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John Winters merges statistical analysis of paddlers and boats with contemporary hydrodynamic theory.
NorthWest Canoe proudly offers canoeists and home builders selected Canoe Plans and the following Winters articles, writings that dive into the science behind the art of building and paddling small boats.
Light, nimble and quick to accelerate this symmetrical hull also makes a fantastic freestyle canoe for big kids.
The speed of a solo marathon racer, the maneuverability and seaworthiness you expect in a tripping canoe. Download this FULL Collection of over 60 2D CAD Blocks of dynamic annotation symbols in plan view. Download this STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SINK COLLECTION, including 60 different types of kitchen sinks with two tone gradient hatching. The fifteen foot Cottager shows the water a paddleboard size flat section, that gives her loads of initial stability. Winters has designed record setting racing canoes to revolutionary touring and tripping canoes.
Position the seat a few inches below the gunwale and she transforms into a kneeling paddler’s polo pony. Through subtle manipulating of hull shape, John Winters designed a canoe equally at home on flatwater or whitewater.

Canadian designer John Winters has travel hundreds of miles on Lake Superior and Georgian Bay in his Winisk. This 2d dwg cad drawing can be used in your adventure activities centre design CAD drawings.
This symmetrical design with a slight recurve to the stems is fun to build and a joy to take along for a relaxing sunset paddle. A member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Winters is the most published designer of canoes and kayaks in North America. The design offers plenty of volume for a day paddle and really doesn’t care about your age.
The designed displacement is adequate for a large padder on a long weekend trip, or a smaller paddler for longer trips.
Differential rocker provides maneuverability in heavy water, yet tracks when you lay the hull flat. Mattawa’s performance comes with a solid, stable feel, predictable stability that allows you to heel the canoe all the way to the gunwale.
Its asymmetrical shape and 525 pound displacement make Winisk the ideal extended tripper, although many paddlers are perfectly happy taking their Winisk out for a weekend jaunt. If you're ready to build a solo canoe, but don't have the time or space for a stable-full of boats, the NorthWest Passage Solo will see you down the creek or take you on a week-long portage and paddle excursion.

The lines of this seaworthy design provide more than eye candy, this efficient solo allows you to cover greater distances with fewer strokes. It carries a lot of stuff for a sixteen-foot canoe, so don’t be afraid to stay out longer. We designed this hull with prospector-like maneuverability while maintaining the stability and classic lines of canoes like the Minnesota Canoe Association’s Guide. Gone for the summer or gone for a Sunday, the stable NorthWest Cruiser works to keep you, passengers and gear safe and dry.
Coming in a tad short of 13-feet means you’ll have no trouble building a 30-pound Tadpole.
The best part of paddling Barracuda has nothing to do with competition and a lot to do with the thrill of flying over the water, and the possibility of making that ultra-light solo trip. This efficient symmetrical design puts you in a canoe that's simple to build and a pleasure to paddle.

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