and will be delivered directly to your computer in PDF format, so you can have the plans in a few minutes. I then used a #8 bolt and two nuts mounted on either side of the carburetor throttle arm, and tightened down snug. Your design is far superior to mine, but I could care less, I built mine with little to no help from anyone else. I am a duck hunter, not an engineer, but I work with several hundred engineers everyday and I can respect your time and effort you put into your education and your outboard.
I just don't understand why you came into the thread and tried to peddle the plans instead of engaging people first.

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